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Organic Gardening Harvest, Backyard Food Forest

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t n says:

I love the gardening channel with james prigioni ♡
I love tomatoes #from Vietnam ♡

princess crystalisnice says:

Tuck is so adorable. He is just the cutest😊😃😍

hope crews says:

what is this song and who performs it?>Sounds a lot like you. I am in love with this garden song! We all love Tuck, the amazing Garden Dog!

Myste Pedals says:

did tuck go and burry that pepper,,,,,,??????you guys are adorable,,,,,,love your colorful basket,,,,,,

April Garrahan says:

Good jams. Hey. Tuck puppy you are such a good boy to eat your vegetables.

jan henderson says:

Asian pear is sweet, juicy and has a great crunch to it!

Maggie Dory says:

James, great video as always! I was wondering how a root vegetables that spreads out, such as sweet potatoes, would fit into a food forest? And Tuck, those peppers looked good man. Which one tasted better? Lol. 🐾

notforwantoftrying1 says:

i love how excited Tuck is about all the food you're growing. any chance you could list the song names in the description?

obaji4me says:

your dog beat me. I don't even like to eat those peppers. XDDD

Vi McShannon says:

The colors!! And I noticed the camera person wears a hat! 😁 aren’t gardens just the best thing?

MIgardener | Simple Organic Gardening & Sustainable Living says:

love it james! Certainly awesome to see you still bringing in the garden hauls. I have since decided to add grapes and asian pears to our property next year thanks to you.

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