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Muhammad, Indonesia – “Green Living” | Global Youth Video 2017 | Climate Friendly & Resilient Cities

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One of the 20 films shortlisted for the 2017 Global Youth Video Competition – Climate Friendly and Resilient Cities category. Find out more about the competition on our website.

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Eva Suwandi says:

Selamat berproses Muhammad. Good luck yaa. Terima kasih sudah menginspirasi 🌹

aininunafiunisa says:

Mantap πŸ‘πŸ‘

Latheefah Asta says:

good luck bro! so proud of you
but we must to know, the climate changes is caused of capitalism system. we can do small change, but the BIG change is replace the capitalism system with islamic system

Nur Khalifah says:

Like it….good luck

ichwan nf says:

INDONESIA BISA !!! Selamat Berjuang ,,, !!!

Sijueng 04 says:

gokil brooo

Muhammad Thorgib says:

terima kasih sudah bersuara. salamakki'!

Estiyanti Ekawati says:

Cool Ammar, semoga sukses

Indra Mustawa says:

Teruskan!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘

Rizka Annistia Dwi says:

#SAVEEARTH semangat bang ammar

Siti Kuja says:

Alhamdulillah Ada satu Yang maju Indonesia

Alsy Taqiya H says:

Good job.. keep it up !! πŸ™‚

Biru Langit Chanel says:

goodluck, bang ammar!

Yadi Bolang says:

sukses amar

Astika Mara says:

Keren banget, Ammar! Semangat!

Wahyu Purwantoro says:

yang gk like malingsial tuh.

lyscha wayan says:

semangat bang πŸ™Œ

Rizkia Helri Dinanti says:

goodluck Ammar!❀

nur hudha says:


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