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Organic Garden Knowledge Through Trial and Error

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Organic gardening through trial and error. Our own Jeff Poppen shares tips on what works for him as he farms organically.


HomeFree says:

I live by the standard ‘To each their own’. There are so many variants in
gardening, that ‘one size does not fit all’. Get out, enjoy the process and
results of gardening; try old ways, try new ways, try your own way…see
what fits. Most of all, do it because you love it! You’ll never be happy
otherwise, no matter how you do it.

jim kimball says:

great video I hear you I have ben gardening for over fifteen years still
making mistakes

nels penderson says:

Nothing much more satisfying than digging in the dirt, watching the fruits
of your labor ( no pun intended) appear as if by magic, in front of your
eyes. 40 years ago, I thought my Dad was such a square ( that was the word
then), just out of touch. Now I’m old, and the wisdom he imparted on me has
found it’s way home. Everyone should do it. Food doesn’t come from Safeway

Then and now Gardening says:

Thank you for your knowledge. We plan to watch many more of this channels

dubbedcrazy says:

I R I E : )

MoJo Risin says:

Great tips, Thank you

13RaNagus says:

Much Love brother , the smartest ones are the ones who make the most
mistakes in there lives(on account they learn from’em,lol) . PEACE !

Rich Malcolm says:

Ya diffinitely sold me on subscribing to your vids. I’m fairly new to
gardening larger scale but I’ve been an avid mycologist some twenty five
years. Like your style and your right its far less work

barefootgarden says:

Nice video wish I didnt shave my beard dam. Purple tomatos Gotta try that
indoors. Where can I get bad ass purple tomato seeds? Peace brother

stymye says:

please post more of Jeff Poppen’s segments

Mike Taylor says:

Einstein is supposed to have said, “If we knew what we were doing, it
wouldn’t be called research, would it?”. About the wood chips turning the
plants yellow, if you used a deep layer, the decomposition could have
heated the soil up considerably.

Ruth Poe says:

excellent info and just a great example of biodynamic + the wisdom of
getting to know your place and listening to it.

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