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Live green | Eco Friendly Home | Sridhar Reddy

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Living green:An Eco friendly home in city

With the constantly changing environment around us, it’s important to be environmentally aware and active. It’s even more important when you consider the immense pleasure you get
when building a green home. Sridhar Reddy,A nature lover from hyderabad has built a beautiful eco friendly home with minimum cost in the outskirts of the city.The Green peaceful environment of this home has captivated many other nature lovers.

Sidhar Reddy Contact-9701111754


Sailu Suram says:

Really living with green… superb

Radhika Sam says:

excellent sir, can we visit u r house pls ,my son is very interested to see like this garden homes

Divya Mani maddela says:

superb house…I loved it…???

Ramakrishna reddy says:

beautiful sridhar reddy garu

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Mahboob Basha says:

Kind of dream home for me..

Mahboob Basha says:

Beautiful.. Sir I need your help in getting built a house similar to yours..

S.Venkat Reddy says:

my contact no is 9948975681

S.Venkat Reddy says:

very nice mr sridhar reddy i want to construct a same house in my farm land at village with in below three lakhs only pl advise to me thatswhy i want to talk with you so kindly give me your cantact phone number


Chala bagundhi mee house elanti Entlo vuntte manasuki chala Haiga vunttundhi santhoshangga vunttundhi

sneha latha says:

very nice may I know where your house is in hyderabad

Bhaskar Padire says:

Thought provoking for many people who realise the value of Nature.

kothapalli vani says:

wow .beautiful house.

syamalalakshmi durgasharan says:

superb planning, its a dream house for every nature loving person.

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