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Organic Gardening – Pest Control

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Atlanta Lawn Care says:

Squishing the bugs is definitely a cathartic experience, but other organic
methods described in this video would prove more efficient.

cleanlightshop says:

We can not help against slugs. But CleanLight sure can help against mildew

suegee1950 says:

I so need that advice about squash bugs. My beautiful garden is destroyed
each year by those vile critters! I pick them off, squish them — even
tried Sevin dust (hated using it) — I will try diatemaceous (sp) earth and
dawn dish liquid this year. Thank you.

woodlandcammo27 says:

A saucer with beer in will work for snails and slugs. Just put the
container at ground level. They get so drunk they fall in lol

Nirinjan Singh says:

to picatsoforfma – DE wont hurt the bees or ladybugs as you apply it the
the ground not the plant.

mentalpatientMp says:

@9aspengold5 how much dishsoap per liter do you use for the squash beetles?

SCGoodOlBoy says:

Will the diatomaceous earth kill the worms too. I don’t want to kill
everything. Just the bad bugs.

9aspengold5 says:

@mentalpatientMp I use approximately 2 tablespoons of blue original dawn
detergent to one liter of water. If you watch any of the reports of
conservists using detergents to wash oil covered wild birds they always use
the blue original dawn detergent. It is biodegradable and does not harm the
environment, but squash bugs hate it. I have been using it for 2 years now
and have found no problems with the growing of my crops.

corinthian93 says:

Ladybugs are the best.

plucknpick says:

INteresting…..Pro Pest Control companies use Pyritrins but are not listed
as Organic. I use Talstar (a Pyrithrin) and I am not organic because I may
use products that are more effective than the “Organic” equivalent. I am
using the best of Integrated Pest Management rather than guess at the
effectiveness of control. I ACHIEVE control via IPM, and still apply less
than “Organic Gardeners”.

jerry klinger says:

Very nice vidio awesome

TheEricancan says:

lol. Squishing them is perfectly safe hahaha. What does the bug think about
that? lol

DarkEbony89 says:

Crawl off and hide… to die… LOL

upper12music says:

I’m not sure about bees, but imagine it would get stuck in the joints of
the exoskeleton. Not good for ladybugs, same reason. Also harmful to pretty
much anything with lungs. Dogs, chickens, children. It’s great for pool
filters and controlled, concentrated, insect killing. I think it would wash
into the groung quickly with rain and become part of the dirt and it is non
poisonous. Just be careful with it.

yome255913 says:

I don’t think its fair that you consider using chemicals as ‘organic’
gardening. well done video, but, i dont agree with using chemicals.

highskilledsibby says:

Slug problem equals Geese deficite!

Rainbowman57 says:

I just fill a plastic lid with beer and sink to ground level and all the
slugs drop in and party till they drop. And it is one hell of a hangover as
they never wake up after it.

Rod Pennington says:

Soaps, beer traps, oils, iron oxides. etc. are all soluble and become
ineffective after a single brief weather event like rain. Only
antipesticide DE stays where you put it, never wears out, and bygs can
never become immune to it.

joncl1 says:


mentalpatientMp says:

@9aspengold5 Thank you very much for the reply! I will go out and purchase
some today.

picatsoforfma says:

And I wouldn’t want to use that if I want bees to pollinate or ladybugs to
eat aphids, right? And I have chickens that I probably wouldn’t want to
scratch through that stuff.

t4705mb6 says:

You don’t have to be a genius…just dedicated to a healthy life away from
those that would like to see you get sick & pay them money to get you

upper12music says:

Everyone should note that diatomacious earth is Not “totally” harmless to
humans. Since it is like microscopic broken glass, it can get stuck in the
tiny passages in your lungs. Kind of like asbestos. Please be careful not
to inhale any of it. If it’s windy use a dust mask at least. A respirator
would be better.

plucknpick says:

@upper12music DE is not good for ANY insects- since the mechanism is to
erode the exoskeleton. “effective on virtually every bug” he said.

RDLONG30 says:


Backup of Backup of Backup of Bug Maniacs says:

Great video! We use organic pest control methods for interiors as well.
Aside from doing what’s best for the environment, organic methods are
healthy for the habitating humans as well.

Sandy Louise Hickman-Holliday says:

My son-in-law is a master brewer at a micro brew and he says that they use
diatomaceous earth as a filter for something…Anyway he says that you need
to use a mask because of the fact if DM ends up in your lungs it can shard
them from the inside and suffocate you. So it’s not completely harmless to
ppl. Also not good to be around sniffing dogs or cats.

plucknpick says:

To be really truthful on Organic Methodology you must also include in your
IPM program : Avoidance (avoid planting susceptible plants. Timing: time
your planting to avoid bugs or other pests. Species or Cultivar: there are
plants that are resistant in many cases to some pests. Preventatives:
Cayenne Pepper: spray made from Jalapeneo peppers. Many insects cannot
tolerate it. A lot of vertegrate pests also.

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