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Loveable Loo Eco-Friendly Compost Toilet

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This video is obsolete because we now make a new and improved version of the Loveable Loo. The new video is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jhFKSjvqX4


Truth Inspector says:

why cant you make it round somehow, not digging the aesthetics

marcy dominguez says:

We should star using this toilets more often. California is drying and one
day we won’t have enough water to run our waste. I belive this can be a
good solution if we star using more often.

Geno Butera says:

Why would you do this stupid shit????reallly!!!

Chuck Poore says:

You can also use (LIME)..Lime comes from the earth and used for
Gardening..and NO SMELL!!!!

Timothy Campbell says:

Pinestraw… I’ve got plenty of that

Timothy Campbell says:

what about ash, would that cancel out the stench?

Noah Gilman says:
mary ward says:

Wow the commentator sounds so pissed off about the whole project ! Get
with the program fella.

The loveable loo box would be much improved by the addition of a small
plastic jar as a fly catcher. I know there shouldn’t be any flies but
there will always be a few.

Drill a 1 inch hole in the side of the box near the top and towards the
back. Fix the jar lid over the hole and drill the same hole through the
lid too. Then screw the jar back onto the lid. This will allow light into
the box below so that any flies below sat on the crap heap are attracted
through the small hole into the jar towards the light where they will buzz
and then die.

The jar needs to unscrewed every week or so and the collected dead flies
tipped out into the full bucket when that is emptied. If you don’t have
this addition every time you open the lid one or two flies will come up at
you, towards the light or buzz around your backside while you are sat there
contemplating your life in the sanctuary and no-one wants that Zen moment
disturbed. I am surprised they don’t have this feature but you can easily
add it for yourself.

1too3fore says:

You could also try coffee grounds, if you are near a local coffee shop that
is willing to set them aside for you. Sawdust can also be acquired from
woodworker clubs…

backyardbean65 says:

I think its a great idea. The only problem I can see from a design point of
view is that the outer lid doesnt fit down snug to create a seal on the
seat. Here in Australia this would allow way to many flies into the system.
A six millimeter / 1/4 inch piece of ply stuck to the underneath part of
the top lid would fix the problem.

dead4fun says:

I think I saw one of these in a Tumbleweed Home out here in Olympia. How
regularly do you need to empty it out?

iwantosavemoney says:

185 dollars kinda high wouldnt you say it is a wooden box with a toilt seat
on it

bluemoondiadochi says:

boy, i sure do love it! in a house, it’d be a first choice! this is the
future, with less and less water available! only i think society has to
develop a type of culture to do this, but than again, it wouldn’t be a
first time – remember how in 19th cent. hygiene was tought to people. i’d
like to ask though: is (only) urinating also ok (besides urin and feces),
or is (only) urinating better done someplace else? thank you, and great

Lee68Perry says:

What about using dirt or sand instead of sawdust?

303Miles says:

That’s great! Keep making ’em then. It’s a good idea.

303Miles says:

Why buy one when you can make one?

Bmilesonline says:

Great video!! I am curious about the toilet tissue. Does it compost as well
or are there versions that do?

iwantosavemoney says:

if you like this product you love this one it is called Luggable Loo and
cost only 20 dollars if you dont like that one this one at 50dollars is
really nice 2.8 Gallon Portable Camping Toilet Travel Outdoor Potty not big
enoff for you this one at 80dollars Global Passport 4.8 Gallon is nice also

evilmonkeyimc says:

what other materials can be used instead of sawdust?

Berry Love says:

someone told me that water from the toilet+sewer is recycled again for
water in the sink and etc.Sadly even if you don’t use that poo we are still
using recycled stuff that comes from wastes…

nosuchthingasshould says:

I have acces to some significant quantities of leaf mould. I think some of
it, the intermediate stages, seams fine/crumbly and porous enough to be
useful here. It’s also easier for me to obtain then large quantities of
sawdust. What are your thoughts?

dontlikenumbers says:

I bought your book 7 years ago and built one of these. Codes don’t allow
composting human manure here, but if the power goes out I would use it
anyways. I think all of the politicians should read your book. It could
make a big difference on the environment and government finances.

Spiritflier07 says:

Can you compost tampons? or do you need to keep that separate?

jake cline says:

DO NOT USE HUMAN EXCRETIONS FOR COMPOST !, it is extremely unhealthy the
only reason you can use cow waist is because they have 2 stomachs and
eating grass and grain is much different than our diets

Joe Jenkins says:

No smell. Sold a thousand so far.

BooKittyRadley says:

I wonder also if a compost tumbler could be used to compost the contents of
the loveable loo. (I’m in Texas. It is hot here, mild winters too, and we
get 45″ of rain per year in my area).

zomgwtfbbqbagel says:

A septic tank is basically a 600 times larger version of this loo. Trucks
that clean out your septic system take the waste to farms and composting
sites. Loveable loos are irrelevant.

miraclesthepony says:

@FishyMoe The clearvue cyclones website is a good place to start. Click on
“general info” then from the menu click on “wood dust” for a good summary
of many of the wood dust dangers. Otherwise just do a google search for
“wood dust lung cancer” or any variation. After that, google “broccoli lung
cancer” for fun.

chuuxorz says:

burying your poop!

NiteWing06 says:

This is about as Eco-friendly as you can get.

miraclesthepony says:

@nomoreremakes Thank you for reminding me! I almost totally forgot to take
them again!


Just goes to show you how Americans waste money, when there are people
starving. IT’s a science project. LOL.

Gea Vox says:

Do you not think sewage flowing out to sea is much more gross?

hablerz says:

@WurledPeas Point taken regarding the electrical use but what about water
use? because if you have water piped to your house for sewerage use then
that still uses electricity. Basically im in favour of compost toilets and
localised septic systems. Its not efficient to use water for human waste,
it takes too much energy to purify and supply for it to be sustainable
,plus it ends up in the sea.

birdland5 says:

@miraclesthepony There is no dust if you follow Joe’s directions. Use green
sawdust. Better yet, READ THE BOOOOOK….

Shareallicu says:

Great Idea!

WorldStove says:

Have you thought about using biochar as the cover material? Does a great
job of absorbing odours and it would transform your loo into a CO2
sequestration device as well 🙂

Gea Vox says:

Sounds interesting… I am considering building one of these and using wood
ash from our woodburning stove, is that what you mean by ‘biochar’? At
present we simply sprinkle it on the garden, in the [somewhat vain!] hope
of keeping down our olympic strength population of slugs and snails. Of
course, adding the ash to humanure would reduce pH hugely… I wonder
whether that is a good or bad thing? Presumably the pH is an important
factor in the bichemical composting process.

Gea Vox says:

I am not sure approval will be much of an issue all too soon, we are all
set to pay an escalating sums of money for our drinking water. The smart
money is on alternatives to wasting this dwindling and precious resource to
flush excrement into the sewers, to start its expensive journey to a Sewage
Treatment Plant that emits scary volumes of CH4 and squander its precious C
and N nutrients where they do harm instead. Composting toilets: because
s#it happens to be worth gold to gardeners!

bigleu44 says:

just started using mine in my yurt about a week ago and so far it has met
the expectations i had from reading others feedback. works great and
doesn’t smell!

pelonissafe says:

so its just a bucket you shit in

sterlingturk says:

What can you use if you don’t have access to a ton of sawdust?

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