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My Eco Friendly Kitchen Cleaners **no music!!**

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So sorry for the music mess earlier. I completely pulled it out in this one!
This is what I use the most on my kitchen! I hope this helps some (-:

Here is a direct link to the dishwasher soap I buy: http://rockingreensoap.mybigcommerce.com/auto-dish/

Here is where you can purchase the oils mydoterra.com/naturalhealthyliving
You can email me with any questions on them at jenicandidmommy@yahoo.com
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lovelife02 says:

Miracle soap is really good, you can use it for everything to body soap,
washing hands and cleaning dishes and everything around the house, I use it
even to clean stains in the carpet and everything and it’s a natural soap,
my mom had psoriasis and it was the only thing that worked that she could
use for a body soap, but I think you can only buy it online as far as I
know, just google it, I think it is the miracle 2 soap.

MrsJoyfulJones says:

It’s so hard to get good natural cleaners I gave up after a while but I
will give these a shot for sure
MrsJoyfulJones vlogs

Karina C says:

I have a vinegar bottle too! Maybe I’ll add essential oil:)

Peppermint eh ?

RadianceRush says:

So if you make laundry detergent with the vinegar does it make your clothes
smell like vinegar? Or do the EO’s mask the odor well?

Briana Morris says:

I go trough crazy amounts of vinegar too. I make my own cleaner like you do
and use it as a fabric softener. I would love to see more essential oil

Sensational After 60 says:

Excellent, helpful video. Blessings……….MaryEllen

Erin Gordon says:

I bought a magic eraser from the dollar store too, but was shocked to read
how bad it is for you. The package says not to touch it with bare skin and
to keep it away from food surfaces. Now I only use it for impossible stains
and I make sure to wear thick rubber gloves. 

liviecwh says:

Try baking soda and dish soap for your counter grout! I have grout in my
kitchen counter and it was the Bain of my existence till I started this!
Scrub it in with a toothbrush it’s fantastic! Also, check out cleanmyspace
ob YouTube. She’s sakes tons of cleaning recipes i think you’d really love

Kranzinator28 says:

the method grapefruit dish soap is awesome too. it smells amazing

beautyathena says:

Thanks for sharing. I’m aaaalways on the hunt for natural cleaning methods.
My opinion for the honest dishwasher detergent is meh. I didn’t care for
it. I felt like I had to scrub the begeezuzs out of my dishes to get the
oil & graze off & even then, it didn’t feel clean. I too LOVE my magic
erasers!! It’s genius. A good multi purpose cleaner I’ve been obsessed with
is from trader joes. It’s the “next to godliness multi purpose cleaner”
made w sage. It’s amazing! 

Liz Outzs says:

Hey Jeni! Have you heard of Norwex? The company’s mission is to reduce the
amount of harmful chemicals used in the home. I would love to send you a
few things to try if you are interested!

casey cook says:

magic eraser is my most favorite cleaning thing ever!! They’re relatively
cheap and I use them EVERYWHERE. Especially the bathroom. I have one for
each room. I also use it when something gets on the wall (IE blender lid
goes nuts), etc. It’s amazing.

carebear38506 says:

I will have to try rockn green dish soap. I have struggled with dish soaps
too. I use a ton of vinegar and also clean all my animal cages with it.
Wish it smelt better. I need to figure out oils i can use in thei cages

Amanda B. says:

Love the essential oils idea! Do you ever use on guard for disinfecting or
cleaning or are the other oils better? BTW my 21 month old son LOVES
watching you and is literally obsessed. Please stay single so he can marry
you one dy LOL

MelisaAnne33 says:

Love method products. I use the all purpose cleaner from them. My family
hates the smell of vinegar, but I using it, never thought to add oils:)
method is just so darn pricey!

oneluv201 says:

I use method too..and seventh generation dish soap. I also mix vinegar and
alcohol etc for cleaners. I follow CLEAN MY SPACE which makes you want to
scrub every possible inch in your house.

MisssVictoriaViolet says:

Ughh I use the pods, theyre just so easy

obieezx11 says:

did you know theirs metal filings american cereal

OLDBD1 says:

I wonder if I could use the oils in my vinegar spray bottle for BBQ, when I
BBQ pork butt ?

Becca says:

I can’t remember for sure if it was you or not, but I think you said you
needed a new juicer. Target has the Bella juicers on Cartwheel for 30% off
through Saturday. Figured I’d share in case that was something you would be
interested in.

Ana Momof3 says:

Have you tried the oil blend onguard? I use it with vinegar as my all
purpose cleaner. Love how it smells.

BeautyandBaby24 says:

Magic erasers can also be very toxic. So be careful! I have been trying
Norwex recently that I got from a friend party! Pretty good stuff! Great

AshleeAndFamily says:

I’ve never tried essential oils. The price scares me away. Why are they
so expensive?!?

The whatever works mama says:

I use a lot of vinegar too. Love the cleaning, not so fussed on the smell.
I will try adding lavender (my fave) to the mixture. That is for tip! 🙂 

Jennie 3 says:

Love Rockin Green…love hearing about doterra….more please!

Jenna says:

Our tried and true cleaner is 4 cups water 1/4 cup vinegar, 2tbls baking
soda, and lemon essential oil! Amazing for kitchen cuts through anything 

Kiki Capri says:

I’m gonna try the vinegar and essential oil combo! Thanks!

Susan DLP says:

Thank you!

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