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Organic Gardening – Mixing Plants For Pest Control

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Tour of my organic raised bed garden. I like to mix my plants up to help deter pests. Mixing your pants also helps ensure you have (hopefully) healthy pants in one area if another spot in your garden should become overloaded with pests or disease.

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Growing With God says:

I like your gardening style! Thanks

The Dirt Cheap Homesteader says:

Your garden is looking great 👍

Chicken Hues says:

Thanks for the info on purslane. I have that but didn't know what it is. What a nice looking garden. You have quite a variety and I learned about companion planting from this. Thanks so much!

Annie Farmer's Farm says:

Thanks for sharing great garden we can sub each other if you'd like thank you so much!

Farmall Fanatic says:

Finally stopped raining here👍

IndiAcres 1776 says:

I don't really have much of a problem with anything eating my radish leaves, but I do have a problem with something boring into the radishes themselves. Any thoughts on what I might be able to do to stop that?

Mrs Green Thumb says:

Hello i saw your channel in another one. Nice would love if we could be friends. Thanks for sharing.

John T Cash says:

Just found your channel love it. Hope to learn from you . Just subbed your channel.

Autumn Oaks Farm says:

Looking very good.

Almost Homestead says:

Your garden is looking great. Those blueberries were huge. Nice that you have those times to look back on gardening with your Grandpa.

Joseph Brown says:

Watching your videos is starting to become therapy for me. Its so calming.

Harshman Hills says:

Interesting concept. Do you worry about cross pollination? I don’t know squat about gardening but trying

Karen Surgeon says:

Gothic Garden lol

Lee Payne says:

Dang! Your garden looks better than mine.

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