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Professor Green: Living in Poverty (Documentary – 2017)

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One in four children in Britain today are growing up in poverty. Experts say these figures are predicted to rise by nearly one million kids in the next five years.

Rapper-turned-documentary maker Professor Green – aka Stephen Manderson – has done well, but he grew up in a home where there was a lot of stress over money.

In this intimate documentary, Professor Green sets out to uncover what life is like for young people living on the breadline today. Over several months he spends time with 10 year-old Kelly Louise, whose family have just been evicted from their home. They can’t afford a deposit on a new property and, facing the possibility of being homeless, Kelly Louise’s life is turned upside down.

Professor Green also follows the story of 14 year-old Tyler who has been living in cramped emergency accommodation for 18 months, and witnesses the damaging consequences of poverty on Tyler’s life now and in the future.


declan kelly says:

Jessys Cooking, i think you're missing the 'bigger picture'. Dignity, or trying to hold on to it to save face in public could make some pretend they're not 'rock bottom'. The phone, could be 2nd hand or out of contract many years (owned), likewise the car for some time. We don't know. I think it's a case of where we stand. You either care relatively about people in this situation or you don't. Simple as….and let's not forget…'it could be you, me….anyone'.

Breydon Beshore says:

25 people are heartless wankers who let a fucking iPhone distract them from the actual point of this doc.

Damn Deal Done says:

Poverty is not having Nike Airmax. No money for cinema. But money for takeaways and iPhones.

Ye, okay Mr. Green. Stick to the day job. Your documentary sucks arse.

Alisdair Mann says:

Do they actually believe their own bullshit? Why are my taxes funding the destruction of society?  I am all for helping those who really need it, but when those who don't help themselves play the poor me card it absolutely drives me nuts.  My mother worked in education support in some of the poorest areas in Scotland and I now understand that getting most to take responsibility for themselves and the children they brought into the world they manisfested must have been her biggest challenge.  Have some self respect.

Kiran McGoldrick says:

The family running the homeless 'b&b' HATED I had a wee car. Tried to charge me to park in their carpark ….even though they knew my child and me are disabled.

Gary Woods says:

How's the chap a proffeser

Gary Woods says:

1 parent family no dad to say no to you

Aleah wenham says:

I cryed three times some of you have hearts of stone

will pennington says:

b tech green

Alex Parr says:

@21:24 – What's the guy hiding on his hand? Wearing just one black glove

John Stevens says:

Who gives a shit about London, there are other poor parts not just middle earth!

Yellow Synth says:

you call that poverty lol

P L says:

Child bearing adults…be more responsible…if you cant afford children, or feed yourself…dont have children, Very simple. Of course there are special circumstances…but this is a basic rule to go by.

BelieveNoGod says:

I see some of you have pointed out that the mom have an Apple Iphone, and she should sell it.
Don't be dumb.
Everyone knows how society are today. If you have no means of electronically communicate with the authorities, what are you going to do?
Besides that phone could be the one thing, that keeps her from going crazy. At least she can communicate with others.
You are lucky, you have a PC, and I bet an expensive phone too.
Did you see a computer in their home ? A PlayStation, or a Xbox ?
As for the car. It depends a lot where they live don't it ?
Besides it may be the last resort, they have to sleep inside one day. I see a lot of people at least in the US, that live in their cars.

NannyEm& BabyLevi says:

What a crock of shit living on £12 a day with an iPhone and car 🤔🤔🤔

taos treror says:

UK is one of the richest countries in the world? Where the fuck did you get that from Stephen? That's just bollocks total 100% bollocks, the UK's money is in the Bahamas, Virgin Is and Panama and Cayman Is and Gibraltar and Pitcairn Is and Falklands Is and Montserrat and South Georgia. Anyone who tells you the UK is rich is Lying, the UK isn't rich it's bank accounts are, there's a BIG difference.

MegaCozzy says:

Professor grass

Jackyblue67 Same says:

That poor child she broke my heart too wish I could do something to help all the kids .

Jackyblue67 Same says:

Tyler broke my heart u can tell he's a good kid do wish things get better for him & his family .

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