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Organic Gardening

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Organic Gardening


steve ye says:

red roo

Antor Khan says:

nice video , If anyone else wants to grow you own delicious healthy organic
vegetables fast it’s worth thinking about – Banfan Incredible Organic
Miracle (do a search on google)? Ive heard some decent things about it from
my colleague – perfect! 

evanc570 says:

70% of landfill wast is compostable

craftyclips says:

Improvement in quality is very noticeable with 1080p

EASTYJAZ34 says:

65mm capacity of the c7. No need to pre prune before chipping.

kangarojak says:

40mm maximum capacity, great when time is your friend the CMS80 is a
chipper mulcher shredder with a chipping capacity of 80mm, compare the Red
Roo C80 with the Hansa C13. The bottom line is that you have a machine that
you are happy with and you are committed to weed suppression and moisture

nakerr46 says:

WOW, what a machine. Mulching is the way to go for so many reasons. I like
the way the graphics are used and the cute kangaroo. Do you sell in the USA?

EASTYJAZ34 says:

Still rather a hansa c7. a hansa seems so much easier to use and can
deposit into a wheelbarrow

TheBungalally says:

What an amazing machine! It turns a wouldbe bonfire into great mulch. For a
small rural property this machine turns fallen boughs and garden waste into
fantastic usable mulch which saves water and improves soil quality. Thanks
Red Roo

nakerr46 says:

Great product and great video to showcase it. Red Roo rocks!

Bio Power says:

Ideal for woman, so is it for girls only?

Ace Tree Management says:

another great video to your collection RedRoo ! Some great points

mulchconvert2001 says:

I am convinced that mulching is beneficial to the garden. I started
mulching to save water, enhance my soil, and keep the weeds down. My soil
was very sandy before I started mulching. Keep up the good work Red Roo

steve ye says:

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