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Organic Gardening Tips!

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Rid your garden of Slugs, snails and many other pests. Bigger healthier apples! Better consistant pollination of veggies and fruit trees. It’s not so difficult when you think in prganic natural terms. Gardening does not have to be an unending battle with nature. Try using nature as your partner instead of treating it as your enemy. It works for me and it can work for you! Join me on the Farm this morning and I will explain my methods and how they can work for you.
My indoor gardening channel: http://www.youtube.com/Voodoogarden
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Today is a Good Day!


Deborah Woods says:

Somebody once told me to break egg shells on your garden and the slugs and snails won't bother your plants because they're to sharp for them to glide over. Have you ever tried it? Btw, your videos always make me smile. 🙂

Julie Beal says:

LOVE thistle… my family can NOT understand why I let things go to "weed" around my garden, but I firmly believe that a completely barren garden (besides the produce rows), isn't as healthy as it can be… and we are in a new home this summer, so even though this garden area we have was always a "traditional" garden, we have discovered that when the garden is "let go" a bit, we have an INCREDIBLE amount of Purslane.. which is good for us, and is really tasty when pickled! I love my weeds!

Patty Haber says:

The people around here seem to prefer lawns to gardens, so I don't have any flowers that help draw bees to the yard. I don't even seem to have many 'weeds' that I can let grow aside from the clover in the front yard (garden is in the backyard) In your experience, what flowers seem to best draw the bees? It looks like I will have to get some for next year. As always, thank you for all you do! 🙂

coltranem says:

Great tips as usual. I try to do the same with my lawn. In fact having clover I find it helps keep the rabbits from trying to get in my garden.

The tip about watering in the morning really makes sense. In my garden now I just planted some lettuce seeds. So I have been watering frequently in those spots to keep the soil moist. Would it work still to water those spots in the morning and let it dry out by night (we are having some hot weather here in the North East).


Vincent Lazana says:

You need a Rascal-Cam.

Since you're talking about bugs, do you ever have a problem with horn worms on your tomato plants like I do every year?

Charito says:

Are you feeling better Ray?! Please let us know. Get well soon

right.way.corrigan says:

I so admire your common sense,personality,and how you do things 'your way'. You are at peace and it shows?

Cambiumlayer 13 says:

Forgot to add milk of your choice to the Turmeric Golden Tea…sorry 🙂
Today IS a good day!!!!

Susan Newby says:

Hi Ray. I seem to have a crazy infestation of sugar ants all throughout my garden. I have read they help pollinate and I have read they are bad. What do you think? Do you have a suggestion to eliminate them?

Elizabeth says:

Last year, you reommended that I plant a Tiny Tim tomato plant on my very small balcony. So far the plant is thriving in one pot and is nearly 5 feet high. Can i pinch the top growth back so that it won't grow any taller?

R. Toney says:

Ray, explain to me how birds are controlling your slugs when slugs come out to feed at night and most birds feed during the day.

Jackie Horsley says:

Enjoyed your video ray that's to bad about your arm I hope. It gets better so you can trim your apple tree again

FoodForThought says:

I like the those thistles fo shizzle ma nizzle LOL

S Gaile says:

I went through the rotater cup problems, too while working. The shot is painful, but the surgery was much worse. I had tendon torn from bone and bone spur. Puts a real damper on gardening so had surgery in Fall. Surgery did work and all is well now, so worth it in the long run. Good luck to you!

You Are Leaders says:

That ending! ❤❤

TrueThat95 says:

What a beautiful garden you've got there.
Take good care of yourself :), love your videos.

tvtoms says:

Ray I remember you used to get black bears around your garden at your 80 acres home. Any advice on making them not want to come into a garden? My sister woke today to find large and small bear prints in her garden, as well as a bunch of dug up plants and half eaten corn stalks. She only had a weak wire fence. I suggested to her to plant something farther away from her garden in the bears likely path, maybe they'll settle for that. Any ideas you can share?

MrsRosencranz1 says:

Sorry about the arm. I thought you were going to say frozen shoulder. I had it but got rid of it after 9 months. That damn cortisone shot! I refused it.

I hope it goes well for you. You will be amazed at how you find ways to compensate for that bum arm in other ways.

Thank goodness it wasn't in the spring when you needed it for your large projects.

Spend the summer healing and watching things grow.

Keld Lindgaard Nielsen says:

All the Best and good recovery "one armed gardener".

Eros says:

Thanks, Ray. Gettin old kinda sucks.

Trishia U says:

move your bed to another position…remember your dog being sick…something is going on with your energy in the room.
Make an experiment…place a healthy plant that can live in your room and place it where the dog like to sleep and see how the plant does…then do one near your bed..in line with your upper body and see how it does…if the plants die y ou will know that the energy is bad….

cheri cle says:

Love your videos. The bane of my existence are squash vine borers. I'm down to one zucchini plant out of six this year. Any ideas?

Elizabeth Taros says:

Hi Ray, reply love your broadcasts! I've been looking for some thistle seeds but can not find any at Home Depot or Lowe's. do you by chance save any from the ones on your property?

Penny Ash says:

Thistles are gorgeous but then again so are all wildflowers

Hazlett Homestead says:

For about 3 years, it was rare to see a honey bee. Hive collapse syndrome I guess. But they are finally coming back around and I leave all kinds of "weeds" growing where I guess is not normal for a lawn. But my goal for this year is to collect all the seeds and plant them in a more lawn friendly area and if they come up next Spring, I'll cut more of what once was my yard. If they don't germinate next year? Oh well, I'll have thistle growing in my front yard and mow around them.

I live on the property that was once my Grandparents and Pap kept a few hives of bees. I like to think that the bees I am seeing now are the offspring of the swarms that got away. So while the honey bees help pollinate the fruit trees and my plants, it is more of an emotional connection with my past. May sound stupid, but it works for me.

Mari says:

I recently found aphids on my kale plants. I thought they were healthy so I'm surprised to hear that they only attack weaker plants. I sprayed my kale with neem oil and also planted marigolds and that reduced the aphids down from a whole leaf attack to a couple here and there. I am going to try compost tea, but has anyone here tried that before and if so, did you notice a difference in your crops?

Graham Palmer says:

I learn something useful for my garden from every one of your videos. Thanks Ray. Hope the shoulder gets better soon..

Zuzana Bilek says:

Hi Ray! Thanks for your videos. Did you ever had a problem with stinky bags and potato bags,they do not have natural predators as I know.I cherish diversity of plants in my garden,birds are coming but…..any advise.

Francesco Gallarotti says:

Hi Ray, hope your shoulder will heal properly and quickly. Give a hug to Rascal – he is so cute 🙂
Your videos are getting better and better, with multiple angles, wide, closeup, medium, details… Seems like you are really enjoying this – hope you will never stop. That said, take care of yourself. Feel better!

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