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Organic Gardening is My Answer to Cancer

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ shares with you his personal opinions about removing body parts to prevent cancer. John will also share his story how he almost lost his life and why gardening is so important to him. In this episode you will also discover the two plant families that may help with cancer. Finally, John will share just some of the health benefits of organic gardening and growing your own food. After watching this episode, John hopes that everyone will start growing and eating their own food.

You may also want to watch the video at

where Dr. Gregor talks about how Cancer may be reduced by eating more Fruits and Vegetables.


Linda Bloom says:

My 12 yo copies how you talk with your hands. Hope she pays equal
attention to all the rest of what you have to offer too. : )

Andrea Steiner says:

I have been learning how genetically modified food, (fruits and vegetables)
in themselves cause cancer. They dont even need to be cooked or processed
or contain herbicide or pesticide. I would love to discuss this subject
with you sometime.

keli jones says:

John, I agree with you wholeheartedly. I was wondering if you know of
someone that you have met in all the “professional people” that you have
met that can help me know what veggies, herbs, etc.. that help to fight
fibromyalgia. I have come to understand just in the last 2 days that
fibromyalgia is caused by Chlamydia Pneumoniae. this is a strain of
bacteria that attacks the energy in the cells in our bodies, the medicine
that he doctors use to get rid of it is taking massive doses of
antibiotics. What I want to know is, what plants, herbs, etc are high in
antibiotic properties so I can use plants to do the same thing as
antibiotics. I would really prefer to not take the antibiotics if I can
help it. I know antibiotics really mess up you digestive system. I
appreciate any help you can give.

Clifford Mortenson says:

Thanks John! Totally agree. I sent this video to my three daughters.

Avis McDaniel says:

Thanks John.

Allen Schubert says:

An alternative to removing body parts to prevent cancer. (John’s opinion)

Allison Van Eck says:

I had Meningitis when I was 22. It changed my life, in that the doctors
told me that it was possibly my own behaviors that led to my immune
deficiency. I have since had a long educational journey regarding health,
nutrition, and related issues.

My boyfriend’s mother died of cancer June 9, 2012.

I can’t think of a better reason to take your words seriously.

Deborah Barnwell says:

Very Simple. Eat healthy to be a healthy person!

Norm McNary says:
Alden Hall says:

nice video , If anyone else wants to grow all your own tasty fresh home
produce fast it’s worth considering – Banfan Incredible Organic Miracle
(should be on google have a look)? Ive heard some pretty good things about
it from my mate – perfect!

pancholordofthecouch says:

New documentary “Drug war 2” is coming out in theatres next month. It has a
story about a little boy with cancer that got cured by hemp seed oil. Buy
tickets ahead of time so it gets to more screens. Oh BTW John should go on
Alex Jones. He said almost the same thing the other day and he get 15
million hits a day on his website. Also Natural News is a popular website.

nikonmother says:

i am type A, too, I have been trying living on fruits and vegetables for
the past 2 weeks and i am starving!!!! I think the fruit is making me
hungrier than normal, did that happen to you? can you tell me more about
this diet? thanks

Humberto Hinojosa says:


1111atreides says:

You like uneducated, cheetohs-eating ghetto breeders?! I find willful
ignorance appalling and destructive to society. But again, everyone has
their own opinion. Let me explain more clearly (slowly) what I’d have
preferred. A more gentle conversation w/ the knowledge that some of his
audience have actually experienced this situation & have come to his
channel trying to become more healthy in their living. Also…”boobs”? What
is he, in 6th grade?

mankindhoov says:

where do you buy your seeds?

Madcoollion says:

Thanks for the advice


That’s damn right Jennifer that’s damn right! The studies have come out and
proven it yet people are so docile now they do not bother to look it up.

Patrick Likes Bitcoin says:

I like when you talk about news John, this and the video when you explained
the cops breaking into your house are my two favorite videos of mine!

jokerbookshop says:

i heart boobs!

kitsurubami says:

it’s something you must ease into. When you eat something, particularly in
large quantities, that your stomach is not used to, you will get this
reaction. It’s not a bad or wasteful thing, just a temporary condition.

Miles Cao says:

what you taught us is more than gardening!

hookedabout nature says:

thank you so much for yr advice. I used to drink fruit and vegetable juice
from time to time but from now on I will start juicing regularly. Thanks

gatewaypreppergal says:

John; I am a Triple Negative Breast Cancer survivor. I grew up on homegrown
organic foods. Like me Angelina has the BRCA gene. It is a totally
different type of cancer with an excessively high MiB rate. Which means it
divides 5x faster or more than other cancers. I don’t know if I would have
removed my breast before I was dx’ed, but I can’t judge her. I truly
believe I am alive because I combined therapies and nutrition from juicing
to meditation and I have always spent hours outside everyday.

richoz27 says:

One thing is for sure pharmaceutical corporations haven’t come up with
anything, maybe its because sick people generate more profits.

1111atreides says:

Look, I imagine you and I agree more than disagree on what he had to say.
Plant based diet good. Gardening good. Processed food bad. Sedentary tv
worship bad. But there is good science taking place as well. I would hope
intelligent people would consider both paths.

jennifer baker says:

Thank you. I was just curious what you thought was so
insensitive/disrespectful in this video.”uneducated, cheetohs-eating,
ghetto breeders” that’s quite judgmental which shows your callousness and
lack of compassion towards your fellow man.

Young Eggfu says:

Cancer is linked to bacteria in the body shitting and pissing, the shit and
piss are what we call free radicals. If you eat right your body PH is
alkaline which make microbes that should not be in your body die off so you
have a cleaner body with less free radicals. There is a reason why you
can’t or shouldn’t eat rotten or moldy food, even if you cook it you are
still eating the poison from the microbes, this is also why alcohol is
considered a carcinogen, and even worst a carcinogen aspartame.

bmontgomery871 says:

John, I’ve got a quick question. I’m growing spinach in a large container
that doesn’t have the best drainage. We’ve gotten a lot of rain in the past
2 weeks, and while my spinach is growing well, I’ve noticed some mushrooms
popping up. Is it still safe to eat the spinach provided I rinse it

valnaples says:

YES,YES,YES…I wholeheartedly agree with you John. My dad and brother have
both died of colon cancer. When my dad was diagnosed in ’86, his doctor
told all of us kids to QUIT eating processed AND red meats and to focus on
eating vegetables, fruits too but to him veggies were king! Even if I knew
I carry the gene for colon cancer, there’s no way would have my colon cut
out to avoid the disease. Holy hell–growing and eating your own veggies is
EASY to do…I urge everyone to *try it*!

jo232409 says:

Nah, that celebrity Angelina Jolie did because she paid for a cancer
screening test that told her she’s like 90%+ likely to get breast cancer.
Yeah, the media ceased it to be a distraction from everything else, but
it’s true. She’s now boob-less.

Candy Rayne says:

Lol Melinda If they were eating healthy they would look healthy lmao
obviously they don’t eat healthy and enough that they should be…stupid

motocyclegirl58 says:

Love your videos. Keep em up! As a breast cancer survivor I can tell you
that going organic is everything. Keeping the pollutants out of your
food,your water, the air you breathe and where you live and work is
important. As a scientist I can tell you that industrial pollution can and
does cause certain types of cancers. One of my favorite medical websites
admits(finally) that this is so. The data has been around for decades to
show this. Keep your message going. People benefit from it.

GladiatorShield says:

Great the levels of cancer was lower 200 years ago but people were 5 inches
shorter ,died 20 years earlier,and 6 in 8 children would die….not that I
don’t love organic gardening or don’t hate Monsanto but you have to have
some type of perspective on how hybrid farms helped us,even though
corporate farms and Monsanto are evil I don’t think they are trying to kill
us .(P.S I strongly disagree with the Monsanto Amendment)

hash glass says:

grow your own better for your heath and cheap to do dont be lazy get off
that chair and plant something you will be getting exercise well said

Tommyr says:

Your theory is wrong John. People got cancer “back in the day” just like
they do now. And eating organically will not stop that. I’m sure there are
many organic gardeners that get cancer. To think eating like a vegetarian
or vegan will prevent cancer is a REALLY STUPID thought process. They say
everyone has the cancer gene, it’s just a matter of if it gets activated
and HOW it may get activated. Eat well but don’t expect it to prevent

jo232409 says:

You should give it a shot, do it on your own! It’s a fun process. All the
information you need is on this channel, or you can pick up the book
“Square Food Gardening” which is the technique John uses a lot (I use it
to). Start small and start growing. Right now is the season, so take $100
and head to the store, pick up some pots, soil, and plant starts. DO IT
RIGHT NOW! This is the time! Don’t tear up your yard until you have a lot
of experience, so start small and build off of success.

DrMediterranean says:

Functional medicine is on the cutting edge of medical science, and it’s
showing that even if you have genes that predispose you to certain
illnesses, through changing diet and lifestyle and reducing stress, you can
actually change your genes. You can actually turn on and off certain gene
expression by changing what you do, eat, even think. It’s called
epigenetics. I recommend reading The Spectrum by Dr. Dean Ornish, also look
up Dr. Mark Hyman on youtube.

polychronio says:

oh yeah poor people don’t have a place to grow anything lol

Margarite Olmos says:

Fuhrman book is a great suggestion.

ZaZaNaNach says:

john koller rocks

Physicsgoose says:

100 years ago people lived to be 150

italianbc says:

Great Episode John… I agree 100%… I Blame GMO and Hybridized Foods…
Try taking Organic Hemp Protein Or Orally ingest cannabis pills if you dont
medicate with cannabis because its the super medicine

Virginia Rux says:

By famous ppl. Auto correct. 🙁

Darc5Serpent says:

they actually do stop cancer, google dr sebi, btw, u need to stop being so
left minded, all that science got u being so logical and boring.

John Maher says:

Really I’m a victim, Well I say your a victim. I cant really confuse
predisposition with inevitability considering 3 of the 4 children my father
had all got the same cancer as he did…hmm I guess I am reaching huh. And
I suppose my doctors are wrong in telling me that I should do actual
treatments and to ignore all the BS “cures” that everyone try’s to cram
down your throat. They never told me to go grow a garden, in fact I was
told that certain vegetables would interfere with my therapy.

Leah Brooks says:

“Our destiny is not determined by our genes.” Thanks for this great video!

Eric Freeman says:

Hey John, earlier today at work I was showing our garden to some volunteers
and as I often do, I mentioned your name and your show(s) as a huge
inspiration. I happen to prepare food for a non-profit called the Gerson
Institute, which promotes a holistic based approach to treating disease.
For many years we have had positive results in treating and curing cancer.
Needless to say, I was very happy to get to see this video when I got home.
Perhaps one day we may get to have you as a lunch guest!

1111atreides says:

I’m one of your viewers who was really put off by what you had to say but
everyone has their own opinions on the matter. But I was curious: Did you
lose any subscribers because of it? I’m sure you’re of the opinion of “Who
cares”. But I was curious…did you see any dip?

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