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Organic Gardening – No Tilling Needed Gardening Method

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Organic Gardening & No Tilling Needed Method In this video we explain how to do organic gardening using these easy tips and suggestions. Having a no till …


Jose Favela says:

Just an FYI to everyone . He mentioned that the only way ti get nitrogen in the soil is if you add it. Check out plant abundance channel. There are a couple of plants that spread nitrogen to the soil. Or lookup nitrogen fixating plants. Overall good video

Mark Hurley says:

This is one of the best explanations I have seen one YouTube regarding converting from conventional tillage gardening to no-till gardening. In untilled soils, in the southeast, (forest soils, long established lawns or pastures) the effects of the organic matter extend only a few inches into the soil. In a cultivated soil (particularly in the hot humid southeast) almost all of the soils organic matter has been lost due to decomposition. By incorporating a massive amount of new organic matter, deep into the soil, you almost instantly create a deep "A" horizon such as found in an upper Midwest or Great Plains prairie soil. Then by not tilling the soil you preserve the organic matter.

One Wayfarer says:

I made deep humus ground….but NOTHING stops that old WIRE GRASS, and u can't pull all its roots any how!!!

Darling Stuff says:

You kill the soil with tilling, so WHY till any time? Typical how men love to interfere…..men should stick to hunting and let women grow the gardens

Stan The Man! says:

i believe fresh grass cuttings are high in nitrogen, and what better a way to get rid of it than turning it into a top layer mulch as long as it has not gone to seed. I know the new place ive chosen to start another garden this year will need some excessive tilling and amendments at the begging because going fully no till at the very start on the flat ground without a raised bed is not a realistic goal. But after initially getting my garden started i plan to never till it again. To many organic gardeners preach full no till Ever which only makes sense if your starting raised beds, because i have yet to see a awesome successful garden with Root crops growing that was started right on top of soil that has never been worked so i think his idea on the first initial till then never again is much more efficient. Where i live we live near the ocean and every year gardeners get loads of bubble kelp and sea weed and completely till there there whole gardens and every year they get amazing yields and big healthy plants so sometimes i think microbiology is a lot stronger and grows faster than people think when given the right foods.

Jim M says:

Just plant on top of the compost pile.

Angel Ward says:

torn… he explains the destruction of tilling, yet does major tilling to start the garden…. being a little woman, I will just take the slow route and not tear up the system even in the beginning. Just layering goodness, and watching the magic happen a few more feet at a time… working so far…

Troy Santos says:

Listen from 6:41 to 7:00 … first he says that the organic matter is being burned up because of so much oxygenation. Then he says that it's being burned up because of so much exposure to nitrogen. I'm no chem expert, so I don't know … is nitrogen a major part of the process of oxygenation? Or has he got something wrong here…? Also, "burning up organic matter" … doesn't make sense to me. It's decomposing, and that's good. I can't figure what he means.

MrsD7777 says:

Awesome Gardening Info!!! Thank You!


Using the 'no till' or 'lasagna gardening method' do you need to rotate crops yet?

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