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Our Green Wedding | eco-friendly, budget-friendly & DIY

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Some of the things we did to try and cut down on the environmental impact of our wedding 4 years ago and also a few things I would do differently now.

There are so many ways to have a more eco-friendly wedding or event, and I would love to hear your ideas, tips, and thoughts in the comments!

Time-stamps for specific topics:
0:59 venue
1:49 invitations
2:08 food – vegetarian & vegan buffet
3:45 drinks
5:01 wedding dress
6:52 bridesmaid’s dresses
7:14 rings
7:41 make-up & hair
8:21 flowers
9:56 decorations – DIY & secondhand
11:09 activities
11:27 gifts
12:47 photography

Photos by Ryan & Beth Photography http://www.ryanandbeth.ca/

Our favourite charity, the David Suzuki Foundation http://www.davidsuzuki.org/

A change I would make is sending digital invitations, you can save paper, energy, and also money! I really like Greenvelope’s card and invite designs, the also have helpful features like maps and RSVP tracking http://shrsl.com/?fe57 *

Thanks for watching!

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Sandy A says:

I loved hearing about your wedding day planning experience. What was your budget for the wedding and reception? Congrats to you both!

Anna Gillette says:

What did you guys do with leftover food? It looked like you had a lot of food.

Lisa Hulot says:

Loved this video – thank you for sharing! Your wedding photos are just gorgeous. We are planning our wedding for later this year, so this has been wonderful insight. I love your idea of cutting down on travel. We'll be doing the same thing – almost all the people we are inviting are in France, so the two of us are travelling to them instead of asking everyone to come to us (Australia)! Much more environmentally-friendly, and just logical too! 🙂

Tiara Whaley says:

I just got engaged and am excited to rewatch this with a new perspective!

Sierra Jones says:

you're my hero…and your husband resembles Orlando Bloom.

Chanda Harkins says:

perfect! loved this.

Marina Albert says:

Wow, beautiful wedding, stunning rings, beautiful couple, beautiful ideas and implementation. Loved watching this video.

ngocarina says:

Great video! I wish I had seen this before my wedding last year. I'll pass your tips on to my friends and family who will be getting married in the future.

LaAlesaura says:

In Italy It's pretty common to ask for money for the honey moon 🙂 I completely agree with you: if you don't need more stuff, gifts are just not necessary

Anna Deák says:

So inspiring! Thank you for the information and enthusiasm 🙂

Edilaine Fácio says:

love the tips, but the video is too white, too much light.

Nicole Schneider says:

I am in the process of planning my wedding… and I live in Edmonton Alberta! This video was helpful I loved the idea of donating the loonie bar funds to your favorite charity- what a great idea!

ToriPlaysDressUp says:

I'm definitely going to try and sell some of my wedding stuff, there's no way i need so many decor bits and like flower girl dresses they'll have grown out of etc such a waste for 1 day

redhotsweetpotatoe says:

+MyGreenCloset We also chose a pay bar at our wedding but not for the same reason.  We felt if people had to pay they'd be less likely to drink heavily and drive and we were right.  We too got some flack but if it saved even 1 life it was worth it.  We also had a friend (former bouncer) who would have called a cab for anyone who appeared to have had too much to drink.

Rakesh Battula says:

BEAUTIFUL down to the last detail!

AdrenalinDaisy says:

Alberta Represent!!! I agree it's so hard to be a vegetarian here. I used to live in Ontario and definitely get more slack and comments here in AB.

Embracing Average says:

What a fun video! I just found your channel, and I am really excited to watch some more of your videos! 🙂

Matilda Lundin says:

Loved hearing about your beautiful wedding! I have been enjoying your videos a lot the past days since finding your channel. Being inspired to get some new ones up and touch upon ethical fashion amongst other things myself.

2 weeks after my own wedding we were actually moving to were you're from, as such we asked people not to give big gifts or things we couldn't bring into Canada.
We also got married outside, actually on the beach where I grew up, and had a very simple wedding that we planned in 2,5 weeks! I think we might also need to make a video about that and how to approach sustainability in such short time frame! 🙂

Susan Velez says:

Your wedding was STUNNING! I think everything was lovely….. Donating to your favorite charity as well, oh this video took my breath away…… Everything , everything was just lovely. I'm so impressed! ??

Sara Soá says:

hello I'm from Portugal and is normal give money to the couple.kiss

Crystal Roessner says:


imaginaryXreal says:

Hi Beth. I loved the ideas you shared. Where can I find information on renting the cabin?

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