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Poop and Paddle: An Eco-Friendly Floating Toilet

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From the SciFri Archive: This toilet floats. It’s an outhouse and sewage-treatment plant in one, processing human waste through a “constructed wetlands.” Adam Katzman, the inventor and builder of the toilet-boat, says it’s meant to be more inspirational than practical. “Poop and Paddle” demonstrates how sewage and rainwater can be converted to cattails and clean water.


Adam R says:

Now just eat some Taco Bell and you’ll ruin the system.


This guy is seriously awesome.

Niklas Bergsten says:

How often can it be used? Such a small system must have a fairly low
capacity I’d think.

Ampphed says:

This is really interesting stuff. This channel is under-appreciated, very
well produced videos on interesting and unique topics :)

enialessej says:


muffinluveruuu says:

I’d make those snails jump ship in a minute.

Premliana says:

These should be mandated into local building code

autumnyo2 says:


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