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Organic Vegetable Gardening

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Sheds Direct says:

I appreciate the effort on this video. It is such a simple basic gardening
method but they are very much useful for every gardeners to enrich their
knowledge and for them to have a bountiful harvest.

mahadi hasan says:

ice video , If anyone else wants to grow you own tasty healthy organic
vegetables quick it’s worth considering – Banfan Incredible Organic Miracle
(Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? Ive heard some
incredible things about it from my work buddy – tasty! 

averagemale2000 says:

could you demonstrate your drip watering system?

plantsinspace says:

your van is awsome!

Work With Nature says:

Hey great clip thanks. You sure do Have a lot of “pests” is the sitrus only
because it tastes bad to termites. Or does it protect from the rain also. I
have a lot of worms in my wormary, it turned into a slugery at one point,
so will give that a try. 🙂

g4macdad says:

What is “chicken wire” made from, and why won’t it contaminate the soil?

Jane Smith says:

Thx! Also check 99Aquaponics website for break-through method on organic

Nathaniel Grant says:


Revolutionisnow1 says:

Good video learned a bit, keep up the good work. I will agree that once
wood rots I will rebuild bed as all mine are made from scrap wood so it
didn’t cost me anything. I love almost free food, if you don’t count your
time and to me its fun.

gardenguidebook says:

great video. 😀

willow waterer says:

Plastic bottle, factory made … aint going nowhere near my raised bed
wood, no way, … when it rots , I’ll make another, that way I”M sure
….it’s pure ! damn tho man thats a big bed

Invisible Gardener says:

OTKo and everything I use is safe for me and the environment. Please listen
to what I say before you complain.

MrEnergyCzar says:

Great video, thanks. I have a raised planter organic garden on my deck.
Each year I learn a little more.

JeremiahJohnson84 says:

Awesome video. Lots of great tips! “don’t panic…ahhh it’s organic!” haha
love it!

aus2045 says:

It’s really nice to grow like this, but dam it’s expensive. I have 8 beds
now, 10’x4′. Each cost me about $1000au ($800us) to build and fill. So
there is $8000au before i even grew 1 plant…. I had to ask myself how
many organic vegies could i buy for $8000? Shit loads… It will take me
127 years of growing to just break even on the investment… Am i nuts????

SidneyBou says:

@MrBroegner I have done that before. We call drowning the plant out here.

Richie yap chung says:

i saw alot of gardening supplies and tools on a website called LANDSCAPE N

Jasmin Santy says:

PS. I live in a tropical country. I also grow rosemary and marigold. will
these help deter pests? And lastly, Malathion is the only thing our
supermarkets seems to have.

lildinks02 says:

to preserve teh wood, you can use a product called cedarcide. It kills all
insects and preserves the wood from rotting. It is an all natural product
made from cedar trees. I use this product myself and even on my pets for
fleas. This is a great product that will last.

VEVnetwork says:

One helpful tip.

Str8upbrah says:

Can I strictly use all my fruit and veggie peel waste. Or do I have to
grind up dirt with it? I’m trying to get good soil without having to buy it.

michaeldonafrio321 says:

stop thinking actual lol

ReefMimic says:

is TreX (wood composite) o.k. to use?

angierandomstuff says:

Thanks for all the great tips your awsome and your advice was really
helpful…God Bless!!!!!!

justgivemethetruth says:

1. you did not explain what the citrus stuff was … citrus oil perhaps? what
kind? 2. that bed is way too big even for a “big guy” like you. 3. i have
heard that there is no problem with compost that you cannot burn any plants
with compost? How do you amend the soil if the soil is too basic? 4.
peanuts is interesting … how do you get peanut seedlings or seeds? Thanks
for the 10 lettuce every two weeks tip … i am just about to do lettuce and

Invisible Gardener says:

i would try and mix in local soil. if possibe add any type animal manure.
you can doit without soil if you compost it for a long tie. dont forget to
add the minerals in like rock dust.

Invisible Gardener says:

Hi Thanks for the comment. No I haven’t heard of. Biochar. Sounds like
wonderful stuff to use in the garden! I will look it up. Thanks again….

the0extremos says:

@OmfgItsHenu chemical fertilizers are some of the top water pollutants, and
water pollution is a large contributor to the water crisis that is
affecting millions if not billions of people today. It’s a real problem.

Invisible Gardener says:

@g4macdad dont think the wire will do anything to the soil other then add
rust (iron).

Jackie Norbridge says:

How about just letting the soil go native like a forest or meadow. Never
needs weeding or taking care of.

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