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Permaculture Homestead Design “The Sustainable Living Project” with Brendon McKeon and Jim Gale

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Click here for Permaculture Homestead Design http://youtu.be/QDvEN3NtUKM

Our vision for this project is to create a full circle permaculture homestead on less than half of an acre, providing complete food security for one family. We are utilizing permaculture design principals and using small intensive systems to grow a large amount of food in a very small space. It is important, when following the design principals, to spend time envisioning the daily flow of life. By doing this, we attempt to minimize human energy outputs and let nature work with us. In permaculture design we work to define the different zones of any given landscape and plan these zones based on the amount of time a given system will require on a day to day basis. The home is our zone 0 and will be the center of our daily existence. There are generally 6 zones that we identify in a given landscape though this can vary based on the size of the land and the types of systems we will have. In this small scale homestead we are working with zones 0-3 on the home lot and zones 4 and 5 are part of the bigger community. The bigger goal of this project is to use this as a model for the rest of the community and replicate this model for each home site. The development is set on 200 acres of beautiful land and will include 130 home-sites. It is in an amazing area of Costa Rica only 25 minutes form the Pacific Ocean. The community will include thousands of fruit trees and edible plants spread throughout the land on shared community space. We are implementing large scale food forest’s and community gardens and will have open space available for animal systems. If this sounds exciting to you, come out and visit and see what we are doing. We will be creating weekly videos on permaculture and other fun adventures in Costa Rica. Please continue to follow us on our EcoOasis youtube channel.

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Permaculture home lot design http://youtu.be/QDvEN3NtUKM

Jim Gale………………………Global Visionary
Brendon McKeon…………..Permaculture Designer
Stephen Orth………………..Video Production

Soundtrack by JP from The Kitchen Studios in Dallas Texas

To learn more about our eco villages click these links:

Permaculture Homestead design http://youtu.be/QDvEN3NtUKM

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Sustainable living project http://youtu.be/QDvEN3NtUKM

2:15 Homestead design
3:45 Home site location
4:12 Food forest
7:01 Green house
8:58 Egg laying chickens
9:00 Easy access design
9:27 Contour staple garden
12:50 Aquaculture
15:26 Meat Chickens
16:22 Bio Filter

Petrmaculture Homestead Design http://youtu.be/QDvEN3NtUKM


Eco Oasis says:


Eco Oasis says:

We will be posting weekly videos on permaculture so make sure and

Juan Carlos Mena says:

Realy good.

moose2llama says:

What zone are you guys in? Nice work!

Laird Beevor says:

Just what I was looking for. Subscribed, liked…next please. 

Mountainstream says:

This video was so interesting and informative!! Thank you for helping to
educate me and others on this topic. 

Eco Oasis says:
Diane Franklin says:

Great work!

Chris Peters says:

awesome Steve <3

Rebecca Kale says:

Awesome work I am finishing my PDC and it was great to see how you are
laying out this lot. Hope to be there and visit with you soon! 

Jim Gale says:


TheFinnmacool says:

Excellent video!

Brendon is currently working on the design of our permaculture project on
lots 36 & 37 and I highly recommend him. He will offer up bits of wisdom
that you won’t want to miss out on.

Pura Vida!

SGEV Costa Rica says:

Pura Vida!

Steve Orth says:

Great video! Thanks for sharing

Mica31479 says:

this vid was in 2013… how has it progressed since then? We would love to
do the same thing in costa rica, except i would like to have an earthbag
home. Do you promote that?

fit farmer says:

Wow! Informative! Can’t wait to see it grow!

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