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Organic Gardening And Using My Homemade Mulch

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I spent the day working on my garden, taking care of my chickens and spreading out my homemade garden mulch to prevent weeds from spreading through the garden.

My chickens act like they never get fed but I feed them twice a day with normal layer feed. They have plenty of greens to eat as well so they should be fine. And they are quite healthy looking birds.

Surprisingly my chickens all get along well with no fighting. Not one of my birds has any wounds from pecking or fighting. Only the one white adult hen which never lays eggs has most of the feathers torn off her wings due to the roosters fertilizing her all the time.

You would normally see roosters fighting in a situation like mine but my two big birds seem to be quite good friends. They are inseparable and are always together. It is pretty cool really.

Chipmunks and squirrels are taking over the homestead. There is a nest of squirrels that just got old enough to be chased away by their mother. There must have been ten squirrels out here running through the trees all at one time.

The chipmunks are all over the place and are not at all scared of me. They look right at me without fear as I work around the place. They are very cute but also quite destructive to my garden and personal items.

I am trying to grow an organic garden in the middle of the forest and it is a real struggle. I keep finding worms on every plant every day, eating the leaves to nothing. I remove what I find each day. Chipmunks are digging out seeds and plants and leaving them lay there for some odd reason.

I made a lettuce shade box, which you have already seen and then I planted the rest of my lettuce plants underneath the box so I can have some fresh salad each day.

I also planted some more herbs next to the lettuce plants. My garden is expanding and getting closer to being finished with each passing day.

I used some more pine shavings to mulch around the rest of my garden plants.

The grass in the garden is growing so fast. I had to use the Ryobi weed eater to cut down all the grass again.

I have some long strips of paper that came as packing material in a huge box I got a while back. I had saved the paper for fire starting material but never used it all yet. I am happy I did not. This is the perfect width to spread on my garden path ways to keep the weeds down.

I used some of my homemade mulch to put down on the paper. This will hold the paper down and keep weeds from growing there again.

The garden is really starting to look good now. I cant wait to get the whole garden mulched and fully finished.

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Terry Teague says:

when you think about it there aren’t many places on a squirrel that they
can’t reach, in fact i have never shot one in the summer that had a tick,
they groom themselves and each other, so the tree rats carrying ticks all
over the place must just be part of a local conspiracy.
the berries look more like raspberries to me, hard to tell from here, do
the stalks have a dusky purple color to them, if so they are raspberries,
they prefer edges of woods unlike blackberries which are more open field.
wild strawberries here are dime sized and fairly tasteless usually.
as for the blueberries, you should pick and put away all you can. dried or
in preserves. put your pants inside your socks, wear long sleeves (cotton),
and spray. go at first light when things are damp and ticks aren’t as
active, also a lot cooler, just pick a gallon a day for a few days and
you’ll never be sorry come winter when you can open a jar of summer.

karenchakey says:

I had something eating my cabbage so I put the diatomaceous earth on them
and it seems to be working, but we’ve had rain here in Ohio everyday for
like a week now and you gotta keep applying it tho.

FrugalPrepper says:

Maybe you should get some Guinea Fowl and let them roam. They will keep
the ticks down. If you have that many blueberries growing that well
naturally, then you have acidic soil which most likely is low in calcium
which strawberries really love. I would seriously consider some BT for
the caterpillars and worms. Organic pesticides will really help keep your
garden going. I never use mulch, because you will encourage the growth of
molds and mildew like powdery mildew spores that will kill you plants,
especially squash, cukes, melon, type plants.

MotherOfManyHorses says:

Well, if you have as many roosters as you say you do, you either need to
confine them, pen them, or get more hens. Cause once they reach sexual
maturity, they will be gang rapping the girls. Way to much testosterone!

Randy Musick says:

Troy I have hunted squirrels to eat for a good portion of my life and never
have I ever found a tick on any of them. Now I have found a few flees but
no ticks so I really don’t know where you are getting that info. 

conspi racytheory says:

Troy fyi, strawberries unlike other fruit do not ripen after you pick them,
they only ripen on the vine. Just thought u could benefit from the info. I
just found out myself a couple days ago. Doublececker52 is right also, you
should pluck off the berries the first year and toss them as soon as you
notice them forming. That way your plant develops a root structure capable
of producing large quantities of berries next year. Letting them produce
this year may kill them over the winter.

Achilles Rizing says:

It would be awesome if you could find a tree trimming service that would
bring you there shredded trimmings. Around here where I live they have to
pay to get rid off it at the dump and gladly give it to you if you ask.
You would have enough to do the garden with a couple of loads and have some
to start composting for next years garden. It might just be a phone call

M Baldridge says:

Hello Troy, If you have a Strawberry that has been eaten by something and
all you are going to do is throw it away I smash it lay it in the sun for a
day or s then toss it back into the patch under your mulch. I get new
starts from them the following year. I dont know if you knew that or not so
I thought I would toss it out there. Garden is Looking good so far and I am
surprised that the pine mulch hasnt caused troubles but I see your plants
doing well so I guess I was wrong. Like you I have plenty of Pine from the
baby chickens so I guess I know what I can use it for, Thanks

Beth DeRoos says:

Squirrels and chipmunks LOVE chicken food. Which is why folks here in the
Sierras have secure construction cloth walls, covered area so critters
cannot get in and eat the food or alas bring ticks to the hens. That will
kill a chicken in 24 hrs.

Ok, I am puzzled. Troy says at the 7:09 mark that he doesn’t pick the
blueberries because of the ticks, then he shows the blackberries just to
the left of the blueberry bushes and says at the 9:08 mark that he will be
picking blackberries when they are ripe. Doesn’t make sense.

1994abbygirl says:

Sorry, I forgot on the tomatoes.. pinch off any leaves touching the ground!
It will strengthen your plants and help to not spread disease!

karenchakey says:

Hi Troy, just watched a great video with natural ways to do tick control on
your yard, one thing they mention is a mulch barrier and you have a lot of
that! spray cedar oil too!
Tick Control – How to Keep Ticks out of your Yard

Stan Osterhoudt says:

put out a trail cam on ground level for ur plants that r getting eaten.

Louise Florida says:

Back in the day the farmers would leave the rocks in the gardens for
several years to add minerals to the soil. As they found larger ones they
would gather them in piles throughout the gardens and eventually would make
rock walls from them. :)

MrWillis5719 says:

Just want to check in and say Hi Troy and Have a good one.

bwilkinson6901 says:

chipmunks are worse than mice. i suggest u start dispatching them.

Cheeky Saver says:

Nice work. I hope you get your planting done soon. You don’t want to chance
a early winter messing with your food supply. :)

snookie65 says:

Throw the dead heads from your marigolds under your tomato plants, they
still work to deter bugs. Everything looks great.

Michael Jones says:

hi troy i think the mulch is better off in your garden as it will break
down and attract the worms and hold the water in your garden better if u
bye some good weed killer it would kill all the grass in one go cheers 

bekayezme says:

The squirrel family’s probably been watching you for a very long time. You
just noticed them! They like you.

MotherOfManyHorses says:

The squash flower you were touching was a male, won’t get any fruit from
that one. Female flowers have a little “bump” between the flower and stem.

Link Knight says:

maybe try getting the one that was laying and give her some more food (just
on her own) and she may start laying again. i think it has a lot to do with
the protein levels or carb levels they are getting. you know you can
supplement use of the chicken feed by getting feed grade corn and cracking
it a bit (put it into the mulcher slowly, if the cracked/rough ground stuff
is more expensive). give them like 50/50 or something and it should save
you a buck. and if they are getting enough bugs that should boost their
protein to make up for the lack of it in the corn. I’m thinking like this:
corn+bugs= carbs and protein with trace nutrients+minerals. but to be they
will still need a fair bit of normal feed. At work they have TONS of snails
to the point it’s barely believable in this strange section of the vineyard
with really short vines where it’s quite wet. I am thinking of bringing
home 50-70 a day for chooks or even ducks in future. it’s a waste of a
massive amount of protein and these haven’t been sprayed (no need to coz
they are dormant in winter). may try eating a few myself the french way.
they are very clean, and I’m surprised the wild ducks haven’t got into

2012solarful says:

Great video Troy. Keep up the hard work:-) 

MrCrf450rider says:

Garden looks like it’s growing well.Is the electric fence holding up,and
keeping animals out?

John Sellers says:

Hens usually lay for 2 years and then slow or stop. It might be time to
find a new one if she is older than 2 years old.

benmattgreg says:

Troy I was just wondering did you ever get the truck legal.

Vicki Olson says:

Having the mulch touch the base of your plant, as being bad for it, is a
myth. I have watched many of the back to eden videos and used my own
mulch for years and have never had any detrimental effects from putting my
mulch right up to my plants, in fact, just the opposite. You are doing
well, just remember, you can use many other things than chips for organic
I would bet that your woods are full of leaves, you can use them as
is, or throw them through your chipper to make them smaller. You can
also use shredded newspaper although I would cover it with a layer of wood
mulch for uniform looks and so it won’t blow away if a heavy wind comes
up. Just never use any paper that is shiny in your garden as the inks in
that are not safe. I have used heavy mulch’s for years, in my lasagna,
Ruth Stout style, back to eden style gardens.

I like the way your garden is looking for as young as it is. You
don’t get as much a nitrogen deprovation when your chips are on top of your
soil. Also, I think that the mulch you used around most of the plants,
came out of a bag, which is much older than the new mulch you are laying in
your pathways. It looks like wood shavings, made from old pallets and
lumber scraps, and probably has little green in it like your newly chipped
branches that were all leaved out.
Keep up the good work, I enjoy your videos. Here is a squirrel story
for you. I was taking a walk along a local lake when five baby red
squirrels decided to come out of the trees and treet me like their own
personal tree. I think that someone had been feeding their mom and gotten
them used to people. We played together for about 10 minutes until a kid
with a dog came along on his bike. It was then and still is now, a high
point in my life. !!!

karenchakey says:

Wow blueberries are a super food, you should try hard to harvest them if
you can! that’s awesome you have such a supply of them..

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