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No Till Organic Gardening With WoodChips: Revealing The Truth

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BACK TO EDEN GARDENING DOESN’T WORK? THE TRUTH REVEALED! There has been failure the back to Eden Garden method. Critics of the Back To Eden method probably cant wait to hear what Starry Hilder’s Off Grid Homestead and Deep South Homestead have to say about WHY its not working!
Back To Eden gardening is probably the most sustainable no til organic gardening method out there. Low labor, minimal watering, 99% weed free and the soil keeps building and enriching year after year. SO how can it fail?
Deep South Homestead will tell you ! They live in a area that has fire ants and termites! These nasty bugs live in the soil! They look for habitat to live in. Guess what they love? Big piles of mulch, wood chips, even rubber mulch! Anything that creates a environment thats cool they will migrate to. Unforgettably there are parts of the country where termites and ants are indeed in the soil! What some gardeners dont know is when they start the back to Eden method and they dont realize they have these insects int their soil, they are now unknowingly creating a place for them to live!
THERE is no way around it. Back To Eden Gardening MAY NOT not work if you live in a area where ants and termites are in the soil!
So what do you do?
Danny and Wanda have adopted a alternative method! Remember good old fashion gardening where you hoed and tilled the soil, planted and then weeded? Well Danny and Wanda call it Back To Nature and its one of the ways in those parts to sustain a garden without the termites attacking!
There are also other woodchips that one can use that are termite resistant! Its all about working with nature and NOT going down the chemical pesticide way.
Watch this cleaver and very informative collaboration and see WHY Back To Eden gardening does work, BUT maybe not in your garden!!!

Check out Danny and Wanda at Deep South Homestead!

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Dan S says:

I've never tried this idea but what if when you first plant your garden, you first roll out a sheet of plastic (such as drywall vapor barrier type plastic) & punch small hole in a row only where you want your vegetables to grow (plant your seeds in these holes) that way nothing should grow between the rows so you should never have to til or weed between your rows. You may have to also put some small pinhole size holes near your plants to allow water to get in. Maybe even keep the dirt between the rows slightly higher so any rain water etc. will flow towards the plants to make it kind of an automatic watering system.

Richard Portelli says:

Are they doing anything to build soil? Tilling has only decimated top soil for the last 100 years! In another 50 years there will be no top soil left! Tilling the earth may work right now but it is not sustainable long term! I have to disagree with these people and I think anyone who believes in saving the earth for our grandchildren would agree.

Homesteading the Rivers Edge says:

How about using cover crops for your mulch, build your soil, and push out the weeds. No need for tilling!

Julie Kooiker says:

This is awesome stuff! Do what works!

Carol Hennis says:

Starry, have you seen a little channel called Robbie and Gary? They have wood chips and are doing the back to Eden gardening! They are putting wood chips on their whole property, because it's just shale and hard dirt. Now she is able to garden! If you want, check it out! Pretty interesting!

Dustin Josjor says:

Paul from (back to eden gardening) said you can use various types of ground cover. It doesn't have to be wood chips. I believe he
mentioned rocks in one of his videos, or palm leaves in tropic areas etc.

Angie's Pantry says:

Starry you & Deep South Homestead Rocked this.. Love it… thank you for all the info… Big hugs 🙂

James McDaniel says:

I live not too far from Danny and Wanda, and I have a Back to Eden garden as well. I know exactly what they're talking about, because I had termites EATING MY CABBAGE! Go figure! I put almost 2 ft. of wood chips down last year. This spring, the level of the wood chips was almost level to the ground! I'm sticking with it for now because I remember Appalachian Homestead saying that she had a problem until the soil was built up. Then her ants and the like left her garden.

SouthernLadyWithManyHats says:

I have that devil weed mimosa weed to! Under each leaf on there are herds of MORE SEEDS! UGHHHH I do the BTE here but it's not as good as yours Starry. It is BAD Starry with the termites here in MS.

Louise Stanzione says:

I understand their frustrations but but but I live in south Florida. My garden wood chips stay moist so no fire ants or termites yet. Just get rid of fire ants(hot water) or DE- and DE would kills termites. Have to work it. But sounds like they have a HUGE garden area. Don't know how to think about that. But back to Eden with wood chips or leaves or draw or whatever mulch you use is the key. Too bad they have such a huge problem with termites. But their method seems to be working for them!! So be it then!! I just think it's an ingenious way to garden with difficult soil such as sand and clay. Last words-" use DE " to kill unwanted pests. It doesn't hurt the worms😊👍

Ed Kirkpatrick says:

I'm in Central Georgia, I use Cyprus chips, termites do eat Cyprus, I know I'm a pest control specialist.

Hugh Jazz says:

"D"on't let those "D"etermined "T"ermites destroy everything .. if only there was an effective pesticide

Dazie Bennett says:

lol oh this is so wonderful it makes me want to cry a bucket full of happy tears. plus look how good the "old farts" are getting with computer's oh you 3 were the perfect break on a hard day. Thank you i can pick my chin up and get back to work with a smile from my face to my heart. You make me proud to be in the generation of lol over fifty lol ya I'm only 55 and my kids are having a very hard time with me minding all the things they say I'm to old to do lol. i think they are just getting out of helping with packing up the childhood house. now that the last one turn 18. Ya i asked all 5 kids to help cuz off grid is my financial hope. lol I'm not minding there NO MOM U CAN'T. I'm staying firm parents don't mind kids at any age they will know I'm old when they have to cook my food and change my dipper and i sure hope they do it better then helping me now. This is allot of stuff for one person especially still working a job. lol oh k back to work not the grind stone. lol

ricky smithson says:

Starry please do a video on herbal medicine, making, old recipes.

Joe Nadeau says:

point well taken

Paul Pritchard says:

Sarry here in North Georgia we have the real red Georgia clay and also have ants and termites.For example when U pour your slab for your house U used 2" stirafoam under the slab, here In North Georgia we cant do that due to termites we use 4" of 57 stone (#5 #6 #7) then place 24 mill poly plastic for insulation and moisture barrier getting the same results as the 2" strafoam. Now the wood chips and everything related to the Back to Eden Garden Susan and I have went right by your teaching and have had no problems with either ants or termites and have done very well with this no till type garden.  Think U again for all that U do for all of us.    Blessings    Paul & Susan North Georgia

Jeffrey Heath says:

Trying putting rocks with magnetic properties in your garden. I know it helps keep animals away from your garden , I'm not sure if it will keep bugs away but it's worth a try …?

Eden Elston says:

I'm in the south and I have carpenter ants in the house, but not my back to Eden garden. That's really peculiar to me. one would think that companion/permaculture planting methods would help to alleviate some of the pest issue. And Diotomaceous earth takes care of any hard bodied insects I've come across here. I also have mimosa weeds, but NOT in my back to Eden Garden… did they layer cardboard or newspaper prior to the wood chips/leaf mulch?

Todd Anonymous says:

would heavy mil plastic lining the walkways help ?

jbindallas1 says:

Starry, I'm 30 minutes west of Atlanta (or Hotlanta if your from the south) and its hot and humid here as well. termites are an issue if their in your house, in fact they will destroy a house but anywhere else they are great. they don't cause any other issues that I know of except in dry wood that you have purpose for. here's my point, when you put the mulch down on the ground, what is the eventual out come you want? I want the mulch to retain water and eventually decompose and build my crappy soil. hello? that's what the termites do naturally. you put it down, they break it down. now, I don't know but I have heard that its not the termites that break down the wood but the bacteria or something in their gut (sounds like something else that I want in my garden). you will get more bugs in your woodchips than you ever imagined but they are there doing the job God gave them to do. if your from the south, you protect your home from termites, that's a given. if you don't, your going to get them whether your garden has chips or not. If you have termites, I say you put the mulch down anyway, let them decompose it and reap the benefits from this lil devil.                                                                                                                         Ants, yeah, they suck. they are here wether you have mulch are not. now what stinks is that you cant see them in the mulch and you will find yourself standing or digging in a nest of them before you know it. at least in the grass you can see them most of the time.

Patricia Wykoff says:

Paul says he would welcome termites, as they would help breakdown. As long as they are away from the house, it doesn't seem too bad. As for the ants, I have them in N. GA and I just break up the mound with a rake or pour boiling water. Again, not too bad for the benefits.

Rubie Knapp says:

We have some teramites mound in the Philippines Chicken help get rid of teramites.

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