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Organic Gardening – Propagation Methods

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Bohemian Footsteps says:

You mentioned after the foliage gets 6 – 8 inches tall, you would add more
soil. About how much more soil should you add? Would you add more organic
fertilizer too?

arbornomics says:

We’ve all seen the sprouting that comes from those potatoes at the bottom
of the pantry.

David Ellis says:

Will defiantly try this method thanks for sharing the information with us. 

Sheds Direct says:

Well done! I strongly agree that the main objective of propagation method
is to produce more plants. I guess this method is the most effective and
economical one. Thanks for this video! New ideas are added to my plans. 

jerry klinger says:

Good job on your video I liked it very much!

was says:

you can still clone organically… use you willow shoots crushed up in
water. have no idea why but seems they have root hormone in them,
stimulates root growth.

jerry klinger says:

Good job on your video I liked it very much!

shortyboy48035 says:

I wanna see how you harvest your potatoes when their ready for harvest.
Could you please make one.

RaidenTheAlmighty says:

@ycats1000 why not just use root hormone?

CearaQC says:

You tip over the container and dump out the potatoes. Some people do it
over a tarp for easier cleanup.

gardenqueen12 says:

looks great ima do that

Sue Shadowcat says:

Where can I pick up a bottle of the cloning stuff? I could use it next year
when I plant my garden. Please send me a message and let me know. I live in
Arkansas and the Missouri area. Would WalMart have it? Thanks

xhellabentx says:

honey works great as rooting hormone also a gallon of water with some

timbeverly192617 says:

Where at in the Burg?????

Brokent3eth says:


cwaj says:

no sound

Spore0011 says:

because its poisonous if not careful.. willow trees have leaves that have
it naturally in them..

Deion Aqafella says:

no wild mint/ Mentha arvensis is the easiest. pull off a branch stick it in
dirt, thats it. you can water if you wish or place it outside. indoors or
out it roots and grows taller the next day.

Rrrrobbo says:

@g4macdad Can chemicals in the plastic really get into the soil and to the
roots or plant?? I’m not arguing I’m just wondering

LetsCook2gether says:

LOL I went to my kitchen and put a sweet potato in a pot of water. see what
will happen. thanks for this tip!!

commajohanneum says:

Excellent video, very informative.

zaaz369 says:

potatoes are easy. we did it in elementary school. how do propagate
lettuce, spinach, or onions, and other veggies.

cwaj says:

Lol – My Bad – too Funny!

MrEnergyCzar says:

Well done video… Each year I learn a little more about growing my own

VEVnetwork says:

Great efforts exerted!


Great video check out the cutting globe

FlintknapperJimmy says:

Can’t you use sea kelp for cloning instead of chemicals? I heard they used
to use soaked willow water for hormones back in the day too.

devotees1 says:

how do u propagate thyme????

gardenqueen12 says:

looks great ima do that

OrganicDrew says:

Basil is like the easiest plant to propagate with cuttings! I had one basil
plant and I simply trimmed away all the lower diagonal branches, then I
took the trimmings or cuttings and I stuck them into individual cups, with
about 4 -5 inches of water. wait 1-2 weeks constantly adding water should
it run dry and you will have roots form.. then slowly add more and more
light and dirt to your cups until the plants are adjusted to the soil. they
will also take to soil given a few days of shade!

weppskilla says:

Nice, I Like!

Revolutionisnow1 says:

cool thanks for the video good job!

thinkrevolution says:


Xxfades321xX says:

actually, the rooting hormones aren’t nessacary, but may help some plants
but you can build an aeroponic cloner for about 65 bucks that only needs
distilled water or you can clone with a low tech method where you simply
cut a whole in the top of a water bottle lid and stick your cutting in
there, replacing the water often to ensure it is well aerated, and unless
you live in a city or a place where you have clorine or other chemicals in
your water you can use water right out of the tap.

atomicgrow says:

Atomic Grow video testimonial, veteran talks about double production using
organic Atomic Grow.

g4macdad says:

What kind of plastic is that container made out of?! Yikes! I would HARDLY
call that “organic” gardening, hasn’t he heard of BPA and DEHA?

netlethe says:

Thank you for this info. Peace.

zxtian1970 says:

thanks, easy , simple… the way to spread good info.

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