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Life (Mostly) Off the Grid | The New York Times

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NYTimes.com – The Dervaes are living the green life in Pasadena, Calif.

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Life (Mostly) Off the Grid | The New York Times


David Sears says:

I have to say that the last post was by David’s wife, Anne Sears (Seymour)
Its just beyond me to organise my own account !

David Sears says:

Just found this. It is so exciting and encouraging. My father wrote ‘The
Complete book of Self-Sufficiency’….(John Seymour), so I am used to this
way of life. But it is even more important to see what can be done on a
small acreage in an urban environment. It is always great to see how
resourceful and ingenious people can be. Good luck to you, and I hope that
you are keeping going. We will all have to embrace this way of life one

AngelOne11 says:

I don’t know what the relationship between them! Can’t tell who’s mother,
father, son/daughters? One of the girls had a different accent. What will
they do when the girls/boys want to date and start their own family?

Karla Sheabon says:

what was the deal with the shower that drains to the fruit trees? i mean so
are they saying they wash their bodies and the water goes to the FRUIT? i’m
just saying sounds nasty but i am not sure of how its filtered naturally or

1911HeadBanger says:

@BILLKLOPEZ Maybe it’s because they work hard. people who work hard
everyday, tend to dress and groom themselves in a very “practical Manner”.
Some thing most people in California wouldn’t know anything about. Their
thought of working hard is having to drive the hybrid to the carwash. You
can’t garden and care for farm animals all day wearing Gucci Shoes,
designer jeans, with 300 dollar sunglasses, 500 dollar handbags, modern
hair styles, 10 pounds of make-up to feed the goats.

Beelzebean says:

@JunkMale57 I do agree that they shouldn’t be censoring their negative
comments. But I can also see why they would. They have been completely
bombarded with threatening emails and phone calls. They even deleted their
Facebook account because someone posted that they were going to message and
call everyone on their friends list who supported them just to harass them.
Whether you agree with what they are doing or not, this is extreme.

treon123456 says:

@XdontUworryX …oh yee of little brain!

adwdragon says:

cheers!, very beautiful!

tk2026 says:

does anybody know da shower system they r usin? so they still r grid tied 2
electrisity and water but where do they get hey, grass or grain 2 feed
their live stock? where do get their nitrogen? and a pigmy goat? do they
get protein (dairy or meat) out of dat animal? curious very curious open
system… as apose 2 a closed system…

Learn Organic Gardening at GrowingYourGreens says:

Everyone should grow at least some of their own food!

louky650 says:

@Beelzebean The “shill” reference was unfair in light of what you’ve said,
and I apologize. OTOH, we are having this discussion on the NYT video
BECAUSE it can’t be discussed readily on the PTF video, because someone is
removing comments and blocking participants. I made an assumption (unfair)
that since this started happening about when you started posting that you
had input into the takedowns, just a timing thing but I was (obviously)

John Strauss says:

@npeacy Hmmm if you gave children a choice to how they would want to live,
I think they would say in a ginger bread house with Candy as there main
source of food. LOL

angelbe88 says:

Amazing!! I’m just getting started with some fruit trees in pots and a
couple of raised beds. Looking forward to enjoying the bounty.

ahnaknits says:

@doliwsef You could probably find one at Lehmans.com or somewhere like
that. But I see them all the time in thrift and antique shops.

johnnnyreb51 says:

@briangunn21 Makes it easier to get a quicky.

JunkMale57 says:

@earthlyinfodotcom The problem is that Jules Dervaes has successfully
registered Urban Homestead and Urban Homesteading as trademarks with the
United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). So, legally, he has some
rights to something. The upcoming lawsuits and cancellation requests will
determine to what extent he can enforce or continue to claim exclusive use
of the phrases.

nickatnoon61 says:

@biped19 No…. it is what happens when the stooopified toxic bi-peds don’t
live the way we were intended….. a DO NO HARM lifestyle close to nature!

dwemmy says:

For many, especially those who have been rendered by our corporatists as
those “who shall not have”- this is the future.

Neorott says:

@Hipster420 Where do you get that she’s anti-ipod?..she said she doesn’t
own one. I don’t listen to an iPod either. She’s making the point that her
life is simple. Which is very cool. L2Comprehend.

Helen Allman says:

Looks like alot of work!!! But I bet they are really healthy…

meyerd1 says:

@beecrofty You know, i just saw this from an email I recieved. at first i
was impressed on the nightline clip i saw. So i decided to check out there
website, and YOUR RIGHT…i thought it was highly odd, that one of the
first things i noticed on the website was how everything had a watermark
and was copyright-ed….very odd, and it didnt sit right….obviously, they
are living this way, but, if they truly wanted to wake peoples conscience,
they would allow free use, and share info

SteveHovland says:

These past two weeks the “nut cases” have had the last laugh.

Josh's House says:

Really interesting…check out our ‘green home’ project in Australia!!!!
thanks very much and good luck!!!!

SoutharnBling says:

Wow, what a great way to live! I am reading a lot about Cob and that is
what I want to make my house out of. Solar energy is something I want to do
too. I really think you guys are doing the right thing and we can all learn
from your example…..thanks for sharing.

Thomas Lash says:

We need this on a massive scale or this country is done. We are seeing
people like Bill Gates get involved into the GMO food business, We have
people we trusted and elected living off of wall-street. They are selling
us crap that we don’t need made by people we don’t know or trust. We are
told what to drive, what to wear, what to eat and how much to pay for
energy. We have no control of anything in our life’s these folks only worry
about the weather.

tbscrazy12 says:

Somethings are legit but they take it too far. You can live a modern life
and still produce food and energy….

Imakeplanesboom says:

just you

Zippy1one says:

The girls seem like they have a chip on their shoulders, as if they were
left out or made fun of because of their lifestyle.

Matthew DelSesto says:

I just want to say, I’m officialy registering the phrase “Urban
Farmsteading” and I freely give anyone the right to use it ANY way they

chairmcnasty says:

This is a bit extreme

snaps81625 says:

I live in a very small town about 800 people. I wish they would bend just a
little bit and allow us to have chickens.. if Pasadena CA lets these people
have chickens, goats etc.. why won’t a one horse town! Sheesh!

MACKATTACK1970 says:

The Dervaes have it figured out like the Amish have it figured out. We have
become slaves to the corporations that give us food, power, water, etc., .
We work outside of the home, in most cases both parents and the children
are robbed of the relationship they could have had with their parents due
to our modern concept of success. . I applaud the Dervaes and wish them
luck, it sure beats the 9-5 and living on processed food, fast food and
driving in rush hour traffic to earn a paycheck.

earthlyinfodotcom says:

Nobody can own the phrase “urban homesteader” My lawyer would tear that
cease and desist letter to pieces laughing all the way. That is like
someone saying they trademarked the name “vegetable farmer” It cannot be
done legally..

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