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Organic Gardening in the Apocalypse

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This is how my organic raised-bed garden is riding out the Great Flood of ’18 so far. Chaos? What chaos?
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Thanks, Guys!


longboren says:

As a fellow gardener, I am happy that your garden has survived so far, and hope that it stays that way. Good luck with the flood.

QuadQ says:

Beautiful place. I am stuck in the middle of a major UK City – man I am envious of you yet again, appreciate what you have whilst you still can.

Grey Silverback says:

Glad to see you gardening. Keep us up dated on the flooding. Peace

Talking South says:

I'd help you chop that tree up, but my chainsaw AND battery is back in the cottage in Norway…. 😉

Patricia Powell says:

you mad e it thru the rain!!!!!!!!! yes..I knew it would be okay for you two..happy days are here again…and Sancho is loving life…maybe Hambone,too…miracles happen everyday..yessssss

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