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Making My Own Mulch And Organic Gardening

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I have to make an announcement that may upset some but others will be relieved.

My HD photo camera is not a video camera and, although it takes HD video, it is very shaky and is making some of my viewers sick when they watch it. My views have dropped and many people have complained.

Another problem is that my videos have become shorter due to the fact that this camera eats up two sets of AA batteries per day. Forget rechargeable batteries. They dont last as long at all. I could not record more than 6 to 8 minute clips at a time without the battery going dead on me.

For this reason I will switch to my old camera again until I get into town to buy myself a true HD video camera. I found them quite inexpensive at walmart so I will be picking one up soon.

I got out my Ryobi sawsall and cut up the branches off of some of the trees that I had cut down previously. This tool is amazing. It processes whole trees in minutes. I really love it.

I piled up all the branches to prepare them for processing in my mulching machine.

Then I pulled out the mulching machine and then mulched up the whole pile of branches that I had laying around outside the old camper.

This machine is amazing if you know how to use it properly. Since I had not handbook with it, I had to experiment to find how best to use it. With longer branches I feed them right into the small chute on the bottom and it eats them right up with leaves, twigs and all. If you put twigs and branches into the top chute, they clog up and you have a mess.

I mulched up the whole pile of branches in a couple hours. It was very hot outside though and it took its toll on me. I had to take an afternoon break and re-hydrate. I had lost a lot of water while working.

My landlady came out to visit later to see the place for the first time ever. She was quite impressed with what I had done so far and even told her husband that she needs to bring him out and show him around. This makes me happy to hear.

During my break I had to turn on the air conditioner. I was running it purely off solar power. It worked nicely but with the RV being so thinly insulated, it takes forever to cool down in the direct sunlight.

Now I know why they have two 1,700 watt AC units on the top of the RV. These things are horrible to cool down.

After my break I got out the chain saw and cut up some of the trees that were down in front of the old camper to clear it out some.

Clearing out the trees really opened up the area in front of the old camper nicely. It looks so much better there and now I have more space. This is the location of my future tiny home so I want to get all the trees cleared out before I begin to build my new home.

It was very hot out, in the 90s. My chickens were making strange sounds and panting so I chased them around with a garden sprinkling can. I say, chased them because they would not sit still for it. It was a task, but I got them cooled down.

I made some of the most amazing sun tea you can ever have. I used organic tea with unbleached, all natural tea bags and put it in a sun tea jar with filtered rain water to brew. It does not get any better than this.

I have some kind of worms and caterpillars on many of my plants now. They are eating up the leaves like mad all over the place. Many people say use diatomaceous earth but it rains so much here it would be a horrible waste and I have so much ground to cover its impossible. I walk around every day pulling off worms and disposing of them by hand.

I finally got my solar powered electric fence going on its own. I found out that it runs off a six volt battery and happened to have one laying around that works nicely. The electric fence is now self contained and I have my truck parked out of the way now.

Follow my daily progress on the path to self sufficiency on my off grid solar homestead.

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MrCrf450rider says:

I like the property.very nice! I wear white shirt’s all the time.very
cool.get the firewood going for next winter.good stockpile.

RadicalRC says:

Hang a curtain between the kitchen and bedroom. This will reduce the area
the AC has to condition and make the daytime area more comfortable when the
heat load is the greatest.

avonleanne says:

when will we get to see you put the doors back on the storage cubbies
around the RV?, would look so much better to have those back up. =)

MollyDolly says:

Did you notice less bugs around your burn barrel? If you set up several
around your work area you should have less bugs they hate smoke. Burning
damp leaves from the forest will work great. While vacationing in the South
I noticed the campground host driving around with a smoke barrel in tow
which helped discourage the mosquitos. Maybe put a smoke barrel on your
work horse trailer and move it where ever you are working to keep the bugs
at bay. Or get a bee keeper net for your hat.

Do you still have the hydration pack from Auzz? I wouldn’t wear it, but
hang it near where you are working. Keep it in the frig at night. :p

Duane C says:

Hey troy, couple of things. try to make a hand held smoker, put some of the
citronella leaves in it with some paper/cardboard smoke around where you
want to work, might cut down on the bugs. Also I can see day light around
your AC unit you really need to stuff something around it, it could help
lower the temp at least a good 5 degrees and cut the humidity even more. I
would run the AC in the late morning to cool the rv before the real heat
sets in. Maybe look into getting a quart hydration pack, and carry it
around with you so you can drink as you work

Linda Stephens says:

Hi Troy, You may be worn out !!! But I For One am so impressed how much you
are getting Done … I hope things are better for you !!! Can’t wait to see
the next Video you just posted … It is really starting to look pretty ,
We like looking at your flower bed Also ..Your Tiny home will be so much
better for keeping the Air and Heat In …Keep up the Good Work ! 

Colin Keevil says:

I wouldn’t threaten to put her on the bbq, I WOULD put her on the bbq. She
would make some delicious meals, and right now she is just costing you
money and not providing you with anything useful on your homestead. Just
my opinion though, you’ll figure out what is best for your needs.

FYI to anyone making negative comments about the garden. Troy’s garden is
looking very good. It’s going to start to explode soon and you’re going to
have more food than you know what to do with! Well done :)

Rocco Grimaldi says:

Good to see your videos again. Every day you do not post one, I miss it.

I think if you get a couple good rains, you’ll see your garden explode with

deenaj44 says:

you need to have shade for your chickens or your going to lose them all and
also you have to many roosters, they are a waste of feed unless your going
to eat them, they will terrorize the rest of the flock.. wonder why your
not getting any eggs? the roosters, they are putting undo stress on your
hens by ganging up on her. your flock your choice . I have 50 hens and only
1 rooster, and my turkeys I have 1 tom to 4 hens. just saying…

Neil Shubert says:

I kinda like standard definition. A friend of mine agrees with you that
lettuce needs shade, in his garden, he made canopies fir the lettuce.

John Donaway says:

High nitrogen (burn) and excess salts in the soil. Remedy: flush the soil.

Which you won’t address. Because that would be admitting that it’s
impossible to garden without a functioning garden hose.

I know my Troyz :)

Retired and Lovin it says:

Don’t waste your money on a new camera. This one works fine.

IronPatriotTN says:

Take a minute and string up a tarp shade for the chickens. Also a large tub
of water would be nice for them to dip in also.

Wen Pow says:

Do you have any friends with old porch screening? If you could tent over
the more senstive crop, it would limit the amount of sunlight the plants
are getting. I’ll check around here in Florida, perhaps I could find some
used screening and mail it to you …

Prim n' Prepper says:

Ok, a few things. The cardboard and newspaper you are burning, you should
be saving that for your Back to Eden garden. You will want to put that
down over the manure and then put your woodchips on top. The
strawberries, the reason they are stressing is because the first year you
transplant them, you are suppose to pick off any fruit or blossoms. The
plant needs the nutrients to strive to make lots of fruit for next year.
Pick off all the blossoms and fruit this year. And those worms on the
blueberries, feed them to the chickens. 

Tina Smock says:

Troy, please delete and block these annoying trolls who make a game out of
hatefulness. It harshes my mellow and I’m too old for that. Lol. The place
looks nice. Everything! When you don’t have a vid up each day I truly miss
it. Long vids are best. Don’t care which camera you use or how much you
shake. I’m not picky like that. Just good positive input is what I like to
offer. Trolls are useless.

lee986321 says:

Your channel 🙂 you need to do what is best.and I do agree, that camera had
a few issues.

I just got a new device my self, the old one got left at the hospital and
is no more.

It was nice knowing it. So I gave my fiance the GS4, and I got the Note 3
in replacement of the note 2.

She will be getting a lap top.

I asked her what she wanted and she said a rich screen lap top and GS4.

Her computer is dying.and she uses it a lot for sky ping realitives.
Even though we have unlimited minutes on the phones. .she could call.to her
realitives in New York if she wanted to lol.
But they like seeing Patrick..he really is a ham for the cam.

The note 3 has video stabilization which does work well.
It has a higher definition 4k? Super HD? Great now when I bleed you can see
the verry blood platelets lol.
I just wish that they would have spell check built in for when I use the
blue tooth keyboard.

At any rate, white is a good idea, it is what they where in desert areas,
well that is if the people are smart.

White reflects more of the sun and cotten disapate the heat..not to mention
easier to find ticks.

Troy I have a very real questoion though.
If I having ony 90 watts of power on a bright sunny day, How on earth am I
powering a crock at 180 watts?

deborah west says:

you need to be careful when using copyrighted brand names… could get you
in some trouble which you dont need… sawzall is a milwaukee product

Megahypercat says:

By the way, I think I got a pretty good deal on solar panels for portable
use, two 5w panels that charge to usb directly (no battery) for 19 dollars
shipped. What does the people think? 

M Baldridge says:

Hello Troy Personally I would not waste $200 on a new camera this one works
just fine, your viewers have to remember your videos are about off grid
living not top of the line quality videos. I see nothing wrong with the one
you are using. As for comments about garden being a failure, Do not give
them a 2nd thought. You are growing food as you intended to and have loss
very little plants. Yes you have more room to plant and you said you plan
on adding more as time goes. It looks like a success so far. You should
just keep to your plans and do what you planed to. Also remember you are
putting your life out there for all to see the failed attempts at things
and success of things you do. You are learning as you go as well as
teaching as you go. 

Walter Bodine says:

thanks for the review on the ryobi sawzall but i think i going to buy a
dewalt due to how the ryobi struggled on a couple small branches 

Adama Tova says:

Why don’t you get a cheap kiddie pool, fill it with water and let your
chickens cool off a bit?

MotherOfManyHorses says:

I didn’t think I needed one of those saws, but now that I’m into my project
I’m wishing I had one. For certain things it would really come in handy.
I strongly suggest you provide some shade for your chickens. ANYTHING will
do, an old plastic yard table, pallets set up in a tipi, a tarp set up on
poles, anything you can think of that will provide shade. Chickens can
handle cold more than heat. It’s why I didn’t trim back the weeds in my
chickens old pen, so they had shade when it was the hottest. Where they are
now there are 2 trees. 

Pat Quick says:

First you complain about being to cold now you are complaining about being
to hot. I think you just like to complain. You might think about starting
your outdoor work at dawn then you can do your computer work in the heat of
the day. If you are really ambitious you can also get a few more hours of
work outdoors in the late afternoon. As far as the bugs are concerned try
DEET, Permethrin and/or a head net. For gods sake stop your complaining
and using these things as an excuse to not work. This is the life you
signed up for.

davie-m says:

i`m guessing molly dolly is numero uno poster on troys channel..provide
shade for your chickens as a matter of urgency troy..

wes normandin says:

Drink more water while you work. Your waiting to long to hydrate!

David Montrose says:

The white shirt shows up ticks better!

HellBoundWizard says:

Troy, long videos aren’t necessary the better ones. Sure, I have made long
ones myself teaching from the Torah or debunking some cult. And I can see
the benefit if the task is procedural and some cases scientific as you have
to proof you work. Most of this will depend on your subs.

On the paper like material. You could save that and make biomatter bricks.
They burn well and since you have a stove then it would burn well in that.
No, it’s not as good as a log but if the wood is wet then it would heat the
wet wood up as it is burning then as you have to add more material then it
should be dry enough to burn as it dries out the newer material. Not a
perfect world but it does work.

You can also build a water filter with a 55 gallon drum, 5 gallon bucket
and going into a 30 gallon drum. You can find the video of that on YT.
Maybe a bit pricey for you at the moment. But it can filter out allot of
the trash and bugs (mircos) from the water. Sure I would still run it
through you normal filters afterwards to be safe but it will keep it from
plugging up those ceramic filters as fast. Anyhow that filter is very easy
to make. Just PVC, 30 gal barrel, 55 gal barrel, 5 gal bucket, 3 grades of
sand and rock plus some additional odds and ends. In short is just a
simple sand/gravel drip filter.

IrishKitty1024 says:

LOL! Everytime you get that blade stuck it m even makes the camera shake!
Are you trying to make a Troy Earth Quake? LOL! Also might want to take
that bad boy and trim the property edge around the electric fence. Are you
a Dolt? Going hours without hydrating yourself? Troy! Come on man! Not
good! Suggestion, Get a tarp up somewhere to give the chickens some shade
from the sun and heat. Don’t kill the worms, throw it into the chickens!

Uncomfortably Numb says:

The problem with the Sawzall blade sticking may be due to using the wrong
type of blade.
All types available from http://www.discountsawblade.com

Blades are between $1 & $2 bucks apiece and get this no shipping charge or
minimum order.

Liowen says:

Wood wasps of some type by the looks of it, they are laying eggs if memory

RadicalRC says:

I’ve wondering about sewing two or more burlap bags together in order to
make a free air flowing bag you could add to the mulch-er. It would be
great to be able to catch all the material without blowing it all over.
Then you could apply “all” of it exactly where you liked. Sounds like a
good job for bushcrafters bank-line and a sail needle.

MollyDolly says:

The place is looking great! I hope the LL liked what she saw and did not
panic when she saw the tree clearing.

Nice that you have AC dehumidifying the RV. Would it be possible to turn
the AC on when you go out to work so you come into a cool dry room? Also,
if you can put up a shower curtain between the kitchen and the back half of
the RV so the AC only cools the front half it should work better. I would
crack a window a little in the bathroom and let that heat back there vent
out. A second curtain on the bathroom door way would help, too. RV
bathrooms are always suanas or ice boxes…isolating it with a door solves
half the battle, then if you can get a little solar fan in the bathroom to
move the air you should be fine.

RadicalRC says:

What is that clunky rattle on the camera? When you are demonstrating the
trimming tool, it’s like the wind is influencing the rattle. Maybe a limb
was touching the tri-pod? Every-time you move or pickup the tripod we hear
it. It’s a distracting awful sound that is in many video producers work.
Certainly, whatever the object is, it can be removed, glued or taped down.
Production quality is more important than content. 

Terry Teague says:

bugzilla tries to destroy tro- kayo but is thwarted by the intense heat and
has to be content by consuming citified blueberry bushes.

Plumpy says:

29:15 It’s laying eggs. The striped ones, I’ve seen them here too. Did you
find out what they were?

The Do It Yourself World says:

Making my own mulch for back to eden style organic gardening

MrBugsier5 says:

btw, remember that the lims off the threes wil burn longer than the
stam,,its more dense wood, so dont mulch to mutch of the lims wood!,
remember winters are long and cold!
keep it up!

LibellulaGlass says:

The almost triangular winged bug you showed on a log is what the french
call here a Tang. They are Deer flies, and live in your type of wood which
is also damp. They bite all stock and humans unfortunately and it is a bite
and not a sting. My dogs get bitten on their noses. They are quiet insects
and sneak up on their prey. We put up simple home made traps for hornets
here and the deer fly are attracted to them too. There are plenty of plans
for these made from plastic bottles on the internet.

John Maier says:

Those saplings are great for pole beans. Probably other uses too. 

Tresa Lamb says:

I just looked away when the camera was jumping about. No big deal. When
you commented about your tee shirts, I was startled. Here, men wear tees
every day. So, the fact that someone would be petty to state that you were
wearing dirty clothes all the time, really floors me. That’s all my Dad
wore was white tees with a pocket(he smoked). White/light colors reflect
heat so you stay cooler. With the mosquitoes as bad as they are, you may
have to start wearing a long sleeve, cotton shirt to protect you from
them. My great-grandmother always wore a cotton sweater over her dress to
protect her from the sun & insects. Those stingers on the trees could be
wood bees. I’m not sure, though, haven’t seen any in years Pace yourself,
so, you don’t become ill. I had a heat stroke back in the 80s, so, I can’t
take the heat very well. I overheat easily & it takes hours for me to cool
down. I was thinking about the heat in your rv. Elastrometric(?) is
something that is put on metal roofs. It helps with leaks & it reflects
heat. The minus side to that is it isn’t cheap. You could check into it
to see if it would be affordable for you. Build a shade for your
chickens. That will help them. With the ground still being wet, then, the
sun being so hot, your strawberries may be getting steamed. They may need
shade as well. Your place looks awesome. Use your little tractor & cart
to haul that wood. Make it as easy on yourself as possible.

Randall Panco says:

Thais ok on going back to your old camera. I would too if the battery was
deaing that fast.What battery is that on Ryobi? The place is looking great

Plumpy says:

I missed 5 videos by you, normally it shows at the top on my youtube start
page. Anyway, I’m gonna enjoy them all now.

MrBugsier5 says:

nice to see things are inproving at your side Troy!
how is the work on the old ford tractor going? got it running yet?

keep it up! looks good there!

James David Robinson says:

Nice long video. I can relate. With the chickens, I noticed they’re in full
sun. If you want to shade them, and are still looking into fruit, you
should consider planting a fig tree or two there. These are broadleaf
shrubs that will fruit whenever the weather is good. We’ve used our wood
chipper to crack whole corn,,,though ours is one from TSC it’s electric and
just can’t handle big stuff. In one of your previous videos you had
carpenter bees: bad is it may sound, they will eat anything, including
treated lumber. A bit of used motor oil at the entrance to their holes is a
sound lethal cure for that pest.

Stephen VanDyke says:

U should cove the blueberry plant in some of that mesh fence u have around
the garden 

Myke Dave says:

Troy, I know you’ve been getting rain every other day, but during 90 degree
days, that really won’t cut it long term. Have you considered installing a
simple drip system? You could use old hose, PVC, or even a commercial drip
system that is fairly inexpensive. 

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