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Organic Gardening for the Fall

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http://therawfoodmuscle.com/ It’s that time of year and now I need to start preparing my garden for the fall and winter crop. I love growing my own green such as spinach, kale and collards. The taste of the greens from your own garden is so much better tasting and well worth the work you put into it. Thank you for watching and have a great day.


FatDancer08 says:


Ishkiia says:

that isn’t a mouse.. it’s a rabbit.. not positive but almost… either way
I would be like you … dang santiago, why won’t you nurse that poor little
thing.. hehehehehehe

karahamil says:

Yikes, are you sure that isn’t a baby mouse????

biggelove09 says:

Will the momma rabbit want them after you touch them?

Marc Faucher says:

whats the difference between non organic soil and organic one.

pbhs07 says:

awww. look up how to raise rabbits. the mom may abandon them– if they
smell like you. now you have touched them it will be good for the garden

bettebogart says:

Keep us updated on the bunnies! 🙂

BURNBABYBURN070288 says:

Your videos are always AMAZING! Can’t say that enough I learn so much just
from one video. You guys are so sweet to work around mother nature
(rabbit’s) other’s don’t care but glad to see you guys do. Momma rabbit
will be happy to see her babies there =]

lindsayalive says:

Wow! So nice to see that nature loves your garden as much as you do. Keep
it up, love the videos.

WvMISKAvW says:

Yes, be careful with the baby bunnies. The Mother may not come back now
since you have already touched the babies; wild animals don’t care for the
human scent. If I were you, I would Google “how to hand raise baby bunnies”
for further information. 🙂

Marc Faucher says:

@misseptember ty ! and where do you get such type of soil?? ty

BadAssFarmer says:

@oo0alltheway0oo The mother rabbit came and was taking care of them and
after a day or so, she moved them out to a different location.

youniverse9 says:

Hey guys, it may soon be illegal to grow your own food! Google “Bill S510”

BadAssFarmer says:

@BURNBABYBURN070288 Thank you so much. We are glad that you enjoy them and
yes momma rabbit came back to care the the little ones. Take care and
congrats on todays weigh in. YOU GO GIRL!!!

cardingsan says:

omgosh that is so cute :o)

BadAssFarmer says:

@misseptember Non organic soil usually has some kind of fertilizers that
are not save and will end up in the food that you grow. Also there are more
worms and micro-organisms in the organic soil which is benefical to the
plants. This is the way nature intended us the grow food. Not by putting
chemicals to get rid of the bugs and grow bigger crops which in the end
remove much of the nutrients and promotes cancer.

oo0alltheway0oo says:

my friend was in the same situation except it was a baby skwirl, he had to
adopt and now he goes everywere with a grey skwirl in his pockett, its
realy friendly too, it climbs all over your shirt and stuff… let me no
wat happen to the rabbit peace

BadAssFarmer says:

@bettebogart We saw the mommy bunny with them last night and she must have
moved them to a different location cause there gone today. So thats good
for them cause they are most likely in a better location and great for me
cause I can continue preping my garden.

eatingvegan1234 says:

OMG the baby bunnies; I’ve never seen babie bunnies that young before.

angelbe88 says:

I went to the local landfill yesterday and they give you a certain amount
of compost for free. Just have to shovel it yourself. Check in your area.

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