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Permaculture and Organic Gardening – Duval Horticulture Extension

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Val Hermann and Alex Ojeda discuss Permaculture at an Organic Gardening Seminar at Duval County Fl Horticulture Extension.


veganfruition // brittany peters says:

I really enjoyed watching this video, thanks for sharing great knowledge! I
can’t wait until I have my permaculture food forest!

Dougs bonsai n scale models says:

I could only get to 24 mins the volume is just getting on my nerves now but
looks to be really interesting! Please look into in future videos please
thank you

johnny mars says:

Thanks. More permaculture videos are at my channel.

Barefeet Gardener says:

yeah, we are on facebook in a few groups too.I do massive research. Thanks
again! Make sure you get the video when the whole water thing meeting

johnny mars says:

You got that right! Thanks.

martysgarden says:

It’s great to see quality information that helps our planet and the natural
world around us!

Barefeet Gardener says:

I have done alot of searching everywhere and this is one of the best
information sources out there.

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