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Q&A Part 2 | Lifestyle, Diet, Germany & Green living

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Part 2 of my Q&A, watch part 1 here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JIO2ERC981c it focuses more on capsule wardrobes, sustainable fashion, and minimalism.

Things mentioned:
I use StayFocusd on my computer to block websites while I work

Happy Cow lists vegan-friendly restaurants around the world https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hzAB0AIN6l4

Unnatural Vegan https://www.youtube.com/user/FitOnRaw

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julijakeit says:

Woohoo! Germany rules! I moved here and I love how well people are taking care of health and nature. I cycle to work (we don't even own a car) or use public transportation which is very well developed even in small villages and there is an option for like 20+ Euros per couple to travel in whole Land (administrative unity) for that day. There is a good garbage recycling system here and I encourage people to sort as much as they can – take the plastic parts from paper packaging out, throw glass only into glass containers. I also love how cheap the bio local food is in comparison to international bio labels. I live in Bavaria, where do you live?

indrinita says:

No way! I'm also a Canadian (from Calgary in fact) who moved to Germany with my husband (my husband's German). I subscribed to your channel not only because of your excellent content but because you're from Edmonton 😉 When did you move to Germany? I've been here now for three and a half years and I love it here, though I really do miss Canada, too (not the weather however!). It took a while before I felt comfortable with German even though I already know a few languages, and I'm still learning German every day!

Brumethefairy says:

What is your phone ? Do you have any advice for a more eco friendly phone ?
Thank you! I love your channel !

Emma Brown says:

Lovee your phone case! Do you have a specific place you buy phone cases from or have any places to suggest? I am in the market for one that is sustainable and ethical! Help would be much appreciated!

style revivalist says:

Nice Q&A. With regards to your thoughts on veganism, I really hope your perception isn't that all vegans search for perfection. It would be sad if that generalisation were made. I for one interact with so many who vegans, like myself, who very much know this movement isn't about perfection. Yet being an ethical vegan I see no reason nor justification to harm another being. So it's not about perfection, but simply about living my values through my chosen actions.

fu4realtalk says:

I'm really looking forward to your video about perfectionism and environmentalism, I struggle with the same issues around veganism as you mentioned. Keep up the good work, I love your videos x

Balancing Books says:

Love this channel! I totally agree with you about the slower more intentional lifestyle in Germany vs the busy and live to work attitude of America. I spent three years in Germany (raised in the us) and then moved back and I felt so overwhelmed! Now having been back for about two years I'm definitely in the minority of wanting to work less intensely and enjoying life outside my job, but I'm enjoying the freedom of growth the us offers too.

Nina says:

Hey Erin! I'm relatively new to your channel, but I just had to tell you how much it influenced my view about sustainability. I honestly never thought about what material my clothes were made of, or that quality is more important than quantity. Your channel was suggested to me by youtube and I watched a view of your videos recently. You really got me thinking! Even though a capsule wardrobe isn't for me I'm really trying now to be aware of the waste I produce and the things I buy. Thank you!

Mikaela McCarthy says:

Just started watching your videos and feel so inspired! They are so well put-together and I am seriously considering trying out my first capsule wardrobe which will be a HUGE challenge for me. Thank you for these videos, I am feeling more and more like I could possibly do it!

annininanina says:

Thank you very much for answering Verena!
I loved this kind of video, I hope that you will keep doing them!!
Also I would love to hear your thoughts on sustainability/perfectionism because it is definitely something I think a lot about…

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