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Ontario couple built this eco-friendly earthship home for $70,000

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Craig Cook gave CBC News a tour of the eco-friendly earthship home he and his wife Connie built out of tires, bottles, cans, dirt and concrete. To read more: www.cbc.ca/1.3623410

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Liane Gallant says:

Wow, amazing and beautiful home. How can I find out more information? Is someone able to contact me please?

Corinne Sauer says:

who would pay $30k for a septic system? wtf? It costs like $2k for septic tank to get installed and you can run the plumbing yourself. Another $250 to get it pumped every 3 years. I can't imagine why anyone would opt for a composting toilet unless it was a moving vehicle..

David D says:

That's my dream home!

commen says:

totally in love with it

Carolyn Campbell says:

What type of stove is that? ✌

badboybootz8 says:

they would never allow this in the u.s.

paula Havens says:

every one talks about the house expense but know one says how much you paid for the land and how you get it.this video is great but the house is not only the cost is your cost including the cost of buying the land.


Now this is what I call eco-friendly in my favourite part of the world, so beautiful.
Thanks for posting this video. Have a great year.

Elizabeth Hoffmann says:

How to you dispose of garbage that is not reusable or biodegradable?

hometownusa1 says:

I would like to visit this house it's like dream house to me awesome!

maximus78028 says:

Nice house earth friendly, still got that speed boat in the back yard though lol.

john green says:

man that labor cost

&Free Speech says:

My heroes! Beautiful! Wondering about the inspection process in this…unless you build on an unregistered township, main towns and cities DO NOT MAKE IT EASY to do this!

FSM says:

Nicely done.

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