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MYP Personal Project Eco-Friendly House

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An animation I created using Google SketchUp, edited using iMovie, which I created for my Personal Project.

Features a 3D Model of an Environment-Friendly + Energy Efficient House.

– Thanks to GamingMabbaz 😉


Liban Osman says:

Hello shreyt98. This is a really nice video you have created. I will also
be working on my MYP personal project on this topic and was wondering if
you could come in contact with me. 

Noah Whitesides says:

New sub

kwy kewbs says:

much eco

Glenn Hough says:

wow I love the home style and how you put solar all together.. great job!

shahana black says:

Hi. great video, i am looking to do something a bit similar to your
project. i was looking up ideas and i found your video, which was similar
to what i am looking to do. Did you just save your 3-D walkthrough onto

Angus Bowden says:

Such building, so Eco

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