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Live Green Live Free

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An example how by designing green from the ground up you can eliminate or greatly reduce your monthly expenses. This was originally a submission to a eco contest current.com/ecospot that didn’t make the selection


trulyto2 says:

I would love to see the interior! where can I find pictures/ videos?


Hello, watch this video. To Live free we have to improve green cover.Live
Green Live Free

Horizon Services, Inc. says:

This is probably green building at its most basic and most effective.

EhBeeSee says:

How much did this cost to build in total (without the cost of the land)? Do
you have any numbers? And what year was this? I hope you dont mind me
asking, I am interested in purchasing a dome house.

Chet Gaines says:


blabityblabblab says:

they have videos of the interior.. go to their website!

Troothergalnb says:

yay.. bucky dome in the gorgeous green xx cheers you two (0:

Raw Utah says:


Kenneth Conner says:


hanadorii says:

You know what would be cool.. if you put a vine on the side of the dome and
let it canvass the whole dome. It would like like a giant green hill but
its of course your home 🙂

Jan Jansen says:

Saving the earth Due to heat your home with charcoal? Haha … I like this
way of living… But it is not gone save the world.

Ryan Baldrey says:

how much did it cost to get the dome to oregan

mans0nh says:

Actually, from what I have seen, a lot more people are starting to. I don’t
think it will ever be a majority until its too late, but more are waking
up. Sadly it is only occuring to them because things are changing. Why they
couldn’t think like that before it affects them personally is beyond me. I
have always felt out of place on that issue in our civilization. I am
hoping to return to that kind of life (although i never lived it) after
university is over. Great vid.

rosepaigefly says:

You little beauty!

MrTOPECO says:

Fantastic philosophy, fantastic cause. Much love and respect from topeco.

cameracreations says:

yeh totally maybe put some hooks on it to help it get started,

williamstdog9 says:

Show the interior!

wrightylaaad says:

it all looked great to me , i wish more people would think like this and
show more appreciation for our beutiful planet and its finite resources.
well done !

diddymuck says:

impressive. how does one get details on building the dome?

Imeh Smith says:

I’ve been searching on-line & here 4 a basic, prefab dome home. I’ve found
something in Japan & Ausi. (of course like most mobile homes, they REFUSE
to post prices so ur forced 2 ask 4 info!) I’ve seen some Minn dome company
begging for ?something (not sure what)? displaying their prototype but are
unable to produce OR sell anything for whatever that’s worth? Is there NOT
an Amer. corp. that ACTUALLY SELLS prefab dome homes kits (preferrably for
about $40k)?!

chocoboxlive says:

What an awesome group of beings with great ideas. Keep up the great job!

AngelBones84 says:

*sigh* My dream life !

TheCritterFactory says:

Thanks for posting this. I am saving with significant other to one day in
the near future make this a reality.

Sezgin Mustafa says:

thanks for posting,Everything Is Reusable mor info about live green here;

palmzire says:

This dome home paid for itself way before the traditional home paid for
itself, and it’s more energy efficient over the course of its life.
Therefore, the higher initial cost of this home is well worth it.

Christie Aphrodite says:

Awesome! I love it! 🙂

Imeh Smith says:

You wrote ‘’Help yourself. Help the planet’’ & stated this is ‘’An
example’’ You HAVE to be joking! A prefab Styrofoam home or a‘’folding’’
home would be an example. This is some million $ experiment done with: 1.
your spouse, 2. an ENTIRE construction crew 3. some comp. elec. whiz’s 4. &
probably a month’s worth of work & time! Something quite hard if not
impossible for the avg layman who doesn’t have the luxury of the eng. or
comp. science dept. on hand to help.

j25482 says:

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Giselle Americana says:

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