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Organic Gardening – Weed Control

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Maple Flagg says:

This is the best weed control video I have seen yet. I will try this for
sure. thanks a lot.

jbsbaby77 says:

Thanks for this video, I’ve been trying to figure out how to control the
weed around the edges of my garden fabric. Going to get on this asap 8)

Frederick Dunn says:

Nice video… earth worms eat the news paper super fast, then you benefit
from the worm castings and soil water absorption is improved by the worm
tunnels 🙂 Rather than news paper, I use grass clippings… grass clippings
allow me to walk on a garden that would be inaccessible after a rain or
during rainy weeks which would otherwise allow weeds to gain ground when
you can’t get to your garden plants. YES! never use poison, nor chemicals.
I also allow chickens to defoliate the plot first.

meganschannel4321 says:

I am still questioning the newspaper.. ALLOT of people use newspaper, but I
don’t know what the ink is made of. Anyone have any information on using
newspaper and what can be a replacement? Thanks!

StraddleCreekSoap says:

I’ve done the newspaper weed control. It definitely helps, but be aware
that the newspaper breaks down long before the end of summer, so repeat
mulching is useful.

RogerCantona says:

Was going to ask about the effect of the ink from the newspaper… What
effect does that have?

teddyd30 says:

@cherylco2 Do you know of a site that tells you which major newspapers are
printed with soy? Also, great video. You are well spoken and obviously

aftob says:

My garden is covered by “cynodon dactylon” , how can i kill them? Please
advise me what to do.

keithallenlaw says:

No, weeds do not rob moisture and nutrients. As long as another plant or
weed is not choking it out then your OK. Modern gardening is all about
profits and aesthetics which is destroying the natural environment with
erosion and chemicals. Exposed soil gardens destroys important microbes,
fungi and bacteria. The best tomatoes I ever grown where sown down the
middle of a weed patch. And I only watered them once. The weeds covered the
ground and kept the soil moist.

gloorbit says:

Newspaper printed black only is safe yeah? It’s carbon black in an oil
vehicle. On the other hand color printing, which includes cyan, magenta and
yellow inks, adds many harmful chemicals doesn’t it? I’m not talking about
the vehicle which can be petroleum based or vegetable based. I’m talking
about the chemicals used to create the color(pigments) which are suspended
in soy oils. Often times you can go to your local paper and get what are
called “butt rolls”. Use them instead. No ink involved.

Margaret Silbernagel says:

I like this idea; however…I am also concerned about the colored ink!

attilaclark says:

the newspaper companies switched to safe soy ink some time ago…Im organic
and I don’t use the newspaper in composting or gardening however we have a
recycling program here that eats it all up.

EbolaV1rus says:

Earthworms LOVE newspaper too. One thing I would add is I recommend
watering the newspaper after you lay it down. It will absorb a ton of
water, it will really cut down on the amount you have to water later. I
prefer a hoe over a garden weasel. Especially if used on a very hot day,
the exposed weeds die out for sure.

LittleDookieDBK says:

Mannnn … I thought this was a video about WEED not weedS 🙁

BMFnJ says:

I have A TON of news paper(2,000 Lbs) and was wondering the same thing. Can
I get my paper tester,or what is a safe level of industrial ink to eat via

888zzz says:

The black ink is safe but not the colored I believe.

CearaQC says:

You must be getting your seeds in the wrong places then to have weak seeds!
Heirloom vegetables are open pollinated and the seeds always come true to
type. Many organic gardeners will happily share their seeds. Join Seed
Savers Exchange or other trading organizations that specialize in heirloom
vegetables. And stay away from commercial seed catalogs. You’ll then see
that not all plant genetics are bad.

you toob says:

man had tampered so much with plants and genetics that todays breeds are
weak. before modern agriculture plants grew with the weeds, the pests, and
grew without irrigation. remember Nature itself is “organic” man did NOT
invent organic we actually discovered it just recently that the way we have
been practicing agriculture is WRONG and were going back to what nature
intended it to be

Wendy B says:

how do you fertilize the plants when they’re all covered with the
newspaper, i.e the pellet slow release food??

Al Yz says:

@hjones1 Water will go right thu the paper at a slow rate. This also keep
the roots moist and helpsd on the dry days.

H Jones says:

Great idea with the newspapers, but how do you water the plants, then?

TheBahaiGirl says:

@CearaQC I have a part of my garden where I have a bunch of dandelions
growing 🙂 I love dandelion greens in my salads and smoothies! Thanks for
writing about edible weeds!

chillysdad says:

That’s the first thing I thought, would he chew on that newspaper?

JohnBlack666id says:

what’s mulche or mulge idk how it’s written

CearaQC says:

Don’t forget that a lot of weeds out there are edible!! If you get them
young enough, like Dandelion leaves, toss them in a mixed green salad. Do a
web search on edible weeds to learn which ones you can eat but do not pick
in an area that’s been sprayed with chemicals of any sort, or pooped on by
pets. Some “weeds” can be beneficial, especially wild clovers and such, for
these capture nitrogen from the air and release into the soil.

realriders68 says:

I’m pretty sure most newspapers use non toxic ink. I would stay away from
the paper with a shiny gloss to them though. Most ink used now doesn’t
contain heavy metals, I believe.

insomniacgrace says:

Thanks for this video posted. This is so helpful for my sister’s successful

GallonOfWar says:

This guy is a joke…. Ancient techniques?!?!?!?! Propane torch….? Hope
that you have irrigation run underneath the news paper… otherwise you’re
not getting enough water. Don’t watch the pvc green house video either.
Anyone with some brains can put together a better temporary hoop house than
that with PVC. When you put staples through plastic… and the wind blows,
it rips.

AnnymsVoice says:

Everything on this Earth is made of the Earth, what man does is not
unnatural. Under specified circumstance combinations of chemicals men
create, can happen naturally. It all depends on the desired effect.
‘Synthetic’ has, to some, undesired effects, however ‘Organic’, to some,
has undesired effects. Global warming cause by man created pollution is
bull sh!t. Just something else to exploit. So quit your gay hippie talk,
agricultural advanced support the world today in a way ‘natural’ couldn’t.

Westley Sadler says:

I’ve tried this before. It makes a huge, ugly mess.

chicoman000 says:

“blast the weed”…”torch”….that was a funny alternative the guy gives.
Good video. i am going to try the newspaper this coming spring. Thank you.

spartencamp says:

hasn’t anyone stoped to think about the fact there is a lot of ink and
nasty stuff on that newpaper and that all ends up in your soil! That stuff
is not organic.

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