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Powdery Mildew — Organic Gardening

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Tricia shares her tips about defeating powdery mildew… organically! Don’t let this summer fungus get you down, there are a lot of things you can do to prevent it.

We are not making specific pesticide recommendations. Please read all product labels carefully and follow all label instructions.

Visit us at www.groworganic.com for mildew-fighting products. Find more info about mildew in our blog post http://groworganic.com/organic-gardening/articles/powdery-mildew-facts-quiz


Jeffrey Vellingan says:

how to grow trichoderma at home using gelantin?

GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley says:

Thank you for your feedback. We recommend the brands we trust, the ones we
use in our own gardens. Since we are a retailer of pest control products
state regulations require that we only recommend products labeled for pest
control. We encourage our customers to share home remedies with each other,
like the remedy mentioned in the other comments on this video,

Max imm says:

Really like your videos and products. Is their any chance you could do a
video on some organic ways to control or eliminate late tomato blight.. I’m
not sure if it’s a problem in Ca. But it’s a big problem in some parts of
the north east. Thanks

Salahuddin2009a says:

In my experience the best cure is diluted fat-free or skimmed-milk (one
part milk diluted in 5 parts water). Milk is Anti Fungal, spray the diluted
milk on the plant (do not forget underneath the leafs; where most of the
fungi are hiding). You will see the result in a couple of hours in a sunny
day; after the plant is dried off check for any bits you might have missed
and spray them again. Check the plants regularly (weekly basis) and spay
them again if you see any signs of infection.

cleanlightshop says:

Please note you can also control powdery mildew without chemicals:

oceanirons says:

it would be helpful to make videos without product placements, as this
detracts some from the sense of objective trustworthiness of your videos.
Seems like you may be getting paid or sponsored to promote specific
products? Which of course can inspire promoting specific products rather
than showing and promoting more self-sufficient, homemade and often cheaper

vegetablesteve says:

Nice video, really interesting, I see not all the products are OMRI
certified or am I mistaken. Keep up the good work. greets,

GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley says:

@maxny1 Yes, we’ll put that on the list for video topics! Thanks for the
suggestion and for watching.

GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley says:

You are correct. Not all of the products are OMRI listed. If you are a
certified organic farmer or seeking certification it’s critical to check
with your certifying agency to make sure the input is allowed.

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