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Planting Potatoes (Newfoundland Organic Gardening)

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DIY Potato planting using organic grocery store potatoes as cheep seed…Pretty simple stuff. 🙂

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shadowbennett says:


Emma Clark says:

Thank you for your video! I will be starting to grow potatoes in wooden
boxes this weekend using your method 🙂 Please post more videos on
vegetable gardening and flower gardening in Newfoundland!! 

Garth Wunsch says:

Harvesting spuds planted that deep is back-breaking work!

apocalypticdreams says:

have you ever grown pumpkins and had success with them, I have never been
able to grow an actual pumpkin even with fertilizing the female

Colorful Canary says:

Hi 😀

thejourneybeyond says:

‘wave’ from ontario

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