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Living with a Chronic Disease

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A companion video to today’s vlogbrothers video, which hasn’t been uploaded yet (sorry, busy day) in which I talk about having a chronic, incurable, bastard of a disease (ulcerative colitis) and why I am so extremely lucky to have the support of friends and family and the internet community.

If you have IBD or want to help people who do, you can go to http://www.ccfa.org


Thinking_Visually says:

I found out recently that I have POTS Dysautonomia, and I have struggled with wanting to know what was wrong with me for a very long time. When I found out though, there was suddenly something undeniably broken within me. That feeling has been hard. Nevertheless, this is my new my new normal, and this video helped me tremendously.

Carol Ciscel says:

Perhaps you have considered that gluten (wheat, rye, and barley) are exacerbating your condition. Do you eat gluten-free?

Tiff says:

Thank you Hank, for everything. I've watched your Crashcourse videos for years and I JUST found out you have a Chronic Disease. This makes me feel a lot better. Many of the things you've said make me feel less alone, because I also deal with a chronic illness. Thank you so much!

Tentacles XOX says:

Are your books colour coordinated?

Jennifer Clarke says:

Last year I got diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 31 and got a knee replacement at 32. I will be getting the other knee done soon. I'm still adjusting to my new normal, thank you for sharing.

Mutatio Aeternum says:

I've recently been diagnosed with cancer, and somehow it's really helpful to hear someone else talk about all these things with chronic illness, like give form to all these things swirling around in your head. To hear it from someone else who gets it is really helpful, so thank you for this video.

Lise Krogh says:

17 years with crohn's. Now with an ostomy. Medication and the fuckd up sideffects. And Then im also dealing with depression and anxiety in all forms…. oh what a sweet life!… have no life!

Shane Sparky says:

You’re my hero. Thanks for opening up about this and dealing with chronic disease. Going through a CD flare and it sucks. Gotta stay positive!

Pam Ross says:

Dear Hank, I´ve been watching your vids for so long that I feel you as a friend. I know how it´s like, and took me years to heal my gut, but 6 years later I can go on a date without the fear of the pain, and shame that I had to endure for 10 years plus. Reduce the meat, forget spicy, introduce bit by bit whole food, learn to cook and eat again. After triying a flexitarian diet (vegan with benefits) the improvements where so dramatic that finally went vegan, no regrets. There is no ice cream so good in this world worth to be sick, in pain and in fear(sorry my English) if anyone out there is suffering with colitis, give a chance to your kitchen, you can improve soooo much, lots of love 🙂

Mamma Ferret says:

Oh my gosh my sister has that! She was diagnosed last year, I should show her this! She always talks about how no one she knows really understands(expetuly teachers).

Kendra Brecka says:

2:52 ….would you even say….An Absolutely Remarkable Thing….happens? Available for pre-order RIGHT NOW?

G Medina says:

Hank, my man! Been watching for years! Was in Iraq in 2007 when my Crohns Disease symptoms began. Been a long ride, but life is good. Getting my Masters in Educational Technology and wrapping up my thesis paper on using video content in active learning classrooms. Thank you for lighting the way.

Grey H M says:

I have Crohn’s, and I self-administer a subcutaneous injection every week. I can’t run. I can’t lift weights. I can’t eat a large number of foods. I can’t get the flu without ending up in the hospital. I will likely fight symptoms like these for the rest of my life, or maybe I’ll ignore them and deal with the pain they cause. Who knows. I was lucky enough mine was caught early enough; my mother had to be carried to the hospital by her mother at age 20 and had a large section of her intestines removed. She has been in the hospital four times during my life. She almost didn’t come home once. I don’t fear surgery anymore. It’s part of my reality now.

Rachel Pastors says:

This still makes me happy. Let me clarify- I'm not happy that you or anyone else has to endure this or something else that creates a "new normal" for them, that they didn't want to begin with- however.. the outlook on this situation makes me happy. Reminds me that even when something isn't necessarily "good".. it doesn't mean it's always "bad". Thanks Hank.

Erin Gaffney says:

I just got diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Thank you for sharing your experience; it helps me stay optimistic.

Laurie P says:

I remembered watching this years ago and just recently got diagnosed with a chronic disease so I thought I was due for a rewatch

KamiltheCamel says:

I am in confusion. If you can't go into remission, wouldn't be better to have an ostomy?

From the Teya shop says:

My sister in law was just diagnosed with the same thing. She's just learning how to manage. I don't have these types of problems but I have hey did generative Neuro disorder which will probably eventually lead to me pooping my pants since it already lets me pee them… lol

I very much agree with you that your life is just different. It's not bad it just takes a minute to get used to your new version of life. And to anybody newly diagnosed with an incurable… hang in there. It's been a year for me and you know things change as the year goes on but you're going to be OK. You're going to learn to do this. You're strong enough.

CHloE748 says:

I'm a 21 year old girl. My normal is having had 21 surgeries before the age of 20. Bed ridden 80% of the time ( during the day) or more depending on how bad my pain and nausea is. I'm a struggling artist, not because of money but because I struggle to draw or paint even in bed for only an hour. My mom is my sole caregiver and literally my only friend (been homeschooled since 4th grade). Have to take over 10 pills a day but use more for as needed. But it's okay, people are shocked when I tell them about my life but I don't cry or feel sorry for myself. God, My mom, grandma, and 5 dogs (4 sleep in bed with me and are with me 24/7) are what's keep me going. Ive given up on a cure or even something that works so now I'm just trying to live my life. My channel is dead obviously but I'm trying to record the little bit of drawing I do and want to upload more!

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