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Living Green on the Cheap | The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager | AARP

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You hear it all the time: “Sure, I care about the environment, but it costs so much more to live green.” But the truth is an eco-friendly lifestyle can actually SAVE you money…if you do it the Cheapskate Way. Cheap Life host and Ultimate Cheapskate Jeff Yeager shows you how living green can be easy and it can save you a whole lot of moola too!

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Each week Jeff shares tips and tricks for how you can pay less for just about everything, reuse just about anything, and get the most out of life and your hard earned cashola.

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About The Cheap Life:
The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager is all about living the good life, only at a fraction of the cost. It’s not just about spending less, it’s about spending smart. It’s about deciding what you want out of life, and how you can afford to make it all happen.

Each week Jeff shares tips and tricks for how you can pay less for just about everything, reuse just about anything, and get the most out of life and your hard earned cashola.

Viewers will have plenty of chances to to win cheapskate swag by sharing their best, most creative cheapskate tips and tricks with Jeff and the rest of the cheapskate nation.

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Living Green on the Cheap | The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager | AARP


The Cheap Life says:

These great tips will help you live Green on the Cheap.


Haley Mechanical says:

Living Green on the Cheap | The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager | AARP –

My Drawings says:

Where did you find a copy of Sixty, Sexy, and Successful?

MySollars says:

Living Green on the Cheap — The Cheap Life with Jeff Yeager

AARP says:

Saving green + living green = a win-win for Earth Day and year round, says
Ultimate Cheapskate and Cheap Life host Jeff Yeager.

P Burke says:

Jeff you are the chps8t King! I’ve been posting money saving ideas on my
Facebook page for my friends and family to see and I’ve definitely shared
your page. I pegged you as hilarious and a money saving genius. My hat’s
off to you Jeff. Love your You Tube channel.

The Cheap Life says:

Awww… You made this Cheapskate’s day! Glad you are enjoying the Romaine.
Thanks so much for being a fan. Hope you come visit us on Facebook and
Twitter, too!

177cypher says:

We started a small garden along with eating more vegetable, legume based
meals and it’s filling, nutritious, stay fit AND keeps the doctors away. I
watched the movie “Food Matters” It talks about how food industry sells
“food-like product” and average Americans are overweight, malnourished,
thus feeling tired and depressed, and relying on expensive pills to solve
their problems. We are tricked by the sensation of conventional food (wait,
it’s not even food, it’s empty calorie loaded crap!)

The Cheap Life says:

Very smart to teach kids about ways to save energy early. You’re a good dad
and a friend to Mom Earth!

Joyce Lanyon says:

I have 4 dogs and 1 cat. Every time I give them fresh water I use the old
water for my plants..indoors and out!!

Jeff Yeager says:

Sure does.

The Cheap Life says:

Yes, definitely green. Tell your wife we approve. But if she’s scared
you’ll end up on hoarding show, you might need to agree on a number. 😉

The Cheap Life says:

Amen to that. Exactly why there are so many hoarding shows.

Austin Lucas says:

Hey, For house-heating in the winter time there’s a solar air heater you
can make to attach in a window. I haven’t done it myself but what you do is
make a rectangular box (Arching to the ground) that has a sheet of
plexiglass on the top which is painted black; Have the box so cold air
comes in from the room and hot air comes out. I saw that in an old Mother
Earth News magazine. (Speaking of which, They’re also great to pick up if
you can find them. They have issues dating back to 1970!)

The Cheap Life says:

Good for you! And amen, amen, amen!

butterflyj1967 says:

I think quite a lot of us in the developed countries have enough stuff to
last us about 20 years if we stopped buying. If you must buy because
something has worn out and is beyond repair, then buy for function not for
fashion. Sustainability is the way to go.

RUdigitized says:

i see people getting mugged when they go slugging

schepler2 says:

I’m trying to save as many vintage synthesizers as I can from ending up in
landfills, so I buy lots of them. That’s “going green,” right? If so,
please tell my wife. She just thinks I’m a crazy synth collector!

Jeff Yeager says:

Thanks soooooooo much! Stay Cheap, Save Green and Live Green!

trailkeeper says:

Neat idea, good for some folks, but if you want the sunlight in, need
“opaque” or “frost” effect paper.

chefdds147 says:

I use my gas card for a 10 cent discount per gallon. Every little bit

Austin Lucas says:

“Stick a carrot here, A potato there, A hambone and this and that… Sooner
or later you got a stew going.”

The Cheap Life says:

Smart. 4 paws up!

trailkeeper says:

If you just have regular windows that let heat from the sun in, which
wastes teh cooling effect of your air-conditioner, wasting energy and
money, you can tape some kind of reflective foil (available at some stores,
for windows, semi-opaque from the back), or a very light colored paper on
the windows. It also helps to seal this up with tape all the way around to
prevent any “heat/hot air draft”

The Cheap Life says:

Your kind words have warmed my heart, talentlover2. Thank you for saying
that, we here at the show are so honored to be sharing this information
with you all, and we’re so happy it’s being so well received. Stay cheap!

The Cheap Life says:

Lazy + green works too!

Jeff Yeager says:

Amen, Katiek329! And you can also cut up worn-out clothes to use as
washcloths instead of buying new.

Josh's House says:

This is brilliant…nice work mate!!!…hey our green home project in
Australia is aimed at dispelling the myth that building ‘green’ homes is
more expensive. Check it out if you’re interested. Thanks!

The Cheap Life says:

Great point. Room-darkening shades can help keep the sun out and the cool
in as well.

talentlover2 says:

I ABSOLUTELY L O V E THIS SHOW. I’m learning so much that is valuable to
know. I am totally surprised to find my my Romaine lettuce IS growing like
you said it would. Your show puts a smile on my face and gives me a good
hearty laugh! Loved the comment: “Could be a pain in your assets.!”
regarding solar energy windows. Thank you for the GOOD YOU ARE DOING FOR
EVERYONE FOR FREE TOO! You’re going to Heaven for sure! And you’re making
life more heavenly for ALL.

R. Schulz says:

Jeff- I kinda like to think I’m doing my part in keeping green. I added
mulch blades on my mower and leave the grass on the ground, instead of
throwing it in the trash. But to tell you the truth, I didn’t want the
hassle of picking up the grass, so I think it’s more being lazy than green.
So never mind.

shafta99 says:

i saved 58 dollars yesterday at mars grocery store. that saved me a weeks
of groceries. i’m just an amateur though.

judy f says:

Instead of paying someone to cut down 2 trees in my yard, and even worse,
paying to have the stump removed, I enlisted the help of a few family,
friends and neighbors to help cut them down, and then decided to repurpose
the stumps. One of them became a birdbath, and the other became a flower
planter. All it cost me was a little time and a meal to compensate my
helpers, and it saved me hundreds of dollars that I would have had to pay a
tree service!!

The Cheap Life says:

LOL!! Someone who is wackier than this Cheapskate!

Dan Zito says:

Over the course of the early spring, I collected well over 150 bags of
already bagged leaves that were going to landfill. I have used the leaves
in flower beds and areas of my yard where grass will not grow because of
trees and low light conditions. My lea f island is an interesting addition
to my landscape and will cut down on the cost of watering. Seems like a
win/win situation all around for the environment and my checkbook.

David Stanley says:

Go Green and Save Green with a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer. The easiest and
best thing you can do. Ideal for apartments also because it requires no
additional plumbing or electrical work so you can take it with you when you
move and still get your security deposit back! The Bidet Sprayer will pay
for itself many times over in toilet paper savings which makes this a very
smart and green thing to do. Oh and did I mention the best part; superior,
refreshing hygiene! See bathroomsprayers. com .

John Towler says:

Teach your kids to turn off the lights in rooms when they are not using
them. We have a central heating source (not central heat) and closing doors
to rooms you don’t use helps cut down on the work the heater has to do to
keep the house warm.

The Cheap Life says:

Yes indeed!

Austin Lucas says:

“There are some things you can do without, And That’s Good” (pop) I’ve been
listening to DEVO again… That suggestion about car-sharing programs is
nice. I’m still thinking of buying an older Hybrid car though, As I’m
hoping to also modify it for even higher fuel economy, Maybe 100+ on some

Gray Michael G. says:

Green energy -Newton was wrong granted, all who show machines with no plans
=fake all who have plans and (of course) no machine fake this one has
video, math in description and all specs measured in front of you in the
film and no money it is free information all on the video and a 16 year old

fatoldladyinpjs says:

My son stretches out the metal spiral backbone on an old notebook to use as
a tv or radio antenna.

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