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Living Outside The Box Sustainable Lifestyles

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Does GDP really correspond to happiness? is our happiness tied up with ”stuff”? here are some ideas about sustainable living — how many planets do we need to sustain our lifestyle?

The Division for Sustainable Development is holding a Seminar Series (http://bit.ly/d74V2m) addressing the thematic issues pertaining to the Commission for Sustainable Development 18th session (CSD-18) thematic topics. This video was of interest to the Seminar held on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns (SCP) (http://bit.ly/9WdiIn). It is used at the seminar to illustrate specific concepts.

* Videos do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the United Nations Secretariat. The designations and terminology employed may not conform to UN practice and do not imply the expression of any opini


Russell Hampton says:

Thank you for posting this informative and stimulating video. I have shared
it in the video resource of my Climate Justice App.

Uttam Mandal says:

need more info on creating renewable energy living on a budget try *Awsomic
Ecosystem* (do a search on google)? our co-worker uses it amazing 

Yukta Amatya says:

want to know about
going green tips try *Awsomic Ecosystem* ( search on google)? our buddy
suggested it incredible

Patrick Ho says:


myoneonone says:

nothing is impossible, do not limit our options lol If you think you can or
can’t you are right remember 🙂 Harison Ford I think

Max01388 says:

If you people really believed this cute little piece of propaganda you’d
get rid of your computer ,your blackberries ,your cell phones, your pig
tail ecobulbs and wear or eat nothing you didn’t grow or raise yourself..
Until then quit your bitchin.

fhdecor says:

I love it this video it is exactly what we are raising our kids to think
like and do.

Euzebiom says:

The problem is, that the worldwide media broadcasts epidemicly to ‘have an
itching palm'(with other words: to consume as much as possible!)..

lebbotube says:

This video is another proof government stepping on the very nature of the
human being: Their FREE WILL. Instead of this “Sustainability” fiasco,
which is as dumb as an idea as finding aliens on the moon and based totally
on the premises that everyone (and this is key) must have all the stuff
they can grab (whether they can afford it or not); promote FREE WILL
(Liberty) which will always produce INOVATORS. Sustainability will only
create DUMB HEADS.

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