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ORGANIC GARDENING–Build a 🌻Winter Greenhouse🌻 in 1 day for $150!!

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This Video details the entire construction of a high tunnel/ hoop house step by step. This took less than 1 day to build and costs less than $200. Parts 1 and 2 with full construction DIY step by step. Add some 6 mil greenhouse plastic and you have a sturdy structure that will last a long time.

Please use power tools with caution, especially when cutting small pieces. If you are not comfortable with a miter saw, use a table saw or similar. You can also make a jig to hold pieces. Use at your own risk!!!

Shopping List:

(4) 2 x 6 x 10 ———————————$31.96
galvanized screws————————-$7.96
(22) Conduit holder———————–$6.40
(13) 10′ PVC Sch 40———————-$34.71
(6) PVC Coupler Sch 40—————-$4.38
(2) 2 x 4 x10———————————-$11.00
(8) 2 x 4 x 8———————————–$38.64
(2) screen door kit———————— $10.48
Total $145.53

These plastic clamps work awesome!

Here is the 6mil (4 year ) Greenhouse plastic that i use:


Build a raised bed to go with this!!!

Cover the Raised bed with a self watering low tunnel!!!

See my Geodesic Dome Greenhouse Setup:

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Harry Oxford says:

A wonderful video. I will build this using your video. How much plastic will I need. What length and width?

gladtidings4all says:

I like the tall raised bed at the end of the video those ai want to see how it was done!

gladtidings4all says:

To prevent a wind storm from blowing it away I would stick a piece of rebar inside at the end of those pvc to the ground inside at least 5 inches so that if a strong storm comes along it won’t be blown away. I would stick it at each corner and mid section. I like your idea of your hoop house.

Mateo Carlos says:

Those plastic clamps will become brittle and break in time. Swap for the metal ones.

shanah Tovah says:

I heard PVC gets brittle
That the Grey electrical has UV protect ion

Retired at 40- Live.Life.Simple. says:

Hey guys, if you try this out, you can also use electrical PVC conduit (the grey stuff). It is more sun tolerant than the white is and should give you a longer lifespan. Also, make sure this is secured to the ground well. It can tolerate wind and sheds it off pretty well being rounded.


FYI, It would be better (I think) to put the PVC bows on the inside of the structure (much more support/stronger). Also, would it be better to use metal brackets to hold the PVC, or would those rust? It seems like in time/cold climates, that the plastic ones might crack?

alex smith says:

sorry my english is poor, but how much area did the greenhouse costs? also what about the height?

eric adams says:

where is your list of materials…plus how did you cut the small spacers,,??

Yasinzaii says:

Perfect and simple build. 👍👍👍

xSUCKxxITx says:

I love this video the most thanks brother this is going to save me a lot of money with food and building when i move to my raw land up in Maine

Leah Redmon says:

Where did you buy all of your materials?

Mike Vo says:

What size pvc pine do you use for the slip joint?

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