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Non Conventinal Homes

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Self sustainable housing is the future! Join us on this preview of some amazing homes constructed with natural resources and environmentally friendly materials. Permaculture and sustainable living is the way to a free and natural life.


jksatte says:

One thing I noticed, and this is probably the least important thing, but
these homes are beautiful. I don’t know how easy it is to go this in the US
but I would love something like this. It’s wonderful. I bet they are crazy
expensive though, especially if you couldn’t do it yourself. I still like
it lol. Janice

Hae Kim says:

Share …

Sheila meri says:

Very nice. I would love to love to live like this. I need to find some

John Arizona says:

WTG neighbors down under, God Bless!

ArtFReaK94xx says:

every home is like your own unique piece of art

myslmysl says:

Really? In europe a tax is about to be inposed on homeowners that do not
collect rainwater… If it is a crime to collect it in those states it is
propably some water distribution industry that has influenced the

gherman nicu says:

I just have to say: Earth4energy blows the other guides out of the water!
You have a really good product here.Catch the method here.

Carlyn3676 says:

The Home is beautiful Home made from Mud bricks.

Edgar Vos says:

Oke i’m not even in construction if you make 8000 Bricks i would like to
make about 30 with different combinations of ingredients and find out the
best one not randomly feeling how its suppose to be oke tell me if i am
wrong here –_–

Frank Berry From Upstate NY says:

The way to build these is to find 100 people who want one…with a simple
500 sq’ footprint…and little variability….then have them rotate working
on each other’s homes for 3-4 years…that way..everyone wins.

Everybodys Dave says:

I’ve just built a house of mud bricks plastered with lime. I used lots of
the techniques and ideas that are in this video – it cost me about $30 at
most… No aircon – don’t even need fans on when it is 35*C outside! Houses
like this are just good ideas- up to you how much you spend on materials.

ODamoo says:

Great pour youself into it and you can/will be a based and forfilled men.
This is the most important thing (a) men/man can do on this earth. Cheers
and good too you and your works ! Ps. did you check out Aquaponics
then(perhaps you know allready), Aquaponics is Greenhouse permaculture with
fishes or other symbiotic(to man or the plants they will grow) animals or
plants in a closed self generated and furtilised(by the fishes) eco system.

myslmysl says:

I know of him, i have seen a lot with him. Plan my future home to be as
selfsufficient as i can make it, including food grown either with
permaculture on the plot or a mix permaculture – passive greenhouse. Thanks

arshi khur says:

I am not sure why you feel human, animals, plants, and other living being
need to live in small spaces, while there is enough space in earth. Not
everyone have a need to stay in the city, piled, up and compete for the
rosources provided by big corporation. I prefer to live in open space with
other life around me.

Travis Robinson says:

& community gardens!

Channel X says:

they are pros and wealthy but, the one guy shows that waddle and daub can
be effective in a large livable structure, with some framing. which can be
done on the cheap and save lots of time and money. Maybe not lasting 1000
years but long enough until the real project. the ladder type brick molds
is a good simple idea too over doing it 1 at a time. not that i’m thinking
bricks the guy in another video “an earthen house built by hand” shows you
can ‘fail’ or at least do a poor job but he didit.

tybi12 says:

what about rodents?do this clay briks offer good protection ?also if you
live in areas where flooding occurs clay house is not the best option.

arshi khur says:

other animals like cat, dog love rodents, basically all stay in harmony.
Rain water should be collected for future use so there should be no reason
for flood. Water is a gift, society have made it a problem.

myslmysl says:

Rodents dont seem to be a problem, have not seen any info about it. As for
flooding, there is one 100% way of protecting yourself that people have
used for millenia. Simply dont build your home on land that will get
flooded… If still that is your only option you must protect your home
against it by building it higher then any high waters can reach, either on
poles (look at amazonian houses) or by elevating the ground on which you
build, creating a earth mound basically.

demammoet says:

He said none of the things you implied. Common people you know most of us,
can’t dish out 200.000 on a home alone no including buying your land. Even
more wonderful are those eco-warriors stating they’re going solar and doing
it so well they are going to sell their energy. Completely backwards
especially considering solar energy isn’t all that eco-friendly (Astronomic
manufacturing resource cost) although it creates independence it’s mostly a
glamorous way of being selfish.

ertyderty7 says:

That last house was so beautiful and unique. I know how I wanna build my

Frank Berry From Upstate NY says:

Great….how does this relate to “not rich people”…this isn’t really
sustainable for people around the world if the buildings are 200k+. It’s
just a massive waste of space…no offense..but anyone can build large…

ODamoo says:

Check out, Farming with nature – permaculture with Sepp Holzer.

Edgar Vos says:

Am i the only one here the woman that makes bricks Quote In the summer u
find that the bricks tend to CRACK very easily when they’re drying “SO I
JUST RUN OVER THEM TO SEAL THE CRACK” Ok so you make a brick with a crack
that makes the whole brick less strong. She makes bad bricks ! and then she
covers it up by rubbing over the crack line. It takes a little more time to
make it right she only stamps the material 6 times barely covering the
whole contents. oke good night .

myslmysl says:

What takes the most space is not residential building but the farmland used
to sustain people. If homes are made selfsufficient the population can go
higher. It is proven that 1 person needs to spend average 1 h a week
gardening to completely satisfy their nutrional needs. Gardening is also a
lot more effective way od producing your food, the land area used is a lot
smaller and 0 fossil energy is used by farm machines, fertilizers and
distribution vehicules. The food is also a lot cheaper.

questforbalance says:

“a lot of *Bark!* and saw dust.”

Passin Threu says:

As i understand it , in 11 or 12 states it a ” CRIME ” to collect rain
water ….

MrJivePirate says:

The methods would scale down and most traditional materials are available
cheaply. However there is often a higher labor cost.

Florsi7777 says:

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Brian-Todd Streeper says:

does the ph of the water have an effect on the bricks? I’m guessing if
everything is local, then it should all work together.

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