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My tomatoes has mushrooms growing underneath.. and other Organic Gardening questions answered

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John from http://www.growingyourgreens.com/ answers your organic gardening questions. In this episode John will answer the following questions:
1.Is there protein in vegetables that you are growing in your garden?
2. How many okra plants would you plant per square foot in a square foot garden?
3. Have you heard of the new nano sized azomite that is almost water soluble?
4. Why do you use a ball valve as a pressure regulator than a pressure regulator in your drip system irrigation?
5. My tomato plant has mushrooms growing underneath them. Should I dig them out?
6. How can I collect Jerusalem artichoke seeds aka sunchokes?


Sheds Direct says:

Through this educational video, it will surely help all gardeners who
encountered problems and have lots of questions that remain unanswered.
However, this post is really a big help for us and I will never hesitate to
share this ideas to all my buddies! 

Yee Vita says:

There are definitely unhealthy vegetarians – I know of at least one
vegetarian who actually does not like vegetables (yech, greens) but loves
candy. She’s also taught her two kids that way of eating and it’s very

jon levesque sr says:

ball valves aren’t the best for throttling, gate valves are better. stop
valves, not so much for throttling either

Fornax1984 says:

i was a vegetarian for 3 years,,, but now i am on the paleo / primal/
atkins kind of diet and i feel great … i urge anyone to look into it,
still i support vegetarians cause the real enemy is sugar flour and
processed food.

JF Baker says:

Being vegetarian or vegan does not at all mean healthy. You can be a vegan
and eat stricly Oreo’s (do you have that in the states).

Anna Schiffer says:

tomatoes hate me, they never do well for us at all but i have a lone thyme
plant thats doing superb

Joe Feser says:

First 🙂

Jefferdaughter says:

Cows get a lot of their protein from the organisms that live in their gut
(rumen). Those organisms digest the plant material for the cattle – m any
of those are microcopic animals – which in turn are digested by the cattle.
Neat the way nature works, eh? Of course plants contain some protein, but
not all protein is the same. Certain essential amino acids are difficult to
find in plants. Humans evaolved to be omnivors, but what you eat is a
personal choice. Bon appetit!

pittsburg94565 says:

Hi John. I live in Pittsburg, not far from you. I planted broccoli raab two
weeks ago and only two germinated. Is it too cold now? Is it too late to
start some indoors and plant outside?

balderdashery G says:

Actually real omnivores have no problem eating dead carcasses that have
been lying for hours in the sun with flies on them. I have never known
people to be able to do that. Therefore people are not omnivores. If they
did that they would die a very painfull death. If you can’t eat beef, pork
or chicken raw you are not an omnivore.

balderdashery G says:

You missed my point. If you can not eat freshly killed meat raw then you
are not an omnivore. Originally people ate fruit and leafy greens. Meat did
not enter the picture until people started migrating to colder climates
where there wasn’t plant foods as available in winter etc., to their

Riverdale270 says:

Maybe its time for a 720 or 1080p camera… I dunno. Would be nice.

justgivemethetruth says:

I agree that farm animals should be raised humanely, without hormones, GMO,
antibiotics ,etc, but saying that meat is bad for you is ridiculous. Human
beings are omnivores. If you look in nature lots of animals eat from dead
carcasses that have been lying for hours in the sun with flies on them.
When we did eat a lot of vegetables it was not farmed vegetables, it was
like organic farming to the tenth power, and we got a lot of exercies as
hunter-gatherers … remember hunter!

Helenelalala says:

: ) me tooo

DanielManahan says:

I can’t believe idiots are still saying vegans don’t get protein. How hard
is it to google search how much protein is in any plant based food? a
simple search a 3rd grader can do, will generate a million results. this
question is coming from someone truly as stupid or they are simply liars.

pulquedelmejor says:

what can you grow in the fall ?

Dirt Farmer says:

Yes I believe in what you say and natural for a human is to be an omnivore.
My interest in this is partly because my friends daughter decided to become
a vegetarian at a young age and never physically matured into a woman and
is small and underdeveloped compared to rest of the family.

Margaret Esposito says:

Thank John I might over water my tomatoe I got tiny mushroom growing too.

L2Survive says:

I don’t think it is really fair to say that because some guy only ate super
sized meals from McDonald’s, protein will make you “all messed up”. There
is also protein in a Snickers bar but no one is going to think it is a
health food. I’m sure that there were other reasons his health
deteriorated. Plenty of people who eat a high protein diet and are very
healthy. If your body uses all of the calories that you take in, you will
be fine.

Brandon & Meredith says:

Not all animal protein is bad, but you must also know this source of your
food how how it was raised. You must me a vegetarian or even worse a vegan!
-from a Texas beef eater!

ilvuotodiluce says:


social3ngin33rin says:

are you sure you’re not confusing someone with bolemia (a.k.a. anorexia
nervulsa?) who happens to be vegan?!?! they may just have an eating
disorder and need help? think outside the box 🙂 because the box is crowded

Dan Simonelli says:

You are the man thanks so much information 🙂

SolarLeo says:

So your saying its easier for our body to take protein from another animals
body and break that down into amino acids so we can make our own protein.
Instead of using amino acids found in plant foods that our body actually
recognizes and can use to build quality protein structures. It takes more
energy to digest protein than amino acids think about it

Tomaten Planten says:


bryncomeaux says:

vegetarians dont understand how to eat without consuming meat proteins
—signed g. bush jr’s speech writer.

Dirt Farmer says:

Good for you must be knowledgeable about your nutrition!

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