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Man Living in a Sustainable & Innovative Earthship Home – Full Tour

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Tour this beautiful, sustainable Earthship home in Ontario, Canada! Go to https://NordVPN.com/exploringalternatives and/or use code EXPLORINGALTERNATIVES to get 75% off a 3 year plan.  Protect yourself online today!

This 3-bedroom Earthship home has it all: 10kW of solar panels, rainwater collection cisterns, indoor gardens, a wood-fired boiler, and passive cooling tubes. It’s built with recycled tires, bottles and cans, and off-cuts from a log home builder.

After years of following the Earthship movement, Matt was able to take a course at the Earthship Academy with Michael Reynolds in New Mexico and then worked with Ted Elsasser to build his own passive solar home in Ontario, Canada.

To learn more about Matt’s build, check out his Collingwood Earthship blog:

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TheSmiley316 says:

Wow… I'm assuming this is not cheap!

Marthe Hall says:

Nice home but not an alternative for my husband and me. We’d be 60 by the time we could afford this. We can’t take off significant amounts of time from work to build for ourselves and “keep costs low”. Alternatives nowadays are becoming more for people who want to be different cause it’s cool thereby driving up the costs for those who can’t afford higher prices AND want to live green. Not saying this guy is doing that. Seems far from it. Is it too much to ask for to have the right to one’s own habitat without tying oneself to more debt on top of the mountains of student loans? Ugh!! Everything’s and arm and a leg even if you don’t care to cram yourself in the packed cities. Feeling hopeless.

Brian Gray says:

terrible earthship, the face is lacking, you put a simple row of plants in for show, they could not sustain you
. on top of that I don't see a second power source, the law of redundancy still applies

KoG GoK says:

40K for 10kw worth of panels? these poor people are getting robbed by solar companies. if you are looking for solar do a little research before you sign you buy. you can buy 10kw worth of panels for less then 5k unless maybe the racking system is made of gold.

RoseCo says:

Some interesting improvments on the Earthship concept, and feels more modern which I think would be attractive to a larger audience

Jasmine Gutierrez says:

This is awesome! 😃

Mangala Wijekularatne says:

instead of wood fire and propane he should have gone full solar for heating , yes it may be expensive but way more earth friendly .

John Mayer says:

Somethings wrong here. This guy isn’t bragging about it being 70F year round. He has heated water in the floors? He’s very much attached to the grid as backup. It’s just weird. Doesn’t seem much in the philosophy of earthship.

Andrew Beasley says:

Disappointed to see the large amount of concrete used rather than rammed earth and heavy mass as the heatsink.
The plumbing for the heating was interesting BUT the lack of insulation on the pipe work was surprising.
The minimal planting area raises questions on the green fresh air quality.

Very nice but leaves a fair amount to be improved on.

Sprocket says:

Good video, I'm jealous of that Earthship but in a good way.

Félix Audet says:

cost of build?

Blake Vollbrecht says:

I mean, it's a house with good passive heat design, but it's not like it's a benefit to the environment or having a neutral effect on the environment

Property Technical says:

Very nice building, unique for sure. I wonder what the total cost was. Surely there are a lot of things that can be adopted into mainstream building industry which is not being done today.
Also noticed there is a lot of roof space left, generally here in Australia we would add a solar water heating system, because they are reasonably cheap. I wonder if it was not a viable proposition due to the location of the house?

elvisstopper 420 says:

Earthship……why not just call it a house underground or whatever?

Amazing Polly says:

recycled tires eh?

Cheryl Kollek says:

Where in Canada is this thing built?

sumerbc says:

"Earth Ship" is so hippie tree hugger….. it's just a fully efficient home….. Man made C02 global warming/climate change is a fraud, hoax and a Lie…

Barney says:

Fantastic…. next time I get 3.;1 million dollars, I'll build myself one of these and wear a t-shirt and date a redhead.

Sharon Price says:

I love a house with an overhang. It looks more complete than a house with none. I believe they
are called salt box??

Jake Dodge says:

god forbid if anything wasn't "locally sourced"
-tires locally sourced
-dirt locally sourced
-water? locally sourced

JPWRana says:

I'm actually underwhelmed by this home. Wood and propane fired heated floors? You know what's more renewable? Using socks and shoes, sandals, or walking barefoot.

The cisterns I thought would not be visible, since he has the land to make a solution more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

His yard work needs a major overhaul. It almost looks like hillbily country.

I see that his roof is large, and yet has only one row of solar panels. The rest of the roof is wasted… No green roof or extra row of solar panels.

B for effort.

Brenda Fre says:

Very nice love it…

Allen Loser says:

Each one requires 40 acres and a mule to be self-sustaining.

KiwiBanana says:

Interesting concept and nice home. Thank you for sharing.

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