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Organic Gardening basics – Gardening update & lots of info – WWNGD # 4

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WEBSITE: http://heirloomseedsaving.com/


Dale Calder says:

Lots of new varieties on the way. I want to try a cross of two heirloom
tomatoes that I’m growing Yellow Pear and Gardeners Delight. Curious to see
if I can get a Red Pear. I like those plastic collars that you are using
looks like your lettuce is growing in a salad bowl. 

The Productive Garden says:

Your gardens look great there.
I have found that coriander (cilantro) also does really well in the shade
as well

Alberta Urban Garden says:

my friend your garden looks fantastic! I have just let my peas fall over

David Trees says:

Hi Again David… What Are those cone things called please bud. I love the
idea of learning to cross heirloom plants to create locally relevant /
suitable crops. My second hand copy of Carol Deppe’s book, Breeding Your
Own Vegetables, should be in my mailbox in two days. Can’t wait. Loved the
Garden update. Thanks for sharing it. Cheers David. 

Mick Callan says:

great up date.. loads of info… the seeds i got from you earlier this year
are doing great and im looking forward to saving seed when the time is
right.. thanks mick

ardas says:

Oh and I forgot: I wish Iron Phosphate was cheaper in my country. It is
prohibitively expensive for amount I would need for a growing season.

Josh Barrak says:

Great videos. What are the plastic protectors around the young plants? Can
one by them on the market?

TheDarthloki says:

you sure purple haze was a carrot variety? ;)

ardas says:

My slugs are way smarter than yours. My slugs will find any plant I care
about. They found and munched on plants I had on a 30cm bench with brick
legs. 45cm high bench with a pane of glass across with pots on top of that
etc. And it’s not like they dont have my vegetables and weeds and grass to
eat. I hate slugs. This year I try to keep a bare soil around vegetables
(no watering to encourage root growth) with minimal height of grass and we
will see how they like it.

Elyse Joseph says:

Your garden looks fantastic David! I really like those slug collars, never
seen them here in Canada. 

eineohrfeige says:

wow! everything looks awesome! that cherry tree is unbelievable. I wish i
had one near me. it would be nice to pick raspberries at my leisure also.

Wichal Rangai says:

Do you already have a place, or any idea of where you’ll be going, and for
how long..?

bakker46 says:

You have a lot of long term projects coming … On the peas , i have only
to select the peas i like best and safe a few of that plant for next season

amorfini498 says:

Awesome update David. You say your garden will only last 2 years ? Are you
moving again ?

Linda Penney says:

Lovely update how do you go about naming something as I grown two apple
trees and a pear and not sure how to name them and whether to graft on to
one of my trees or plant out on it’s own

Rainbow Gardens says:

Designer veggies! :))

MrMac5150 says:

Keep you eye on you vehicle, it might get the erge.

Work With Nature says:
Mick Callan says:
kmica2008 says:

what do you do with weeds? for months it’s been raining once or twice a
week here and the weeds are out of control.

Berny Hi says:

Thanks for sharing. I hope to someday take care of a beautiful garden like

6970Brad says:
TheNewport2009 says:


Simon Benson says:

I believe purple haze carrots are F1 hybrids, so any seeds from them will
probably revert back to orange 

theIAMofME says:
Wichal Rangai says:

Great stuff! Keep going at it…doing what you do…and stay happy..! 😀

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