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My First Year at All Organic Gardening on the Homestead

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My first year organic gardening and hobby farm progress – successes and failures. I AM TIRED! Haha. We are remodeling the house and put in the gardens and cross fencing at the same time. This is my first attempt at a video (I seem to be camera challenged, so be gentle with criticism please! I will get better. 🙂 Any constructive comments on my garden or farm are welcome.

We recently moved and have almost 6 acres, an old house we’re remodeling, two barns to renovate, a new organic vegetable garden, new greenhouse, and new chickens! I was looking for a way to live a better life without a mortgage and lower taxes, and increase my exercise and health after recovering from a car wreck. I know I found it. I LOVE this life! Harvest is ongoing, and looking forward to eggs in August.

I apologize for the length of this video. I got carried away and had so much to say. I will try to keep them shorter in the future. (and hopefully the quality will get better. You will see it is a little grainy and the color is off)

I will upload some more soon. I know you want to see the chickens. 🙂


Nick Hodgson says:

This is a great video but there is one vegetable i notice that is missing and it takes so little water . That it can survive without watering except from the rain in Winter. search cacti EMP in the search box and discover the amazing nopale. with water bills going up its a great addition

Diet Pie Diaries says:


Prepper Princess says:


MsTokies says:

never own one cow, or one sheep, or one goat. always buy in twos for the mental health of the animal.

LittleUglyDuckling says:

Love it! looks fantastic

Abdoulie Ngum says:

Abdoulie again, highly exited by your homestead and want to collaborate with you about homesteading, you can contact me on my email is: lieabdoungum@gmail.com

Abdoulie Ngum says:

My name is Abdoulie from the Gambia, West Africa. Working at the Gambia Television as a cameraman. Am highly impressed about your first year on homesteading. Am highly interested in promoting sustainable homesteading here in the Gambia, Wes Africa.

PapayaJoy says:

Oh my goodness – total garden envy!! :-)

Sam Stevens says:

Dont forget to heavly mulch ur asparagus, they are greedy but they hate the cold to.
I have grown them in the ground and then mounded the mulch over the top. That way you will get a nice strong sprout as they will be 4 next year.

Sam Stevens says:

Lavender doesnt like being transplanted, they tend to instead of growing like a bush, it will grow up like a trunk then flower on top. As they then age it becomes really top heavy.
That flower you called a cone plant isnt it echinacea? Good for colds, sore throats and headaches. Plus bees love them

Sam Stevens says:

Hi, you need more room for ur borage, ur bees will love it too. Try comfrey to they are very similar and comfrey is a good mulch and you can make plant feed out of it.
You might want to move that butterfly bush too, cuz they get massive.

jeanne miller says:

i love the way u hav your cucumbers set up

jeanne miller says:

was wondering why u decided no goats,,i dont think goats are for me either,i got a nigerian an it had a female babe…they always bah bah ing really loud,,hav food,,hav water…drives me nutty

Sue Moore says:

Hi Freida – I'm in Columbia which is an hour south of Nashville.  We call it south middle Tennessee — it's about 5-6 hours west of Knoxville. I will be uploading a new video of the garden this year. lots of changes.

RVFreeDa says:

What a beautiful garden. Since my son lives in TN Maryville I was thinking of selling my renting or selling house. You are tempting me with that beautiful farm of yours! Are you in East TN?

Sue Moore says:

BTW if you like my greenhouse here is where we got the plans http://ana-white.com/2012/05/plans/barn-greenhouse

Gardening With Puppies says:

Your garden is looking great. You have a nice variety of plants. I neer heard of icicle radish. Pretty cool.

Holly Greene (ootophoto) says:

Great video, thanks for the insight! :)

Lucky Robin's Homestead says:

Very nice garden.

Sue Moore says:

The "borage" I refer to in bed #2 by the tomatoes is really to hard to see there because it's just at the seedling stage, the plant it looks like I mean is BASIL by the tomatoes.

Sue Moore says:

See part 2 here:  http://youtu.be/wGP4IdPvlhU

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