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Organic Gardening Vs GMO

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Join me on the farm for a breakfast of pea pods and an open, honest and personal perspective on Organic gardening, modern farming and GMO Genetically Modified Organisms. 
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Rob Bob says:

Liked the clip Ray.. Was interesting to hear your views & think you did a
great job of expressing them..
**wanders off to gather links**
;- )

Jane Doe says:

There was a news story the other day that said in Louisiana, where I live,
there are no longer *any* private sugar cane farmers. All of the land is
now owned by R-U-R (roundup ready) corporations who then employ illegal
immigrants to work the land. Cheap labor, ultimate profits. It’s sad

Praxxus55712 says:

An important topic

stevencox75 says:

i think if we eliminated food waste we wouldn’t need GMO etc

h6hfelie says:

I don’t think you’re uneducated, I just think you are coming at it from a
very privileged perspective. Yes, you have looked at it from the point of
view of your farmer neighbour (I agree with everything you’ve said when it
comes to individual farmers just trying to survive and put food on the
table), but you are coming at the whole ‘take responsibility and grow your
own food’ trope from the angle of a rural living man with a familial
support system in place and 3 acres of land at your disposal.

Try putting yourself in the shoes of a single mother, living in an
apartment building, working two jobs, and raising two kids all by herself.
Do you think she has the space/resources/knowledge to grow her own food?
She doesn’t even have the time to do so! Nor does she have the money to buy
organic, and she may not even know about the risks that non-organic food
may pose to her and her children’s health. She, her children, and millions
of others are in similar situations all across America (well…let’s be
honest; the whole world!). They are completely and utterly at the mercy of
the big corporations whose sole driving force is money-making. And let’s
not forget that you may not even know you are buying GMOs depending on
which state you live in, since some states (California I believe is one)
don’t mandate that GMO products be labelled as such, proving that the big
corporations have bought the government and turned it away from serving the
people and towards serving the interests of the corporations.

‘Growing your own’ may work for the privileged few like you and me who have
land, time, and knowledge at our disposal, but what about those who don’t?
They can’t afford the niceties of polite discussion when they are fighting
a war against those who will bleed them dry for profit with no regard for
their health and the health of their children. 

TuctownChicanoAZ says:

Where do you find non-GMO seeds anyways?

bo ter berg says:

First of all I like your point of view. Also I agree with you, that there
is not enough research done on the GMO’s. They can be an asset, but should
be grown in a controlled environment, and be sure not to contaminate non
GMO crops. Also, GMO products should be labeled IMO, also cattle fed with
GMO should be made known to the consumer. My biggest problem with Monsanto
is, the patenting and the lawsuits, and contracts with farmers that can
drive them to bankruptcy & suicide, as well as manipulating and
falsification of test-results and other lies.
When I read that 90% or more of all the soy is GMO, the tempeh I eat now
and then tastes a lot less good, and I’m happy I don’t like popcorn as
almost all corn is contaminated too. Then I wonder about the meat I
consume, there seems to be no escaping to one way or another stay away from
GMO’s, and that frightens me a bit more. But then I realize I’ll not live
for ever anyway, and then I can sleep again ;o)

surrealnumber says:

i think GMO crops do not have the required testing to know if they are safe
or not.

tblbaby says:

GMO GMO, ain’t nothin but a big fat garden hoe, that kills the weeds and
taints the seeds, and makes frogs grow feet outa their foreheads! (that was
a song)

GMO is a great food production boon. I see it as highly improbable that
modification of the genes will result in a problem to people who eat it
unless there is some measurable toxin because it’s digested, BUT! People
have problems with regular food. Instances where some food actually kills
some people, GMO may shift some of this so it’s not known BUT a number of
people will die from sitting in their gardens eating pea pods … probably,
so do we want to make things illegal because a few people out of billions
are affected? Lawyer wisdom (kill all the lawyers, Mark Twain said, and I
agree with the sentiment) says we have to save EVERYONE! but we can’t. Try
to save everyone and you ruin the human race and all kinds of people will
die of stupidity. Darwin’s survival of the fittest isn’t over all a bad
thing when it shakes out, though scum bag lawyers, to make parasitic money
from the public set up legalities that support ridiculous notions that
everyone has to be safe, when they can’t ever be, and if they were life
would SUCK HARD for everyone but those parasitic low bottom feeding scum
bags who use the public as live stock.

That being said, Monsanto is an enormously corrupt company. They got
patents on living organisms though that was SPECIFICALLY PROHIBITED by
those who wrote patent law to begin with, and for very good reason.
Monsanto used corruption to get what they wanted. Regulators who helped
them got plush jobs. BUT! like Ray says, it’s not their fault, it’s ours.
We allow government discretion, we do it because they say they’ll do for
us. Divide us and gain power not from solving problems, but creating
fighting and enmity so we got to them to fight against these other groups,
when the real enemy is those we give power to … that is because they seek
this power to enable their power, ability to gain wealth and they will and
do sell this power to those who will pay. Those who will pay are the ones
who profit, and those tend to be extremely wealthy groups who will profit
by forcing people by force of government to do what will profit them. If
you think we really have a media? 4th estate of government? No, we don’t,
those who can pay for what they want to be put out have a media and it’s an
add agency camouflaged as News. Those who bribe the government own the
regulatory agencies, and they ain’t lookin out for us.

All that is important as a foundation for this … Monsanto, is owned by
the same interests that own DeBeers … the diamond company started by
Cecil Rhodes (Rhodes scholarship created to influence US leaders to bring
us back under European control? Rhodesia named after this man who had so
many enslaved and murdered in the region? connected to slavers, who own it
now? yes, and they are still into slavery, but softer on the surface
through government controls we get baited into in the form of “help”).
Monsanto, and the group they are run by, who are also the stock holders in
the Federal Reserve Bank, which is privately owned and runs on a 20 year
charter that’s become so sure because of so much corruption backed by
trillions in assets milked from not only the US but all but 3 countries
without their central banking system embedded in their country (Iran, Cuba
are, and China? I forget for sure this morning, but Libya was #4, and the
people who operate for those interests were in Libya schmoozing, getting
Moamar’s son in the LSE) These guys also control the IMF and world bank,
and manipulate the UN they love, because they are for sale, disgustingly
corrupt, and have world wide reach.

This group which owns Monsanto is actually working laws that are destroying
small farming to push it to corporate farms which are bribed by ridiculous
farm subsidies and submit easily to the governmental controls. Regulations
set up that are destructive to small farmers are easily manageable by a
huge interest … this isn’t an accident. Government isn’t “stupid” their
actions are just not in the public best interest and they get paid for this
destruction of competition in campaigns, graft, inside stock tips which are
not illegal for government officials, future positions and whatever else.
Buying government buys it’s people, and so Government is the biggest of big
businesses. Basically buying and selling … us.

Controlling food is extremely important in controlling populations. Note
how prices have sky rocketed? People in the US are getting food stamps so
the people who would yell are hushed while food is being taken over as a
leverage. Stop the food stamps now and it will put a hurt on the people.
Dependency is a deliberate political power holding device, has been since
governments evolved. Take resources and meter them back, favor those who
support you. People around the world are not so “lucky” many people’s food
cost (which in many cases WAS over half of their income) on basic
commodities, mostly grains, have seen those costs more than double, that
has created a lot of heat in the world. That is what basically drove “the
Arab spring” not freedom, the push was to less free forms of government
like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt which took power and immediately
started up with murder and rape, basic persecution, of other groups. Libya
which treated it’s people better than most middle east countries had rebels
strong enough to over flow? But in fact many of the rebels were operators
in many situations including in Egypt and the Soros funded blockade break
attempt which was actually an ambush for those paroling for missiles being
brought in to fire at Israel.

All that is important to support understanding of the reality, that
Monsanto is an arm of a larger movement, (the most powerful and enduring
collaboration, the world has ever known) that arm to control food.

These players destroyed private ag in Mexico and pretty much decimated the
country over time. They’ve taken over farm lands in many countries via
lending, and then sold the food by export resulting in massive starvation.

Monsanto is but a part of a much larger move to world wide power. People
are the problem, accepting the bait for their power being stripped from
them and used in mass, against them. Food is a very vital part of this
power based on heavy control of what people want, and need.

Just my slightly heavily researched “opinion” 🙂 I sure wish it was a joke.

GetDamage says:

My view is that… “Let the lion eat the lamb…because that’s the way of
nature…. But if that lamb is part of your family or if you depend on that
lamb for food then you will have to step in and protect the lamb from the
lion…” GMO and herbicide like Round Up have been known to cause breast
cancer… Traces of them are found in breast milk… They are also killing
the insects and other creatures… We humans are the only one who are able
to do something about that… GMO crops are ban in many nations for a
reason… It’s up to every individual to find out on their own…

Richard Bushy says:

Hi. Eating organic fm. Whole foods etc is very costly . Grow your own can
be costly. In the big picture if you can stay healthy will be great. No
colds flue or bigger things cancer diabetes etc.I didn’t eat and still
don’t eat the best I can. But I try. I take a lot of vitamins and insurance
doesn’t pay for that. I think I’m in good health and I’m trying gardening
this year. Thanks to UTube next year I think it’s going to go better .I
guess point is try not to eat gmo products because of all the side effects
and look at the big picture of your health. I’m in my 70’s.

Randomyou101 says:

What gmo?

cabwaldo says:

The problem is with the people. The people want convenience because they
are lazy and the market follows up with those changes. People need to
realize that even if they don’t care about their own health, there are
future generations that will learn through your actions regardless of how
old you are. It should be your pride and joy in life to do the best that
you possibly can at everything you do, whether it’s using a piece of land
for something or feeding yourself. That means not clear cutting an old
growth forest to make more money or going to McDonalds because its quick
and easy.

Gardening With Puppies says:

Oh boy. Almost as rough as discussing politics. I get where you are coming
from. When you have a farm that size, it would be very difficult to
maintain it organically. It is hard enough for me to keep up my veggie
garden which is only 40X30 feet.

Conrad Cardinal says:

Great video Ray, it’s rare to see one of these that doesn’t just sit on
it’s high horse on one side of the fence and yell and scream at the other.
Well done.

Eric White says:

Where to start. I believe that everyone should have their own garden. We
were created to live in a garden. If everyone had their own garden there
would be no need for someone to farm thousands of acres for a living. But
most people have made the choice to live and work in a city, with the
houses stacked a mile high. This allows corporations to make unhealthy
choices for them. The people in turn decide that it is okay to eat this
and take a pill for what ails them. Get back to the garden and you solve
the problem. Gardening is not just a way of life but like you said it
makes you even feel alive. Have a great day Ray :-)

Elizabeth Fowler says:

Ray lately I’ve encountered a lot of people that mix up hybrid plants and
gmo. Would you ever consider talking on that? 

globalistkiller1 says:

You are awesome and an inspiration to those of us who like to grow our own
food. Thanks for all you do.

XOurSimpleLifeX says:

Ray, you are 100% right. As the saying goes “Be the change you want to see
in the world”. 

HomeFree says:

Sometimes just looking at something doesn’t reveal the whole picture.

Melody Capehart Medina says:

I’m blonde so I just want simple :))) Thank you for explaining GMO in the
simplest form so even I could grasp it. I was so nice that you were not
running around with your hair on fire while talking about this subject! I
learned something because you were not screaming, thank you.

dionicia12 says:

I really hope you have peas in your free seed giveaway. I’m on a mission to
have a well balanced garden next year. :)

liveapa says:

we could have strawberrytrees with GMO

Louise Florida says:

Well said! 

Joy LeQuire says:

That’s why I’m hooked on your videos, Ray, because you just talk like the
guy next door who’s willing to help. I’ve learned a lot from you and
appreciate your common sense advice.

Janice Upton says:

Okay, you said at the beginning that it seems people are rabid in their
views on GMO. Apparently that is true. However I may feel about the
subject, one way or the other, the most important thing we should all
remember is that we are entitled to have our beliefs and opinions and have
the freedom to share those. If your viewers disagree, so be it. But they
don’t have to attack you over this. I thought you presented an excellent

Anonymous Anonymous says:

Thank you ray!

Don’t complain!, Grow your own garden! :D

CannaHeaven says:


Garden Notch says:

I wonder if that same farmer would feed his own family with those crops
he’s growing ;)

DynamicDarren says:

This was a great relief to view. I clicked on this video expecting to be
disappointed… However, you approached the situation with so much more
rationality and tact than other organic gardeners, we don’t have to mention
their names… Now you say you’re fearful of genetically modified food
because of the risk of long term adverse side effects. Is this correct? If
so what sort of testing do you think is currently done? What do you think
you think should be tested?

I personally think GMO products are over tested. It can take years and tens
of millions of dollars to pass through all the regularity hoops, that’s not
even mentioning the cost and time involved because of law suits by
environmentalist groups. Open source GMOs could end Monsanto’s hegemony,
but that’s not currently economically feasible.

ArnoldPalmerMaster says:

Wow this is scary I never knew what GMO was. I have never really cared
about where I get my vegetables or meat, I’m happy to even afford to buy
these things. Vegetables and meat are so expensive and buying organic is
out of the question. But now you mentioned the long-term effects, now I
will start thinking twice before I even eat that food. Wish I never watched
this video..lol

made by steve says:

I think you gave a fair review on the GMO problem and I would agree with
you. I will only add that they should label the items containing GMO’s and
let the free market decide. as for the testing monsanto doesnt want any
testing done. but there has been a lot of private testing and the results
are not promising 

tblbaby says:

Great reasoned Vid Ray 🙂 you can always just take it down if those other
people get too heavy. I want peas man, I really want peas O_O peace and
peas, that’s all I want … and my compost. Peas, Peace, and compost,
that’s all I want … and seeds …

Test2003 says:

Thanks for making this video. It was really an eye opener and made me hit
that “unsub” button. Goodbye.

Shawn L says:

Have “farmers” not been genetically modifying crops since the beginning of
well, farming ?

Highskoolrecess says:

One thing to remember also is the poverty rate in the U.S. Many families
struggle to find enough food in the first place, they can’t usually afford
organics or healthier foods in general. Maybe helping the poor to get good
healthy food would provide a foundation for the advancement of organics. 

Danielle K says:

I agree with you. Although I am very much against GMOs and am all for
organic farming, I do not blame the small farmers. I live in a rural area
that is mostly farmland. Both my grandfathers are farmers. I feel like
they’ve been doing what they know for so many years, it would be so
difficult for them to completely switch to organic now. It would be nice if
they could, but I honestly think most of them don’t know where to even
begin with it. They’re doing what they were taught and trying to make a
living. Most farmers around here don’t even break even – they’re in debt.
It’s so sad to see farmers struggle and people bash them. Instead of
bashing them, we should help them & provide more education about how they
can switch to organic. Many of them think it’s expensive to switch, or that
weeds & bugs will destroy their crops if they go organic. But like you
said, it’s their choice and their right to farm how they want to!

Casey says:

The herbicide-resistant genes of GMO can transfer to weeds… that’s
another problem…

Josh Morgan says:

My opinion on the “GMO” debate is to change the name or make a new name for
what the definition means. All corn, even organic corn is a “GMO” by
definition. Humans are “GMO” by definition. Genetic Modified Organism,
means using genetics to produce a superior next generation of the organism.
Corn wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t genetically modified. Certain ancient corn
plants were selected to pollinate specifically to produce bigger and
tastier offspring over hundreds of years. Humans chose a mate based on
genetics so their offspring is stronger/smarter or better looking. All of
that is genetic modification.
However the new meaning of “GMO” is scientists screwing around with the DNA
of plants and replacing or removing traits. This isn’t natural and nobody
knows the outcomes. Like Ray said there’s not nearly enough testing. Its
also the draconian ways that monsanto does its business. suing and buying
up any competitors so they create a monopoly where if you need seed its
them or you don’t have a farm.
I cant blame the farmers at all for using Monsanto products because its the
ONLY way they can make a living. you can not use permaculture methods on
1000 acres without using a giant workforce and you wouldn’t be ale to
afford it. I believe that the way to fix that situation is to grow small
and local. Cities are needed and can be sustainable, They are where
technology and systems are designed and tested. People could bike/walk to
work. outside the cities would be the small acreages where the food is
produced for that city only. Outside of those farms would be wilderness for
camping, hiking, hunting, whatever your wilderness fancy. Then people
wouldn’t have to use terrible chemicals or “GMO”s to have a thriving farm.
you would sell out all your product direct to customer making full profit
off your small farm and people would be eating more healthy.
I do this on my 5 acre beginings. This year was my first organic garden
system of about 1500sqft. This fall I will triple that amount and take my
excess produce to market. All the time I’ll be spreading the word of
I dont like the “GMO” label as by definition it means everything organic on
the planet. Unless we use “NGMO” and “UGMO”, Natural Genetic and Unnatural
Genetic. Organic corn is an “NGMO”, roundup resistant monsanto crops are

Dirk Martens says:

Please watch the movie/documentary “GMO OMG”

allen2905 says:

great video Ray. I relish your point of view without you screaming at me.
too much of that in this world. we can agree to disagree and go our
separate ways. I wish I could plant an organic garden in my front yard
and grow food for myself but codes prevent this. it would be nice if i
could get a tax break for growing my own organic food. need to move to the
country, i guess. Thanks for helping me understand the local farmer’s
dilemma. I have only one question: why is organic more expensive? 

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