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Professor Green: Living In Poverty UK

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ENGLAND PLEASE COME TOGETHER AS ONE !! URGE PEOPLE TO HELP AND CARE FOR THE CHILDREN IN THE UK, ALL DONATIONS NO MATTER HOW SMALL OR BIG, HELP!!! SADLY WE DO NOT HAVE MANY CHARITY’S THAT FOCUS ON OUR PROBLEM HERE IN THE UK, BUT I WILL LIST AS MANY AS I CAN POSSIBLE, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO COMMENT AND LEAVE MORE LINKS FOR DONATIONS, PLEASE SHARE AND SUBSCRIBE, THANKS …… www.barnados.org.uk ……. www.actionforchildren.org.uk …… www.childrenssociety.org.uk …….. One in four children in Britain today are growing up in poverty. Experts say these figures are predicted to rise by nearly one million kids in the next five years.
Rapper-turned-documentary maker Professor Green – aka Stephen Manderson – has done well, but he grew up in a home where there was a lot of stress over money.
In this intimate documentary, Professor Green sets out to uncover what life is like for young people living on the breadline today. Over several months he spends time with 10 year-old Kelly Louise, whose family have just been evicted from their home. They can’t afford a deposit on a new property and, facing the possibility of being homeless, Kelly Louise’s life is turned upside down.
Professor Green also follows the story of 14 year-old Tyler who has been living in cramped emergency accommodation for 18 months, and witnesses the damaging consequences of poverty on Tyler’s life now and in the future.


Lulu La says:

Can charity give these people A FUCKING JOB ?!?! keep treating symptoms instead of solving the problem

Nun Ya says:

STOP having Kids stupid people

EL Fugitivo says:

5th eeconomy is uk and no-one show to this child how to do a qualification , the educational system is more simple for immigrants than for UK citizen

River Huntingdon says:

We should concentrate on our own people. Stop sending all this money to treacherous, and usually ungrateful countries, especially the Middle East. We should stop all these so – called asylum seekers and refugees coming in and swamping our benefits system with piss – taking demands too. In these times, charity should begin at home. Our own first. Of course the politically correct idiots that "run" the country will never do that. They're as much use as an incinerator made of wax. Regardless of party.

Lilly Despina says:

People that can't afford children shouldn't have them, it's just so unfair on the kids

Pappy Reeves says:

Tylers mum was forced to accept food from the Salvation Army Food Bank but had managed to find the money to dye her hair PURPLE !!!! Priorities?


scum…fuck em

Tekersboy5428 1 says:

Maybe before eating next time have a think about these children

Chad Simmons says:

look at that professor..gang tattoos all over his shitty head..probably got raped in prison..ha ha ha

2ndhandSue says:

You can't just write a check and hand it to someone; these people, many of them, need life skills training. Tara suffers from depression and back pain, making it impossible for her to work. I'm sorry – many people with these conditions work, they have no choice. The depression can be kept under control with medication, and the source of her back pain is obvious. She is very overweight and this is one of the major causes of back pain. If she were to lose the excess weight through a structured gym program, she would lose the back pain as well as gaining a sense of accomplishment and well-being which would go a long ways to help in dealing with her depression. I realize these people can't afford a membership at some posh gym, but if welfare were to direct some of the money towards rehabilitative programs they could get a lot more people out to work. Nikki was being evicted the day this video was made – the first things I saw were her iPhone and a relatively new car. " I " can't afford those things and I work full time, so I don't know how she can do it. How much of her grocery budget is going to pay phone and car bills while her daughter admits that they are hungry and don't have enough food?

Diana Kirk says:

Go to jail for debts?? Good grief now don't that solve the families problem? The fucking debtors prisons must be filled to the brim in the UK while the criminals are still walking the streets raping and robbing in the name of their perverted gawd.

Gabriel Elmurz says:

Filthy Torys party. They use billions £ tax money for wars and bentleys .Filthy animals don't have money to help kids and women

Susan Harrison says:

This country is disgusting

Kingu 11 says:

The UK's once working class society is now kind of lost. Not working anymore…dont tell me there r no jobs when immigrants find work easily.
Also the loss of morals no proper families with marriages but teen mums who very likely will be single moms with no income.
Dont blame your government…in poorer Europian countries government dont give you all these benefits and depressed or not you must work to survive. Also work gives you purpose and schedule and does help with anxiety not like sitting at home and doing nothing.

Porn & Coco says:

They have more than I do.

Revolutionary Socialist Media says:

Social exclusion from poverty is a direct result of the capitalist system and the politicians of both Labour and Conservative, who do not care!

marie coyle says:

Pen.LM. America does sfa to help the homeless. Do some research or watch numerous programmes on you tube and watch exactly how every state deals with the homeless. Shocking!!!

Jan Worobec says:

Anxiety and depression can freeze a person absolutely still. The fact that Nicki fights on for her children is an unbelievable credit to her. She needs a safe home and support for her children. The waste in all governments is incredible, how amazing if people like this with 3 lovely children could have a place to call home, enough food and support that they can and will give back when they can.

lollagelolly MSP says:

those poor kids, i almost cried watching this because i had a memory just watching this of food being brought into my house when i lived in a flat by strangers and my mum said she had no money, i didnt understand it then i must have been 6 at the time and when i was 9 i got kicked out my primary school for throwing a chair at the teacher all because i was stressed and didnt know why my mum cried a lot, now im 13 and i guess i had the lucky escape because i live in a house but my mum and dad work as carers for my disabled brothers so we get benefits still and my family came out quick somehow cause i guess i have gotten everything i wanted (iphone, laptop, swegway, ps4, tablet) but i feel so bad about it seeing this and thinking how they dont have a happy ending like my family did, its tough i remember that and my auntie still lives in poverty and she has to look after her 4 kids, me and my siblings (sometimes) , a couple of my cousins which makes 12 kids sometimes in her house. so i just pray that something gets done and most of those 4 million kids in poverty at least get an escape i did because even with the escape i got ot still fucked me up ive got depression, anxiety, anger issues and low self-esteem so i just wish theyd do something about it

Dee Horsburgh says:

Sadly, the Mental Health services, are to willing to label people with anxiety and depression and labels stick and these people start to beleive this diagnosis. Sometimes you just have to head down and battle through. There is no magic pill or solution, and I speak from the point of view of someone who worked in mental health. Sometimes society expects to much, but if a common sense attitude was adopted by governments, this situation could be a lot better and help more families get back on their feet. To many "cause celeb" situations instead of genuine help

Nattasha Natts says:

Since last year I have seen videos about poverty n food banks n people don't have houses to live its v v sad how cm tat happen y this is happening .est is happening to great britin

marina nononsense says:

Oh wait , the queen doesnt give a fucking shit

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