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Off The Grid , Sustainable Living , The Eco Capsule

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Off The Grid , Sustainable Living , The Eco Capsule


Benjie may-ag says:

Powered by solar cells..lives in a rainforest…with no wind for turbine 'ANYWHERE' i see……

David Thum says:

How is it that they have zero photos with people and tow vehicles? I have no idea of the scale of this egg. People should be shown inside and outside. Where the tow hitch? Is it intended to be stationary for a long time or is it intended to be constantly on the move like an RV camper? So many questions unanswered.

keenan Pawley says:

Cool, but what would happen in a tornado or hurricane?

Nichii says:


Isaac Karjala says:

Shape is wrong for collecting dew, and in most environments it doesn't have enough roof space to collect enough rain water without hyper conservative usage and extensive reuse. There isn't enough water storage to endure dry spells in most environments.

stringanime says:

Gives new meaning to someone egging your house.

Bryan W says:

Cool idea, but questions …  A) what happens after the 1 year? Replace batteries? B) Refrigerator or room for one? C) Climate control for heating and cooling? D) Flushing toilet flushes it where?

justoldog says:

Do they float? Are they bullet proof?

Paul Murphy says:

fuck that i couldnt live in a tiny bubble like that, i need a big house

ChaldeanCauldron says:

Like the way they down play it saying it's only good for a year… typical elite spin.

Heal Our Planet Earth says:

develop anti gravity floatation skybase capabilities.

atila540 says:

I need 3, one for me one for my daughter one for her Angels🐦🐦🐦🐦

Secret Journey says:

How much are they?

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