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Organic Gardening – Building a Miniature Green House

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Robert Coker says:

how long should plastic drop cloth be is it Husky 9 ft. x 12 ft. Drop

jihadacadien says:

Those pipes are a good idea!


awesome…i’m really thinkin about doin this for the beginning of the
winter/fall. are you able to leave this up all yr round. i live in indiana
& the winters get bitter cold. you shoulda mentioned something about how to
water it durring that time & what climates are suitable for this setup.

nouy530 says:

I’m not a gardner myself. From what I understand, (anyone can correct me if
i’m wrong) you don’t really need a greenhouse in spring or summer, but it’s
essential to have one in the winter. The cold, snow and the frost tends to
kill your garden. So in order for your plants to survive, you need a
greenhouse, at least in the winter.

EbolaV1rus says:

Fantastic! I think I’m going to do this!

msuRodeoClub says:


RDLONG30 says:


gardenguidebook says:

Try building your own greenhouse. 😉

Penny Dean says:

This is really easy and great! featuring you on our site. April’s
housekeeping tips and tricks.

BadassC says:

very cool & easy.

snedsmif says:

what if you wanna grow stuff that dont survive well in our climate?

canuckartist says:

Easy, practical and inexpensive; love the great tips! Thanks!

SurviveWithMe says:

Do you know if animals will still get inside this. I hope they will be
deterred, but I don’t know. By animals I mean, squirrels, deer, raccoons,
cats, dogs, fox, moles, etc.

EarthElla says:

I have been wondering how to get the dome shape and want to build a green
house with a dome shaped top on it and now I have the answer. PVC pipe.
Thank you very much. This is wonderful.

Sue Shadowcat says:

How are the PVC pipes going to stay in the ground if a storms comes
through? I live up in the mountains where is gets very windy.

Darren McMartin says:


FarmGirl Goo says:

Made something like this, spring 2012. This is the first time i’ve seen the
video. I used rebar for the post and used 5ft long pipes and made a mini
mini hoop house 5ft long about 2.5-3ft wide and about 2 3/4 ft tall. It
worked well for the seedlings I had but got really warm..HOT on the days
where temps were high so for those who do this just remember to raise the
sides to let it vent. Looking forward to makeing a new one for 2013.

salvatoredjsaba says:

very nice !!!

goolden1 says:

Very Nice. thanks

gollumthedog says:

Thank you

WindPowerKits says:

like the clip. check out my home energy stuff using Rooftop Wind Turbines
and solar panels on my roof. I just won a Green Design Contest with my
product on EarthDay. Friends and Subscribers Welcome. Thanks, Sam

thinkrevolution says:

Good video

Brandon Friend says:

Wouldn’t it be better to buy very clear plastic to let more lighting?

Aulbert West says:

Like this video, in central Texas we don’t need a green house except on a
few cold nights. But the having the hoops ready & a drop cloth is a great
idea. But wouldn’t leaving it open & putting staples through your dropcloth
allow bad bugs and wild animals to get in? I was thinking about making a
full size greenhouse using those pipes, though. I want to be able to walk
into it. For growing things out of season. Would dropcloth work on a full
size green house?

dysplay21 says:

@MidnightBabe54 u just go inside, grab the structure and pray

fairman1952 says:

14cpo Dont your understand that the growing season can be extended with a
greenhouse? ….what is wrong with you?

jerry klinger says:

Good job on your video I liked it very much!

tonylee1973 says:

this is neat. what is awesome is hydroponics

MsForestFox says:

Thank you for this series. I learned so much!

oneblinddog says:

This is a great idea but I have only one complaint: PVC is not organic,
it’s not even ‘green’. It’s made of many chemicals, the process of which is
very harmful to our environment & doesn’t degrade or decompose. I realize
the fact that it doesn’t degrade is the very reason so many use it, but is
it really a good thing to continue to support the manufacturers of toxins?
Isn’t one of the ideas of organic gardening to live ‘green’ & avoid these
chemicals & their products?

merock654 says:

u know wat i like that idea good job

Curt Smith says:

I take 1″ steel pipe, flatten one end, and drive that into the ground. 1/2″
PVC fits nicely inside.

Jonathan Oseguera says:

Maybe you can try a net or something similar on the open side of your tent

jihadacadien says:

I’m sure irrigation could be done lke that.

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