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Organic Gardening Tips from City Farmers Urban Nursery

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ visits City Farmers Urban Nursery in San Diego, California to give you a tour of this family-owned nursery in business since 1972. After the quick tour, John will take you to many ares of the nursery that he liked to share with you his organic gardening tips and new varieties of edible plants, and ways of growing food you may not be familiar with.

In this episode, John takes you on a tour of City Farmers Urban Nursery in San Diego. He will also share many organic vegetable gardening tips with you.

First, John will give you a quick POV (Point-of-View) tour of the Nursery. Next, John will re-visit some of his favorite areas of the nursery to share with you new edible plants, his thoughts on growing food, and new ways of using recycled materials to grow food. You will also learn about using potentially toxic raised bed materials and much, much more.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:54 Walkthrough tour of nursery starts
14:30 Sharing about Specific Areas of Interest
14:42 Selling Plants without Plastic Containers
15:51 Perennial Vegetables- Purple Tree Collards
17:40 Different Sizes of Pots and Net Pots
18:27 No Build Raised Bed Made out of Fabric
19:38 Olla growing hot and spicy oregano in a wood container box
21:09 Tropical Fruit Trees
22:47 Native Edible Plants that Grow Easily
25:02 Growing Food in an Oversize Concrete mixing tub
26:15 Growing Vegetables vs Growing Fruit Trees
28:32 Edible Cacti and Succulents
33:34 Containment Unit Growing Sweet Potatoes
34:39 Vegetable Garden Beds- Best part of broccoli to eat
35:32 Using Railroad ties and Cinder Blocks to Build a Raised Bed
38:22 Why its important to Mulch with Better than Bark Pine Mulch
39:40 Keeping Bees Safe at a Distance
41:09 Composting Worms at the Nursery
43:57 Edible Water Plants
47:29 Growing Herbs
48:48 Headed into the Store
49:30 My favorite item in the store- Seeds – Buying the proper seeds
50:50 Buying Bulk Seeds
52:06 Don’t Panic – It’s Organic Pest Control – My favorite products
53:38 Summary and Closing Thoughts on the Nursery

After watching this episode, you will learn about a cool organic nursery in San Diego and also learn tips and tricks on how to grow more edible food at home.

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Mike Stremlin says:

Your channel is awesome. I subbed. Im a newbie, tired of all the crap veg in the store. You have taught me a lot so far. Im up n running in raised beds. Im in desert like you. Up in Hesperia in high desert. Winter type Things are germinating rt now in april, using your practices…thx so much

undorr says:

Thanks John for what you do. I have started growing my one greens thanks to you.👍😀.using cardboard to kill weeds and grass for my plants

Pseudo Nym says:

What are these ridiculous rules preventing growing edible in the dwelling front??

Pseudo Nym says:

Mind blowing place. Good tour guide too.
Why is it when hearing cilantro I want to break out into song?

azzzonline says:

Growing in water, that means standing water which leads to over population of mosquitos.. How would one grow in water and avoid attracting mosquitos?

kurgon1976 says:

I was there on Thursday, too bad I missed you man it would have been cool to meet you while you were making this video!

Maurice Francois says:

You have to watch Al Pacino in "Scar Face" to get the full gist of "say 'aloe' to my little friends"

Ze Bunker says:

An hour long. Its youtube. Make it no longer than 5 minutes.

June Siegel-Hill says:

Hi, John. I love all your videos. I'm also an avid gardener, and I am also a transcriptionist. Do you know that in order for the search engines to find you, you need to have your transcript below your videos? You can reach a much broader audience that way. I'd love to help you with that. Would you let me transcribe one video so you can see for yourself? Thanks!

D Moz says:

Not many organic tips in your episode 🤔

Dennis Womack says:

You say bottled water is bad, but I live in the country and I have a 16 foot water well and during drought conditions bottled water saves my life lol

John Mistler says:

you rock! keep up the good work!

socalhippie hashman says:

great video john.definitely going to check out this place next time i'm in the san diego area

Tanja F says:

Check out Mountain Feed in Ben Lomond!

Jim Wolverton says:

Hi John, you mentioned squishing pests again, so I have to say this. Some authoritative figure, I forget who, once said that we should squish bad insects on the plants we find them on, for a couple of reasons. First, their smell serves as a deterent or warning to others of their kind. Second, because their predators will likely be attracted to that smell and it may send a call out to some of them to come help eat the rest of the bad bugs. You probably know that, but I've heard you say to squish bad bugs a number of times, yet I've never heard you explain this–if, in fact, it is actually true.

Roy Jones says:

Really glad you did a video on City Farmers! Love that place! It is chaotic but they have just about anything you could need. Fun to just walk around.

Monica Kummerer says:

Looks like my back yard…lol… I'm a smaller scale … Love the tire walls.
My brother in law came by to fix doors, blinds, and toilets..and saw my worms …composters…and wood palates in back yard….he looked overwhelmed….haha….worm girl…..

Chris Hansen says:

u said cactuses and they are cacti! hahaha

Ant Dez says:

We live just north of this nursery and it is awesome. You did a great job John! The owner does great classes on various topics for growing, hydroponic, animal care, and more. Love, Love, Love this place one of the best nurseries in the state!

10baretoes says:

great video, thanks John

Farm Alarm says:

"Dig em up" what a clever concept

Forever North's Plant-n-Wildlife Sancturay says:

Another learning experience, awesome. I love to learn about plants I've never seen before.

MrJesseh24 says:

Hemp plastics ftw

Guru Murphinda says:

Hi John,

You have inspired my son and I to start our own channel called the "Little Farmers Farm" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iLBpO5kIp0 check us out if can as we would love to hear your thoughts on the progress so far… Peace and love as always and keep on growin'

Charlie Bright says:


Al Ara says:

Ive been watching your videos for quite some time. I was so excited when you posted this video of my favorite nursery in San Diego. My family and child love this place.

guy gooch says:

I sure do enjoy your videos, I watch them most of the time while working out.
BTW, "Say hello (aloe) to my little friends" is a quote from The movie Scarface.
Tony Montana: "Say hello to my little friend!"

steve80ca says:

I don't think he got the joke! 😉

Diana Kim says:

I just love you so much! If your ever in Michigan or Ohio I would love to meet you and maybe have you do a video about how to begin gardening for newer gardeners and say what you’d install, put, plant and why. I have 2.6 acres and am constantly scratching my head to what to do and stop freezing in fear worth indecisiveness! I would put you up and pay for your consultation and all equipment that I needed. I would feed you (which I love to do for everyone) but I know you would be let down because we are still on standard American diet and you would not be impressed with eating produce from the grocery store. Would you also do a video for families? Or anyone who wants to become vegans. I think you’d get so many views and likes with that video. Your advice would be so appreciated. I’m slowly getting my family off of meat and dairy. Trying to become pescatarians then to vegetarians then to vegan.Hopefully raw like you one day! Thank you so much for your videos.Wish you love, health &fortune

Andrea Wisner says:

Portulaca, also know as "por-chu-la-ka."

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