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Minimalist Q&A – Sustainable, Spiritual, Extreme Minimalist

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MINIMALIST Q&A | Let’s talk about Minimalism, Spiritualism, and Sustainable Living! I am currently a Furniture-free Minimalist practicing Zero-waste and eco-friendly practices wherever I can. Join me for a chat.


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50 Things and Habits I Got Rid of During Extreme Minimalism: https://healyourliving.com/2018/12/26/50-things-and-habits-i-got-rid-of-during-extreme-minimalism/


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Heal Your Living says:

Apologies for the audio issue in the first upload.
Share with me what you want to know more about in my future videos! Thank you my friends.

Sara Ferguson says:

I recently heard about the tapping thing! Can you talk about that!

Sara Ferguson says:

Have you noticed being genuinely happy with no furniture? I would like to try, but it sounds scary!

Kate Allen says:

I've only been on my minimalist journey about 4 months now and I think you are so inspirational. You have a wonderful energy and listening to your videos is so calming. Thank you for sharing your lifestyle and experiences.

Mariah Armstrong says:

I can't wait for the cat care video! 😍

Shelby Costello says:

So since you were in the fashion industry would you ever be interested in creating an eco friendly, fair trade clothing brand? Or could you recommend one
I’ve been having a very difficult time trying to find a good company for a while now but haven’t found one yet

46rebecca says:

Thank you! You are very inspiring. I am not going to minimalism or anything like that, but watching you video helps me think of what I really need and how I can have less waste for the Mother Earth

Kora Mason says:

Why aren’t your cat on a plant-based diet?

InsanePandes says:

I'm not sure how to phrase my question, but i'm curious about how you handle discomfort/pain/illness. For example, do you take an advil for cramps or a bad headace? Do you keep bandages around for cuts? Do you take medicine when your sick (as in with the flu)? Or do you try to use home remedies?

grass noona says:

thank you.. 🙂

Bornali Sinha says:

I really adore you and your lifestyle. It's aesthetically pleasing. Can't wait to start minimalism as a lifestyle. I feel like I'm getting connected to my inner self after watching your videos. Thanks for being genuine and down to the earth. Love yeah

Ann-Sofie Sandbye says:

Thank you for this video and for having started your channel! You’re lifestyle is very inspiring! I’m still trying to figure minimalism out and figure out how it fits in with my life – I definitely still have these feelings of “what if” if I’m about to get rid of something. I also absolutely adore your tattoos! Are those ones you’ve designed yourself? Would love to see a video of them, if they’re not too personal to you ☺️

FlyGirl V says:

Yes can you do a video on your spiritual practices

FlyGirl V says:

Yes can you do a video on your spiritual practices

Norsan Samsul says:

Thank you for the video. You are so inspirational.

Marina Bondar says:

Wow you are great! Waiting for your next videos )) ❤️

Ashley The Outsider says:

I would love to hear more about your take on EFT 🙂
Also, how did you get started as an illustrator and what tools do you use?
I enjoy your videos so much!

Ellen Henry says:

Thank you so much.

Lauren Bee says:

I really enjoy your videos and will take some of your tips and try to implement them. I live in NYC and it drives me crazy to see how much is wasted and how it’s all about what you own and I don’t want to be that way anymore.

TristArtist says:

Do you have a portfolio (website) so I can see your work :)? I would love to see it!

Mariah Maddux says:

Yes please do a video on how to start your own business or freelance job instead of working a 9 to 5

Bridie May - Roonil_Wazlib says:

I saw in a previous video that you use a kindle for your reading, and I thought you might be interested in audiobooks? 🙂

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