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NO Till Gardening Direct Seeding Building Soil for Organic Vegetables for beginners 101. Part 1.7

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NO Till Gardening Direct Seeding Growing ( Building ) Soil for Organic Vegetables for beginners 101. Part 1.7.. No till gardening with mulch. Composting leaves can also be used in a organic vegetable garden 101.


Chuck Elliott says:


Do you grow garlic? I'm planning on a planting a large crop of garlic this fall. I'm prepping the area now. What cover crop if any would be best? I'm thinking mustard (yellow) or clover. Leaning towards clover because I keep bees. thoughts? thanks in advance!

Frank M says:

Neat tools Mark!!

Bujar Lajqi says:

Awesome video!! Thank you! You answered my question from last week as promised.

Yoginitonya says:

Another great video! Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

Donald Damron says:

Mark, have lots of foliage green leaves but no flowers or buds yet, plan to update video this weekend and share so you can see, thanks Don.

Donald Damron says:

Hi Mark, enjoyed another one of your videos, thanks for sharing, Don

mau xuwon says:

hey mr I have a problem, my soil is very hard when dry and when wet it stores water very well- too much water makes it muddy ( poor drainage) and I want to grow asparagus there got any good ideas for me? If I apply some sand to the soil would it help?

Alex Nielsen says:

Love your videos. I have been watching for a year or more and you have some of the best garden videos on youtube. You talk a lot about keeping a living root in the soil. I'd like to hear you talk about what plants are good and bad as cover. I mean, is a field full of weeds just as good as a field full of winter rye? And maybe you can talk about "stealing nutrients". You hear lots of stuff on the internet about certain plants need lots of inputs so being weed free is a must! But it seems like from your videos that plants in the ground are actually adding nutrients, not stealing. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge with us.

OhHowHappyGardener says:

Do you have any trouble getting the carrots to grow without tilling? In other words, is the no till soil loose enough for the carrots to penetrate and grow big? Do you have any trouble harvesting?

Momma Dirt says:

Thank you for this video. This year, I planted my potatoes and half my tomatoes through my cover crop. So far I have been very pleased with with the process. I plan to experiment with a lot more crops next year. I had not thought about carrots, but now I'm adding that to the list.

tsx3214 says:

Thanks for sharing Mark. So do you plan on cutting that entire field of winter rye down with the hedge trimmer?

kitsurubami says:

Thank you mark. Also 420 views at my time of watching. 420 was yesterday, but happy 420!

James Ruland says:

where did you buy your carrot seeds

TheEmptynester planting Seeds of Hope says:

Wow, you put in a lot of work to do all of that in mass quantity. I hope you get top dollar for your produce. I know I would be standing in line for it. Have a wonderful weekend. E 🙂

mazztech says:

Excellent video as always. Do you have this sort of living cover in all of your growing areas? I just built some raised beds and am debating buying compost to fill them or slowly building soil /compost over time ( I do need to kill the grass) or to fill with top soil from other sections of the yard. Thanks for any tips and advice you give.

imasurvivornthriver says:

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing.

bigh650 says:

can't you just turn your weed wacker on its side to cut a trench
be well

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