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Organic Gardening 101 for Beginners – Easy Solution to Back to Eden Gardening Method Tips

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What to do if you have NO MULCH, wood chips or leaves. This easy solution for organic gardening 101 for beginners if you are waiting to start the Back to Eden method.


Shardalon says:

So, how densely do you plant in each of the squares? Do you leave, say, a one square buffer all around or plant one thing in each square?

Mara A says:

I don't trust any man made material. They typically contain synthetic chemicals. I see many using newspapers. It is full of mercury that is why weeds don't grow on it.

allanpennington says:

Hi, I am going to start a new garden in my yard which is all grass at the moment. Well lots of broadleaf and other weed types and some grass! It is mowed weekly at present. I have about 200 sqm available but probably won't use that much.I plan on raised beds but obtaining bulk soil is difficult in my area. Maybe starting direct planting would be best first? Should I try and over sow the grass with clover? Or is it OK to just put a row of paper down and direct plant with a view to building up the soil so I can eventually use a raised bed? I am in Sth Hem so it is mid summer here at present. BTW I have a compost pile and am using the grass clippings and my kitchen food scraps to compost.

Chuck Elliott says:

Source & type of paper?

Skip Uldriks says:

Holy cow! Ingenious….. Perfect between my orchard trees. Thanks

Sourdough Girl says:

Are you leaving it until next spring? I am using cardboard boxes to converting part of my front lawn to grow sedums. I am leaving the grass there and probably will cover the area with mulched leaves and straws. Not sure if I want to add anything else because sedums actually like poor soil. By the way, love those beautiful foxes.

SunRa says:

Any updates? My biggest fear would be slugs going crazy in that dark warm place, Perhaps the paper is thin enough/hot enough to keep them out?

Hannah Daniel says:

Re your latest video, try growing Daikon Radish to break up the hard soil

SunRa says:

Is there a way to just use recycle paper in rolls, such as kraft paper rolls you would put for shipping products? You can get it very cheaply in almost any length, if you ordered 40lb paper I bet it would hold up almost all year. Would that not meet organic certification?

Vince 6424 says:

Hi Mark, I am a new subscriber to your videos. One quick question – Do you use molasses on your wood chip garden beds? Cheers from down under. Vincent

air pruning hydroponics says:

Cool stuff ! Envious of your farm, in a nice way. Wood chips, earth worms and tomatoes are a great combo. Root pouches, tomatoes and hydroponics work pretty well, too. I subbed and will watch some more.


Red Baron Farm says:

Similar to what I do, except I cover it with hay usually. But I also sometimes mow and cover it with the clippings.

kevin liveez says:

thanks for the videos. You do a great job. I learn something every time I watch. Keep up the good work.

Stilgar74 says:

Hey great post…are you leaning more this way than b2E method? Or is it too early to tell which method is more sustainable long term ? I'm a big fan of soil food web and B2E… Elaine Ingram seems to suggest a quicker turnaround of the soil ?

Charles Carlson says:

Look forward to updates on how this worked out.  To many people post then do not show follow ups.

Stonemason Reimer says:

When do you take up your cattle panel? Love seeing all the clover.

Michał Krzeszowski says:

Hi. I wonder if you can just roll some heavy roller on clover to crush the steam and stop his growth, then plant cucumbers in there? Or it will re-grow too fast? What do you think? I will be trying this next year now I'm building my poor sandy soil by cover crops.

VOTE4TAJ says:

I have used very similar technique* by pocking holes into cardboard. The result was good and uniform mechanical looking row of plants. 2015/16 I am building up my soil in raised beds so no such experiment will be conducted till next year. (*courtesy of another YouTube video)

Dutchman's Journal says:

Another great tip Mark. I think I'm going to invest in some cattle panel stock. There seems to be no limit to it's uses. An those foxes look pretty healthy. No mange, that's a good thing.

Guy Canada says:

Hi their. So when you mow down the clover do you just let the clippings fall to the ground as mulch and put the paper over it or do you bag the mowed clover and use it for something else?

eugene thompson says:

please forgive my ignorance , i watched the video twice and still dont know how you planted the field of clover .
did you use the same method to first plant the clover?


you can do this same method with weeds. I have been doing it now for two years. but I didn't use to cattle panel. very good job you did keep up the great work

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