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Liquid Worm Castings, Organic Gardening

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Spreading Liquid Worm Castings. Natural fertilizer for an organic garden.
Worm Farm, Gardening with Earthworms
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SERVi Homestead says:

You're funny, Mr. Duke. That's some good, rich, natural fertilizer!

BKJustice says:

Kick back and smell that good ol' Louisiana parfume.

Riverside Country Club says:

You da Man Mr. Duke.

Jeffrey Koteskey says:

Bet that’s like rocket fuel for the garden.

Huck Finn says:

The best part of waking up is worm poo in your cup? Good to the last drop!

Richard Solomon says:

Great video Duke, that 🌽 is gonna fly out of the ground 😀 some real plant yum yums

Juanelo1946 says:

Duke, I might have to take a pass on your coffee this time. I think you brewed it a bit too strong for my liking. This is not the brew that comes to mind when I think of waking up to the smell of coffee! Pew! No thank you! However I bet corn crop drinks it up like it was the nectar of the gods! • I like your changing camera angles! Good show my friend! I enjoyed ever minute of it!

TNDeer Stalker Outdoors says:

Pal you sure seemed to be enjoying playing in the worm poo for that opener lol
Great tips on using castings now I just gotta get my compost/worm bin in gear lol

J F says:

Yeah, me too.

Dennis Godaire says:

Hello Duke … thanks for teaching me, a former city boy, at thing or two about gardening. Thank you.

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